Police Harassment Responses

Police Harassment Responses


Sorry about your run in with the law. I only want to say that not all cops are this way. Additionally all police departments have internal affairs where you can file complaints which I strongly urge you to do so. Many times police think that if you look a certain way then you must be a criminal. In fact all police departments have "profiles" that they go by. Again sorry about your experience and hope things are going OK with you otherwise.

Your police harrassment story is a reflection on what so many people must suffer at the hands of "our protectors".Most cops are rotters who get into the profession because they have power-trip control issues...fuck them!

Hey Johnny. Sorry to hear about your experience of today. The old saying "They have to have that attitude to survive" doesn't go very far. I think it has a certain validity in Compton or east LA, places known for violence and gang activity, where every situation can become life-or-death at a moment's notice. But it's total bullshit under the circumstances. I can honestly say that most of the run-ins I've had with the police (and there have been a few) have been entirely my own doing. But not always . . . I was 20 years old, living at my Grandmothers house, and I came home to find my house had been broken into and one of my guitars had been stolen. My neighbor saw a kid from the neighborhood nosing around the back windows, so it was obvious where the guitar went (it was a $500 Gibson SG). So I called the police. It took them over an hour to show up, and when they did, they treated me as if I were the criminal, not the one who had been stolen from. They asked me the same questions, had I been drinking or using drugs, yadda yadda (remember, this was 10 years ago, so I don't remember all the details). The point is, I got absolutely no feeling of helpfulness from them. In the end, I had to get my neighbor to come over and testify that he had seen this kid poking around my backyard to get any help from them. Thankfully, they treated my neighbor with more respect than me, and we went to this kids house, and there he was with my guitar. So I did get it back. I probably could have just walked over there myself and thumped the kid, but then you know where I'd be going . So anyways, I sympathize with you. I do know what it feels like to be harassed by the police without actually being accused of any crime. I am glad to hear you are alright, and that you held your temper with a couple of pieces of shit who can hide behind their badge and tell their wives and family that they're just doing their jobs.

Hey there Johnny. I read the police story. Thats a scary thing to happen to anyone. Its wierd that it happend in our own hood. It makes me feel lucky that nothing happened when we got cought about to smoke out in front of the local school by the sheriff and she let us go with only an ID check. Good shit you made it through OK.

Greetings Mr. Johnny Anderson: I am so sorry to have read about your negative experiences with the police. I wish I could have been there to offer comfort as a friend. In defense of the police I know there are good troopers out there. As is always the case, it is the few that ruins it for everybody else; 'tis the pity. I have had negative experiences with the police as well but will not go into it here; maybe when we meet.

Oh Johnny, don't ya know it's just because you've got long hair? :-) Hehehe. Sorry this happened and VERY glad you're still a free man. Maybe you should lodge a complaint against these two. Don't they have something called probable cause in California? they have to have probable cause to stop and search someone. What was their probable cause? I think you should find out what the law is there and make a complaint. These guys were just pricks to you for no reason. They were NOT allowed to search you without probable cause, and probably without letting you know the reason you were stopped. What you were under suspicion of. It keeps the police from harassing every day people. Pricks! Take care.

Wow! the police men story was like out of a movie! man, that must have been scarry...

That's Terrible! I can imagine how violated you felt! At least *you* did the right thing by not being confrontational. All they needed was the slightest excuse to run you into jail. You would have lost. I'm sorry you went through that, but at least they had no choice in the end but to follow the law and let you get on to the post office. It pays to keep your wits about you in a situation like that. I guess this means that you won't be contributing to the police department retirement fund now =). Cheers!

Dear Johnny, sorry to hear about your dealings with the old bill. But you should know by now that they are all scum or they wouldn't have become old bill in the first place. So, next time you have the misfortune to run into the wankers tell them what a good for nothing bunch of cunts they are. I think all coppers were bullied at school and only joined the force to victimize people and get their own back for their own shortcomings. I've had a similar dealing with the wankers and I told them exactly what I just told you he, he, he, he; they were not amused. I guess police were bullied as children all over the world, so if you see a child getting bullied, shoot the cunt before they grow up and become police officers.

I read you cop story. What do you want me to say? They are pigs. And if they weren't pigs, they wouldn't have acted in such an inhumane way. They couldn't help themselves, because they are pigs. Well fuck them. Fuck them all. I'm saying this for everyone who has ever had to deal with a pig in that way. We all feel the same. I've heard people say that they would do something about it "maybe when pigs fly." Well let me tell you something boys and girls, pigs do fly. They hover around over the city in their little helicopters spying into peoples back yards. So you had better start thinking of getting up off your ass to do something about it. The pigs are everywhere. Oink oink oink sort snort oink.

Those two policemen were two gorillas/Neanderthal men. Nobody deserves such treatment unless proven that he is a criminal.

OH JOHNNY, I am so sorry to hear that something so degrading has happened to you. I could almost see those guys doing that to you. I hate to hear of people being treated like that. Just because someone has been given the right to carry a firearm they think they are mister right. Sometimes it seems like the Cops need to be given "EXIT" Exams like our students have to take to get out of High School or College. Somewhere down the line someone has failed. I just don't believe we need Police Officers like those you described. Even though I have never had any problems with the Cops, I have seen some that are exactly like you have stated. With names like those (if that was their real names) maybe they needed to show you their citizenship cards. Sounded like they came from the other side of the world. It is horrible that a person can't ride down the street, without being harassed. I also love to ride bikes. I don't do much of it because I would have to ride by myself most of the time. But when I do, My daughter < Jennifer> goes with me. We get harassed by guys who don't have anything better to do than try to make you feel uncomfortable. Believe it or not, I have a pair of Jeans on and a T-shirt while riding..and still get harassed.. Wow...no one is safe out there. Johnny I know you will be alright from this, but I want you to know that as a citizen of the United States, I am very sorry for the way you were treated. Please take care my friend.

Johnny that is a terrible story; my son is 18 and is being harrassed constantly; he delivers pizzas and is being stopped on his job all the time. BUT when he was being chased one night and had the license plate, and several people phoned in, they couldn't find the vehicle.

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