Some really pathetic people!

Here's another stupid bitch. I went into the Albertson's store in Chico, CA last November (93). On me I had 2 rolls of unopened 12-exposure film, both bought from the same store earlier that day. I wanted to do a logical thing and exchange the 2 rolls for one roll of 36-exposure film. This way I could get 12 extra prints and funny enough it worked out a few cents cheaper. The situation seemed pretty simple in my eyes, yet to this useless bimbo of an employee it, for some reason didn't register simplicity. She argued her head of with me for a time frame in which I could have ran a marathon. And by the time her jaws had stopped yapping I'd concluded that she was definitely a lot more pathetic than I'd originally taken her for. Getting nowhere, I asked to speak with someone who had more intelligence than her, which basically meant ANYONE. At my request she got onto the phone and spoke with the manager. She rambled on with her losing case for five minutes. I presume he saw the simple logic in the situation and told her to exchange the films. I've never understood why some people use up so much energy in trying to frustrate themselves and make their lives that much more of a useless misery.

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