Some really pathetic people!

I have a deformed non-working Pentax camera at home in England. This is the second camera of the same model that totally fucked up and froze in mid zoom only 3 days after purchase. Having great trust in Pentax I opted for a replacement camera rather than that of my money back.

Nine months down the road, in New Zealand, the second camera froze in mid zoom and became as non-functional and as pathetic as the first. Being 12,000 miles away and on the move, I realized that I'd be traveling a lot in my last 2 months in the Southern Hemisphere. I'd only just entered New Zealand as well so there was a lot of things to see. J. Patience, the store in Southend, Essex, England acknowledge the circumstances and agree that as the camera had gone wrong within the warranty period they'll honor the situation and act as if the warranty was still valid when I return home. Thirteen months after the SECOND CAMERA'S replacement, I arrive back at home.

I'm told that Pentax will take about 2 weeks to sort the deformity out. After this time period I return to the store every day for two more weeks, being told each time to; "Come back tomorrow." Finally I ask what was wrong? The nervous store owner informed me that Pentax wanted a 20 (thirty dollar,) 'Estimation Fee,' for its return. My father was totally humiliated by their back stabbing lies and broken trust. Because of this, I got a well-known lawyer to write a letter, and through this the ALBEIT PIECE OF SHIT OF A CAMERA WITH A WELL-KNOWN NAME ENGRAVED ON ITS SIDE was returned two days later.

Pentax said that sand was found inside the camera, which I know is total fucking Bullshit. IT'S FUNNY HOW BOTH IDENTICAL CAMERA'S ENDED, BY FUCKING UP, IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. The only difference in their malfunction was that of time? (This story was written in 1992.) In 1996 I contacted the US branch of Pentax. Still getting nowhere, I concluded that there was only one thing to do. I wrote a long letter and sent it to the president of Pentax in Tokyo, Japan. This is on my main web site: (The Pentax Letter) . It was through that letter and seven years of unnecessary waiting, humiliation and dealing with stubborn people in the Pentax Corporation in Britain and in the US that my camera was finally replaced.

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