For everyone 'but' Gemini women!



  • "I'm gonna kill Leslie. She doesn't smoke, she's a bitch.." "....And she's a Gemini."
  • "How long does it last Johnny?" "What with Gemini's, forever."
  • "You know, there's a woman at work that I don't like and she's a Gemini."
  • "All I know is let's get rid of this crap." "Will the Gemini women please form a single line, thank you."
  • "They haven't determined if he was a schizophrenic yet." "He was probably a Gemini."
  • "It's just awkward, clumsy and heavy and it serves no purpose." "Sounds like the average Gemini woman to me."
  • "I don't think spiders like Gemini women, coz my ex girlfriend was bit all the time as well."
  • "I'm trying to be selfish. I'll get lessons from someone." "There you go, get a Gemini woman."
  • "He's sending him after a dog and a gun." "Sounds like the average Gemini woman to me."
  • " get an animal." "A Gemini woman."
  • "Women are fire." "Especially those Gemini women."
  • "Yeah John Lennons the one that started that movement, peace, love and Eliminate Gemini women."
  • "There might be some Gemini women upstairs, at least it'll wipe out a few of em."
  • "So I saw her two personalities and I was totally in love with her." "Gemini." "Probably."
  • "I know all I have to do is say something about Gemini women and you'll write it down."
  • "My friend Doug just split up with a Gemini woman, I'm sure you can commiserate with him."
  • "They should eliminate all of em." "What Gemini women."
  • "Didn't I tell you I had a friend who hated Gemini women." "Now you've got two friends that hate Gemini women."
  • "My boyfriend said he's selfish today. What kind of a man is that." "A Gemini."
  • "You know what happened, I went down with these girls and they ditched me." "They were Gemini's."
  • "It's like a Gemini woman, it should be put out of its misery."
  • "Pumping, it doesn't matter what sign they are as long as they're not Gemini's."
  • "Did I tell you, I've got a new dog." "Is it a Gemini."
  • "I've been aware of this big sign in my yard, No Gemini's."

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