Some really pathetic people!

(Posted 2-14-98) One company that I have had an ongoing problem with and would personally advise anyone to steer clear from is NTC long distance. Based in Southern California and also known as Suresaver, this company in "my opinion" has one of the worse track records and does everything but want to help you. Before you even speak to someone you are advised by a computerized recording that you may be monitored to "Ensure the highest quality service," which in other words basically means you're being listened to be a third party or you're being wiretapped.

I'd placed a call to the UK on Tuesday 11-18-97. Before the line rang in the UK, I was advised that I had 3 minutes on the call. On the first ring, (before anyone even picked up the phone) the same computerized voice then informed me that I was down to a minute, somehow dumping two minutes from my call. Talk about a load of crap. After literally weeks of phone calls, and the typical "being put on hold for ages at a time," one of the managers there by the name of JD shuts down my account and writes up a note in the system saying that I'm to be sent a check for $4.16 cents. This was his doing and I had no problem with this request. But I did have an issue when I called up a week later to see where my check was. I come to find out that this company takes about "42 DAYS" to get a check to its customer/s! I hadn't been informed about this once. Forty-two days, what are these people thinking? I'm not in the middle of Siberia, I'm up the road to these people in Southern California.

So of course I'm back on the phone again and finally end up dealing with a gentleman by the name of Chris Curbie. I'm got the impression that this person is head of that department. I also forget to mention that this was also after countless calls to JD and after several calls that were ignored by him. I was given no option but to reach the next person up in line, hence Chris Curbie.

When Chris and I finally talked I went over all of the problems, phone calls, being put on hold, being ignored by JD and the so called 42 days to wait for a check that was issued to me due to something that was their fault to begin with? He agrees to credit my calling card by twenty bucks. That I appreciate! But before our call ended he said that he would get some sample cards out to me for my calling card collection. This was on Tuesday January 13th of 1998. Today is Valentines day, a month later. I have called him twice a week for the last four and half weeks now. Never has he called me back and only once did we ever speak. "I'll get around to it," was all he could say. He's had over 696 hours to put a couple of cards in an envelope and mail it up the street. I tell ya, you should try calling these people some time, talk about being put on hold! This is just my experience with NTC long distance and I'm just expressing this to the world so that I can save others going through the same misery that I've gone through with this 'so called' company.

UPDATE It's 8-17-00 and to this day I've never received any phone cards from Chris Curbie?

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