Was that CrapUSA or CompUSA


On Saturday, July 3, nearly 2 weeks after I was told the parts were going to be ordered, I accompanied my brothers to your store who were looking to buy a video game. I though I would go along and see what the status on my drive was. At about 4:00 I was helped by yet another young man who took my information and went into the back. I waited for roughly 10 minutes and on his return he told me that the part had been ordered on June 28th. I was surprised by this information since I had been promised that the ordering was to take place on the 21st, one week prior. I asked to speak with a manager and he turned around to the man standing to his side. The both looked at me then headed for the back room! Not a mention made that he would be right with me. They just walked away. I stood there feeling pretty dejected and frustrated. The manager then came out, introduced himself as Steve Wood and apologized for being in the back for so long (about 5 minutes). He then explained that an order was indeed put in on the 21st and received on the 25th. However, there were still some parts missing and a bracket had to be ordered on the 28th. I thanked him for the explanation and then proceeded to tell him bits of my experience so far. I stressed how exasperating it was to be wondering day after day for two weeks when my drive would be ready and I would have appreciated a phone call to explain that once again a mistake had been made and another order was to be put in. I also informed him of the phone conversation I had with Jeff the previous week and my anger with that. He continued to apologize and I felt that he had a genuine interest in helping me out. I asked for some information on how to get a hold of the corporate headquarters and asked to speak with the store manager. Steve informed me that the manager was not in but gave me his business card as well as a toll free number for the headquarters. He again apologized for the events that had been occurring and was grateful that I had taken the time to inform him that this was happening, as he was unaware of the matter. As a former manager of a retail chain I understand that often higher-ups are left in the dark about the treatment of customers as well as the necessity that they should be the first to know. At this time my brothers were finished with their purchase and we left the store.

Several days had passed and I was anxious to get my drive back. It had been over a month and my business was beginning to suffer. I was missing out on opportunities to contact clients and work on a project I had been intending to do with the new software I had purchased at the exact same CompUSA I was having problems with now. I estimated that as each day passed I was loosing out on $200-$300 a day. I had to cancel appointments and explain to clients that my computer was down as I could not supply them with the information I had gathered for them since I save it all on a CD. This may not seem like a lot to a big company such as yourselves, but for a hardworking small business owner that may mean the difference between making it or not. And that means everything to me. Each day I was tempted to buy a replacement drive so I could work again. But as funds were dwindling I could not justify spending money on something I was sure was going to be returned to me shortly. If I only knew better.

On Thursday, July 15th at 8:30 PM I called the store and spoke with a gentleman named Arnold who asked my name then put me on hold for 5 minutes. He returned on the line to explain that they were waiting for a bracket to be ordered. I simply could not believe what he was telling me. Could this be the same bracket that I was told was ordered on June 28th? I asked to speak with a manager and was put on hold again for another 4 to 5 minutes. A manager by the name of Frank Bodeman came on the line. I explained my situation and inquired about this bracket. I would like to explain here that every time I asked Frank a question he cupped him hand over the phone, and asked someone on his end of the line for the answer. As a manager I thought that he would have more information that the person I just spoke with but as far as I could tell it was the other way around. Not very impressive, but then again not surprising. He went on to divulge that it was, in fact, the same bracket they had told me was ordered on the 28th. He proceeded to then tell me that 24 Lotus notes had been sent to an outside supplier by the name of PC Services that they needed this part and all 24 messages had gone unanswered. 25 days have gone by and 24 messages had gone unanswered! I hope that you have the ability to comprehend the magnitude of anger I was feeling at that time. For over one month I have been sacrificing my business and time while your store proceeded to lie to me, insult me and continually prove amazing levels of inability. By this point I had spoken with a dozen or so different people about this matter not once getting the matter resolved or speaking with the same person twice. Every time I walked in or called I had to explain my situation which is a colossal waste of my time and your employees. For over one month I had faith that my problem was in the hand of trained professionals who had the wherewithal to fix a simple problem of a broken latch. I told Frank that I needed to speak with his superior who Frank led me to believe that Eric Goldman was that person. He informed me that Eric was in a meeting right at the moment but he took my phone number where I could be reached that evening and promised me he would deliver that message to Eric and that I could expect a call from Mr. Goldman shortly. I never got a phone call.


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