Was that CrapUSA or CompUSA


I personally have had some interesting, apologetic and detailed responses from corporations over the years regarding certain complaints that I had against them. For example Greyhound bus lines once sent me a $100 gift certificate, Mervyns sent me a $50 gift certificate, Konica film, ten free rolls and so on. I'm not stating the above to express to the reader that I'm proud of what I got, I'm just trying to put across that these companies at least had the decency and respect to see things from my point of view.

Below is the letter that my wife received form the CompUSA Executive Department on Tuesday August 3rd, 1999. If you have read my wife's letter to CompUSA, I wonder how you would have responded to it? I say that as this is all they could say, a mere four lined response. Her "7 paged letter," got this back:


July 28, 1999

1221 Coit Road

Dear Jantina Moulton:

I did receive your letter dated July 21, 1999 regarding the incident that happened in our Monrovia, CA store.

I assure you that we take this complaint very seriously. CompUSA values its customers, and any dissatisfaction on their part indicates an opportunity for improvement on our part.

I apologize about any incoveniance that this may have caused you.


Eraina Smith
CompUSA Executive Department
800-332-9263 ext 27124


What a load of shit! They couldn't even spell the most important word in their letter, "inconvenience" correctly. I find this response unacceptable, period? This shows me that this company doesn't give a shit about any of its customers. Thanks for your reading, Johnny Anderson.

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