Some really pathetic people!

For those of you who do not live in the U.S. there's a chain of electronic stores over here called Best Buy. They deal mainly in computers, computer software, scanners, printers, etc, etc. They are very large stores to go into but at the same time, their customer service has a lot to be desired for. Here's my story.

Below is a letter that I sent to the CEO of Best Buy in the State of Minnesota and also to the Better Business Bureau. These letters left on Tuesday 10-10-2000. I think the letter speaks for itself. Thanks for your reading, Johnny Anderson.


(Posted Saturday 10-14-2000)


October 10th, 2000

Dear Sir,

I called the Pasadena, CA store yesterday afternoon inquiring about the width of an advertised corner work center. I was told on the phone that the 54” W was the width of the two back-sides combined and not just each one (as it’s a corner piece). So, I arrived at the store at 2.30pm and made my way over to the Appliance Dept. An employee by the name of Damone was on a computer talking to a customer. I stood behind them both and waited for fifteen minutes. By this point two other customers were standing in line behind me and a lady who was also in line and had tired of standing was seated to my side. After twenty minutes Damone looked around and asked who was next. I said I was, but within a split second a lady who appeared from absolutely nowhere said, “Oh I’m next.” Damone instantly diverted his attention over to her and continued. I was appalled. The customers behind me were just as livid. I continued to wait for 14 more minutes before I’d had enough of this insensitive employee’s work ethics. I walked over to the front check and asked Robert, an employee, to page a manager for me. He made an announcement over the intercom and I stood at the front desk for five more minutes. Is it a surprise that no one ever came? I mentioned to an employee whose check out it was that if a manager showed up, to direct them to where I was, in Appliance. (This was left of the check out)

Returning to Damone, nothing had changed and he was still yabbering on to this lady. After forty-two minutes, from the moment I’d first stood behind this employee, finally another Best Buy employee came over and asked who was next. Think about that, waiting for service from one or your employees for “42 MINUTES.”

When he took me over to look at what I’d inquired about over the phone, it was in fact 54” each side and NOT a total of 54” combined, like what Damone had told me over the phone. So it was a complete waste of my time coming in to begin with?

After I’d been helped, I returned to Robert again. I asked him if any manager had come yet and (after fifteen minutes since his original page) no manager had ever appeared. I walked with him until he located a manger and even then I had to wait five more minutes until he appeared. I was very frustrated and completely disgusted by the way Damone had presented himself, or that lack of it I should say. I explained all of this to a Mike Moore (the manager) who stood there like he didn’t have a care in the world. At the end of my speech I asked for the CEO’s phone number and address and all he said was, “I can get that for you.” Talk about very poor management skills. He was just as bad as the poorly trained employees. I’ve worked in customer service for a number of years and have never experienced such crappy service, period!

Best Buy wasn’t that busy when I was in there yesterday. I’ve been to Best Buy at some of its peak times and it was far, far from that yesterday. Many a time I had seen two or three of your employee’s just standing around and talking like they had nothing better to do. Yet never once did Damone acknowledge the fact that he had a line of four customers behind him? And considering the facts that he was taking about twenty minutes per customer, would it have been that hard to call for help? Never once did he apologize for our wait.

I had tried to call you about this matter this morning on 1-800-369-5050. But when an employee came on the line and I requested that I not be wiretapped, tapped or monitored as our call proceeded, I was told that I “would be and that I had no choice.” When I asked to be called back on an untapped line, I was told “this couldn’t be done?”

In the fifteen countries that I’ve visited and lived in over the past thirteen years I thought I’d come across the worst standards of customer service that there could possibly be, but Best Buy, now has a new motto for me. “BEST BUY, WORST SERVICE!”

What a way to train your employees? And what’s worse is that when I found sanctuary in a manager, he seemed to have no interest whatsoever in what I had to say. And to top it all off, when one does have a complaint such as this and tries to call your headquarters, you have no respect for your customer. All you want to do is wiretap the call and give the customer NO choice of a secure line to be called back on. Unacceptable! You’ve taken customer service to the lowest form and gouged it into the ground. What right do you have to monitor and or record a call made to you AND not give the customer the option of a call back on an UNTAPPED line?

I await your comments on what you have to say on this matter.

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