(Posted Wednesday 12-18-03) On 10-28-03 I filed this complaint with the BBB regarding a local Good Year tire outlet in Prescott Valley, AZ. It´s a little choppy as you´re only allowed so many words in the complaint, but you get the idea:

I went there to get my tires balanced. I asked that 35psi be put into each tire. I've always asked this for the past 3 1/2 years. When I left to go to work the drive didn't feel right. At work there was a difference of 8 psi within all the tires. Each one was different.

Before going on a 4,200 mile road trip in early August this year I went to my mechanic to get the oil changed. After this he called me into the back of his shop while my truck was still up on the hoist. "Come look at this" he said. "Your passenger rear wheel has got four loose lug nuts and one has completely fallen off." He was astounded when I told him that it was Good Year's work! That Good Year location was the last place that had touched any of my wheels.

The next day, my last visit to that Good Year location in question, I mentioned this to Tony and he gave me a line about how temperatures change air pressures in tires. I didn't even respond, anyone who has a brain would know that 4 miles later, that amount of pressure difference in each tire would not occur. I asked them to TIGHTEN each nut properly this time!

When I left that day, it wasn't until I got home that 2 of my 4 plastic hub covers had a crack half way across them, they were now ruined. I was appalled and even though I had left I look back and realize that I should have looked before leaving the store, I wasn't happy at all.

Arriving back from my vacation I went into the other store in Prescott. This time the plastic hub cap covers went on OK but after leaving the store one rolled off down the street, a few blocks away. It was run over by a yellow Mustang as I got out to retrieve it.

Can you imagine what kind of accident would of happened with the lug nuts loose? Also the plastic wheel covers were ruined by them also. I filed the original complaint with Good Year who put me onto Tony. He emailed me on 5 Oct 2003 to which I've already responded. I've asked him TWICE now for the owners info, he's ignored my request?

Desired Settlement: Replacement
Settlement Explanation:

I've already received an insulting, degrading and humiliating email from Tony of which you're more than welcome to read. Those that have read it are appalled. Tony suggests that my mechanic loosened the nuts to gain my trust, he also suggested that someone attempted to steal the wheel from my 12 year old truck. Do you really think a thief is going to have the audacity to replace the hub cap cover, which is noisy and hard to do after failing his or her thievery? I'd like a written apology from him. I'd like to talk to the owner of this outlet to let him know how incompetent his manager is and what kind of dribble he writes to a customer in an email and lastly I'd like my four plastic wheel covers replaced. I'd also like to get in touch with the CEO of Goodyear and explain this to him on the phone.

Again, I appreciate your reading, regards, Johnny Anderson.

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UPDATE: On Monday 12-15-03 I got a call from the regional rep in Phoenix, AZ. After discussing Tony´s appalling behavior he decided to give me four new hub caps. On top of this I was given a 10% discount on four new tires whenever the time came that I would buy them. His name was Paul and he was a very good listener and in my opinion concluded this mess in a very professional manner. It upsets me that Tony didn´t have the guts to apologize for his remarks in his email to me either by email, mail or a phone call. Thanks for your reading, Johnny Anderson.

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