Only in Johnny's Dreams

Only in Johnny's Dreams


    © Johnny Anderson 1997.

  • He murdered triangles for a living. (Thurs 3-5-98)
  • I'm booking you on the code of silence. (Fri 3-6-98)
  • A mug rat. (Thurs 3-12-98)
  • Saving a tendon on a red hot chili pepper. (Sat 3-21-98)
  • A second hand nature screen valve. (Sun 4-5-98)
  • In the curcumbrant for lynch in the letter territory. (Mon 4-13-98)
  • An overdose chair. (Fri 4-17-98)
  • An invejnor. (Tues 4-21-98)
  • An IBM micropressor chill program full of wheat. (Thurs 4-23-98)
  • We've got to work out a location team for this crash site. (Sun 4-26-98)
  • The banner said to the young boy in a squirt of arrogance. (Sun 4-26-98)
  • Diddley Sticks. (Mon 4-27-98)
  • It's a glass interior wall. (Mon 4-27-98)
  • Parrots from the south. (Sun 5-3-98)
  • A migration pillow. (Sun 5-3-98)
  • He got Lardee darped this month and I've seen nothing but problems. (Fri 5-8-98)
  • Graffiti Grain Grass. (Sun 5-10-98)
  • I had a bad hand cake hassle pie. (Sat 5-16-98)
  • I've got to put the referee in his spot. (Thurs 5-28-98)
  • He's showing signs of life with the adeological needle. (Sun 5-31-98)
  • An error kort in all devices isn't susceptible. (Sat 6-6-98)
  • I must travel through the aid of remote, of phone. (Sun 6-7-98)
  • Have you ever seen the movie, watch your television. (Sat 6-20-98)
  • Blood and my senses show diversity. (Sun 6-21-98)
  • To allow demands for unsorrited venues. (Mon 6-22-98)
  • Abdominal cancer. (Mon 6-22-98)
  • I feel like a gasoline truck that's full of piss. (Tues 6-23-98)
  • Do you fall directly into your mystery. (Tues 6-30-98)
  • They had to go through the whole reliving process again, in their backyard. (Tues 6-30-98)
  • It's the Wednesday July day. (Thurs 7-2-98)
  • Let me clear the dream pad here. (Sun 7-5-98)
  • My dad, my son's brother. (Sun 7-5-98)
  • A growing infection pain. (Mon 7-6-98)
  • My best fathers, best man. (Thurs 7-16-98)
  • What strategic outcast do you belong to? (Sat 7-18-98)
  • That I'm a good, well laid Eastern man. (Mon 7-20-98)
  • The Bangkok appears at the end of each row. (Tues 7-21-98)
  • The candle mixing desk. (Fri 7-24-98)
  • Cold butter weaps colds. (Fri 7-24-98)
  • Hope all is well with you and your filing cabinet. (Fri 7-24-98)
  • There's another town found evaporated on the same floor. (Sat 7-25-98)


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