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Hey johnny looks pretty cool. Will have to spend some time checking more of it out. See you at the bus barn.
Prescott Valley, AZ U.S.A - Tuesday, Decemeber 14, 2010 11:08:14 (PST)

Very well done. Can't wait to read the entire book! Luv and hugs

Rox< >
Prescott Valley, AZ U.S.A - Saturday, October 9th, 2010 07:33:11 (PST)

Hiya Johnny! it was so nice to meet you ...well, reunite i suppose. lol i love all the pictures you have posted, they are amazing. you are so lucky to have travelled the world and seen and experienced so much! i hope you had a wonderful time here, and hope to see you again, maybe not left so long next time lol anyway, as i said it was lovely meeting you and your website is excellent. good luck and have lots of fun in the future! lotta love xx
Southend-on-sea, Essex, England - Wednesday, June 6, 2010 14:33:09(GMT)

Hellooooooo Johnnyyyy :) You ok? It was a good suprise to meet you! i didnt know that you was mums friend years and years ago!!! :) Its so cool to talk to you and your accent? :) its soooo cool you have so many words that are differentt! :) It was soo cool when i met you, as i was like...> Oh my god mum hes scaring me, whos he? i dont like investigators in myy house!! :O :( lol. well it was also weird when we met, cause you said Howdy! hahaahahahahah!!! lol! that was cool, i was like hello. you said howdy and shook my handdd haha that was soooo cool :) lol Well talk soon, Luke. P.S. kieran is the unsocialable one of me and him.
Luke Denyer<>
Southend-on-sea, Essex, England - Wednesday, June 6, 2010 14:28:12 (GMT)

This is fantastic ! One of my daughters is a poet and has had books published and has a web site. You might want to check her site out. Very interesting life and experiences that you have had. I thoroughly enjoyed going through all of this. You are a "special" person. I felt that before I even knew about all of this.Carry on !
Prescott, AZ U.S.A - Saturday, July 25, 2009 22:50:28 (PST)

I really enjoyed meeting you and I hope you and you rson really enjoy life it is to short. Enjoy the bat and ball I gave you small thing like those are what make sad times happy ones. your friend James Willis
James Willis <>
Prescott Valley, AZ U.S.A - Sunday, June 21, 2009 12:29:24 (PST)

Hey you, wicked site.. so many wonderful memories come flooding back when I browse through your photo's. so good to have been a part of it in some small way... missed you heaps over the years.. take care and stay in touch now. luv ya, Aly.
Lincolnshire, England - Wednesday, December 3, 2008 11:14:52 (GMT)

I've stumbled across your page and your profile is very interesting! I love traveling and your book has certainly caught my interest :) I read about your story in the link and I wish you lots of luck with getting the book published, I think a lot of people would find this very fascinating. Do you mind if I post the link in my Live Journal to share with my friends? I hope I will get around to ordering my copy of it this weekend, I am very interested in reading the book myself and seeing the photos as well. Also thank you for the friend request! RazorCandi
Transilvania, Romania - Friday, December 5, 2008 6:17 (GMT)

Hi Johnny, after reading the hilarious postings of the bumper stickers, I drifted to the "non-smoker" area. I cannot agree with you more on smoking/smokers. May I add my two cents? The tobacco companies have known for years the addictive qualities of Nicotine and have used it for decades to lure dumb ass people into their traps. Get rid of the tobacco company, problem solved! How about putting arsenic-laced cigarettes into random packs of smokes so no one would know if it was their last. Russian Roulette,if you will! Well,I hope all is well with you and yours,must sign-off for now,Tim
Humboldt, AZ, U.S.A. - Tuesday, July 1, 2008 12:21 PM (PST)

Hey Johnny :) just got a brief look @ your website & a lil @ your book... I am impressed!! Not really surprised i always knew there waas something i liked about u :) look forward to learning more. Hope u are enjoying your summer break! write anytime :> Daphne
Prescott Valley, AZ, U.S.A. - Thursday, June 5th, 21:30:58 (PST)

Hi J, was great getting your email, really pleased to catch up again, funny how i was thinking about you the other day and then i should get a mail, well have to chat when your home from work later through msn or aol or something. Hey wots going on you were in Southend and at Milton Hall and you never tried contacting doughnut......just seen the the Milton Hall Memories website...another cool site.... well have to talk... big hugs... Mart.
Southend-on-sea, Essex, England - Monday, March 12th, 06:25:14 (PST)

ALWAYS enjoying TAKING a look see at the book Johnny ! cheers, RV
Arcata, California, U.S.A. - Tuesday, February 5th, 22:32:49 (PST)

Wotcha W.S....nice to see my old guitar again (the orange Hondo Kerry's playing!) I wondered where it went!! Good to see the old photos again. Great days! About to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Deb sez Hi!
Southend, Essex, England - Saturday, February 2nd, 20:24:06, 2008 (PST)

After many years of trying to find this man,all i can say is,he is still just as wonderful after 25yrs and its still a pleasure to be a friend of this man,well done on your book and keep up the great work.x
Jill Conroy<>
Southend, Essex, England - Wednesday, January 2nd, 07:35:14, 2008 (PST)

At last a photo of Your beloved Woody guy and You His Dad ! So glad, Robert : - )
Arcata, California, USA - Sunday, November 6th, 12:29:31 2007 (PST)

Hi Johnny! I'm so glad I was finally able to get on to your site, my computer enjoys tormenting me with technical difficulties! You are one of the most interesting and fascinating people I have ever met and I enjoyed talking to you with my dad the other day. What a story you have to tell the world, I am truly inspired after reading everything you've posted on here. I can't wait to read more!
Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA - Sunday, August 19, 19:38:36 2007 (PST)

Hi Johnny. Sharon and Lew here. Lost touch with you years ago. Come across your great site today. cool photos and stories. We still have your Crewe Alexandra mini football. We go to watch The Alex play many times each season. Seems you are happy which is great. and still soooo good looking!!! Keep smiling mate xxxx
Sharon and Lew<>
Wales, United Kingdom - Wednesday, July 11, 16:34 2007 (PST)

It's cool to meet interesting people. I always knew that you didn't have to be a movie star or a great sports player to have a life worth telling. it's usually the regular people who have the cool stories. Thanks for sharing it! cool, dude. gotta hit the beach!!
Michael Castro MySpace Link <>
Chula Vista, CA USA - Sunday, July 8, 08:11 2007 (PST)

Hi . Read your Pistols story . cool
Tito / Sanne<>
Monday, May 29, 16:40:31 2006 (PST)

Been viewing your pictures on your site. And you remind me of Fabio with dark hair. What a stud!
Ian Patrick<>
Prescott Valley, AZ, USA - Tuesday, May 16, 20:38:14 2006 (PST)

Hey you U asked that I sign your guest book so here I am :). Your such an awsome person!!! i wish u dont have to leave us but it wont be for long :) for we will get revenge ;). Well anyway's i love your sight so far it's very intresting to learn about new things it's exiting well anyway's I will ttyl bye. ~*Larissa*~
Humboldt, AZ, USA - Friday, March 31 18:39:35 2006 (PST)

Awesome site mate! Really enjoyed your section about smokers. I recently went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival []. There was an unbelievable amount of smokers present during the day. I can not stand the damn stench of cigarettes. I just want to approach these people and smack them in their freaking chops for polluting my air. Anyways, Cool site. Keep up the good work!
Ian Patrick<>
Prescott Valley, AZ, USA - Friday, March 24 18:45:57 2006 (PST)

Cheers, you don't know me but I'm a friend of Tim and Wendy's from Arcata, CA, was doin a web search on them as we've lost touch and I came across your page. its quite brilliant with the quotes and the funny stories from all your bad experiences with the arsefaced rip offs and such. kind of inspires me to write me own page of quotes and rip off stories! anyway - it inspires me to speak up a little more aggressively when someone has done me wrong, and to see it through til the end! ah, some of your quotes were so brilliant it made me weep! mind if I quote them? and credit yer site with a link? i really had a blast of a time reading through your site, it kept me going , twas like a page turner novel or somewhat! well - i've got me own website but its not done yet so i won't include it right now, basically I'm american and I see with shame all the faults of our country and society, I have visited England and Ireland a few times over, and I found there were better manners and values overall in the UK. Just a first - fourth impression perhaps but!! The difference on the planes going back and forth between the two countries.. the Americans demanding their coffees right now and blow all else, and the English or Irish asking Might I have my coffee, thank you kindly. Well.. sorry for prattling on so, I have had a few drinks of celebration - seems I'm granted a bit of a paid vacation? We'll see. It was good to get to know you, seem like someone that would be good to talk to and such. Take care; Chloey
Tuesday, March 21 03:46:05 2006 (PST)

I just want to say hi. This site is quite nice. Have a wonderful day... private krankenversicherungen here it is private krankenversicherungen thank you.
Friday November 25 17:46:45 2005 (PST)

Really enjoyed reading the Alaskan adventure. Want to get a printed version of the entire book. How do we do that???
Tom & Don<>
Friday, November 18 18:58:13 2005 (PST)

Kudos on a wonderful important site! I cry a tear of joy and pain when I see sites like this striving so hard to make a difference in the lives of so many. We must NEVER stop fighting! Many lives depend on our continuing this educational fight. Please visit my web site and learn how to end this madness. No child should have to endure the pain that I did! Please sign my guestbook. Thank you for listening. from my anguished heart, *hug* D.A. Colvin
D.A. Colvin<>
Friday, November 11, 16:56:28 2005 (PST)

Congratulations on a well thought out site, I enjoyed browsing your pages and will look in every few weeks.
Thursday, November 03, 17:30:58 2005 (PST)

I was impressed with your site since this theme is very close and important for me. Do not stop and continue! You know, I even have written to myself to the future letter with a reminder on your site ( I hope, in 30 years I shall be again the visitor of your site. Up to a meeting!
Saturday, October 29, 6:03:39 2005 (PST)

This is the first website that allows people from around the world to participle in creation of the master-piece. Any person can be a painter, but, the most important thing is that any person can be the author of the painting created by the people from the world. It is unusual painting. It displays those objects that to associate with status of internal and external a condition of soul of any person, that is talking about aspirations and desires of people. Someone lives as a rabbit from Playboys, someone smiles always, someone wants to immortalize a name of corporation and firm or First name and Last name and other. All people have different ideas. After that is as Century or Millenium will passed and through this painting, next generations of people will know how you and me and other persons spend a time and life, what we have a aspirations in the life. May be someone will brag that his ancestor is made an inscriptions or figure on the picture. Just try to look in future!
Thursday, October 20, 8:01:50 2005 (PST)

This website is really awesome and I think more people should come to it.
Friday, October 14, 16:33:03 2005 (PST)

Good old Southend, and Belfairs... Glad your keeping well. G
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2:31:35 2005 (PST)

I'm a gemini woman so I don't have much right to say anything on this site, eh?
Gemini woman from San Francisco<>
Sunday, May 22, 1:36:15 2005 (PST)

Im a gemini woman...and ok ill admit im a little insulted but i have to say ur site is mostly true but im hoping i grow out of it =) im 22 30 maybe?
Wednesday, May 18, 12:22:43 2005 (PST)

Hello Darling, You are off on your fun adventures this weekend and as I said, a signing in your guestbook would occur from yours truely. For all of you out there and to you Johnny,you are a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING SOUL... CREATIVE, LOVING, ADVENTUROUS, INTRIGUING, FUN, DIVERSE, EXPERIENCER, GREAT LISTENER, FASCINATING CONVERSATIONALIST, SEXY, HONEST AND AN EXCEPTIONALLY HANDSOME HUNK OF A MAN. PEGGY LOVES JOHNNY
Sunday May 15, 17:05:17 2005 (PST)

This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good. krankenversicherung here it is krankenversicherung thank you.
Sunday, March 06, 17:55:58 2005 (PST)

Hi Johnny! Very nice and beatifull web sites!! Congratulations!! Greetings from Czech republic, Europe. Good By, Zbynek
Zbynek <>
Wednesday, March 02, 4:13:57 2005 (PST)

Interesting material hereabouts, courtesy of someone who shows signs of rare class (and I don't say that just because I want to sell you real estate!). Not appreciating or condoning rudeness is a dead giveaway. I appreciate a window on someone else's world because I believe the universe is all connected.
Frances Perkins <>
Wednesday, February 16, 13:27:56 2005 (PST)

hey Johnny dudeman!! wats up? jus wanted to say that u're website is pretty orsm!! i luv the quotes :):) *punk will neva die* luv Emma xo *rok on Sid N Johnny *mwah!* (yes it is pretty obvious i luv The Sex Pistols Too!!) :P
Emma <>
Friday, January 19, 2:03:18 2005 (PST)

Johnny, how are ya? Getting into any trouble lately? Hope not! Take care, Kelly (Seattle)
Seattle, WA, USA - Thursday, December 30 22:42:42 2004 (PST)

thought id spend this sunday evenin goin through your website.god it brings back some smells and memories.thought there used to be loads more punky pics than that,hav u dumpd a load or is it jus me?spent a bit more time lookin at your autobiog,book,pathetic people,etc.all good stuf bludy marv if you get publishd.reckon youve got enuf stuf.bit of editing and youre away.wiv the pics i always wonder what those certain people are doin that disappeard,kerry,that funny little ratty bloke with a mohican and his quiet mate,dan who went out with any info on those yourself?jus thought id let you kno im thousands of miles away thinking of things that seem thousands of years away{well 20,but im not far off}and im not even drunk.take it easy,al,x
Al Cooper<>
London, England - Sunday, September 19, 22:06:15 2004 (BST)

I don't know, I was looking for penpals and well I got here instead. DOH!!!
Monday, July 05, 16:46:25 2004 (EST)

I like to look at your page naked. I love you even if we have different philosophies. May the seed of your loin bear fruit in the belly of your camel.
Paul Sitko<Paul Sitko>
Venice Beach, CA - Wednesday, January 7, 19:41:43 2004 (EST)

found your sight at last found it very interesting
sheila white<>
Hull, England - Sunday, December 21, 11:23:37 2003 (EST)

I think you rock your lights out Uncle Jonny boy!**! Sincerly your, Ashleigh
Friday December 12 21:31:59 2003 (EST)

hey Johnnyboy, I diged your site man. Thanks man, bob
Thursday December, 4 13:52:01 2003 (EST)

Thought your site was fun. It displays creativity and humor. Thank you so much for everything. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Dusty
Thursday, October 30 09:09:00 2003 (EST)

Hey Johnny; Excellent pic's of your punk days. :::Shaking my head in disbelief:::: Your son is precious. Glad you gave me the web address. C'ya.
Sunday October 26 19:16:49 2003 (EST)

i'm a gemini, and i'm not so bad :(
Monday, October 20 05:32:40 2003 (EST)

Hi Johnny, thought I'd better say hi as Justin Wilkinson named me as pointing out your site to him! I wasn't a Creasey when you knew me, but you do know my husband too! Really great seeing some of your old photos - brought back a lot of memories (Mim, Gareth etc) and a lump to my throat (Pidgeon). Keep adding photos - keep telling the tales.
Cathy Creasey<>
Wednesday, September 17 19:19:31 2003 (EST)

Hey Brother! It was cool to meet you here in Montana, where men are men and sheep are scared! Anyway, we had a good time and drank way too much beer!! Hope you make it back this way sometime, if you ever find yourself at the end of the road, look around, your buddies aren't too far away!
Steve Dooling<>
Monday, September 8 15:46:37 2003 (EST)

It isn't just Dodge...I have a Chevy and it fell off at some point as well and several people I have talked to have been aware of this my case the cable broke!!! How many must die or be maimed??
Doug Davis<>
Saturday, August 23 12:31:24 2003 (EST)

I am also having a horrendous time with CompUsa. I can't even get an address of where to send my complaint. Let me know how you got your info. Cathy Schwarz
Cathy Schwarz<>
Wednesday, August 20 18:53:57 2003(EST)

i think it is fabulous that you are so open with your life and make it available for other to people to reminesce of olden days and perhaps to put a smile on others that may not have been alive to share in those days!!! cheers!!
Tuesday August 19 19:08:50 2003(EST)

Hell Johnny, this site has sure sprung up a bit since the last time I was here..And all these damn popups are driving me mad! Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello. I hope you and the little one are doing well. bye! Kelly
Monday, August 11 17:01:15 2003 (EST)

Johnny... I stumbled on your sight while looking for Gemini funny hun....but hey we arent all that bad...altho alot of what is said about us is true....but I must argue that it is all to different degrees.. Have a great day....Cathy
Friday, August 8 15:11:56 2003 (EST)

Just got through to your website, my wife's birthday's 4th of June. Am I in for some trouble?
Mollerussa, Spain - Monday, June 20 07:51:26 2003 (EST)

Dude Johnny, awesome site. I have spent the better part of 4 hours reading through all the stuff on your site. Seeings how im in the navy and have 20 hours of a 24 hour watch in front of me, i really have nothing better to do. hope to visit back soon. laters...Guy
The Guy<>
Honolulu, HI, United States - Friday June 13 01:28:57 2003 (EST)

check it out it be a good site it be mine....
Darren and Kim Bartko<>
Tuesday May 6 12:57:59 2003 (EST)

what's up, this site is pretty tight. very creative.
Thursday, May 1 13:16:56 2003 (EST)

Johnny Anderson, what acrazy guy! Good to know you're productive with your off time, we'll hook up for scrabble one day, eh? Peace, Ammon
Monday, April 28 23:17:36 2003 (EST)

A farmer who was also a surfer once told me, "Slow IS fast." This is true scientifically and metaphysically. Take a nuetrino for example. This is a particle of matter that from our perspective travels very close to the speed of light (183,000 miles per second) yet from its perspective doesn't move much at all in its lifetime. Enjoy the wonders. Colin McClung
Colin Mc Clung<>
Tuesday April 15 13:07:35 2003 (EST)

Hey Johnny. Nice site. Very enjoyable. Always enjoy the wonderful late night talk sessions. Until the next one!
Jared Gregg<>
Tuesday April 1 03:24:21 2003 (EST)

Johnny is my GOd. i love him and worship him.i bow to Johnny's sexy feet.
Friday March 28 21:18:56 2003 (EST)

Cute page, esp the sex pistols bits. xxx gemini female.
Sunday March 23 02:24:14 2003(EST)

Hi, just looked through your site and want to left some greetings. Nice page & good luck. By Erik
Ustadt, Schweden - Tuesday, March 18, 2003 at 17:55:06 (EST)

I love your website.
Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 07:24:10 (EST)

Hi from oz,I used to be the lead singer for THE Kelpies,I was known as James Gelding Or Jim Bedhog.Ashley Thompson was our drummer and we had a blast,We are very lucky to be alive.If you need more info contact me any time. I didnt know our records {kelpies}were still obtainable,Iwonder where the $$$s go,nowhere near me thats for sure,{choke,Spew,Bitch} oh well just so long as people are enjoying the music,its great to see.Regards jim.
jim atkins<>
Darwin, N.T Australia - Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 08:20:01 (EST)

ARVADA, COLO USA - Monday, March 03, 2003 at 07:30:01 (EST)

Your site is great! Greetings from glisten
dsl boy<>
USA - Friday, February 28, 2003 at 02:14:14 (EST)

A pat on the back is only a few centimetres from a kick in the butt. -Dilbert
Dilberts World<>
USA - Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 15:49:43 (EST)

Very nice site! I applaude you! I've seen countless sites dedicated to the Sex Pistols, and yours is the best I've seen! You have some great pics in here! Keep up the good work! lisa
columbus, oh USA - Monday, February 17, 2003 at 23:59:07 (EST)

i really like this site....
obi lagos<>
canada, ca USA - Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 18:37:52 (EST)

heather poynton-brosdahl<>
schley, mn USA - Friday, January 31, 2003 at 19:09:03 (EST)

I was looking through your website and wanted to drop you a complement. I have been doing websites for about 3 years and yours is quite impressive. Keep up the good work.
Las Vegas, Nevada USA - Friday, January 17, 2003 at 12:11:38 (EST)

Johnny, Like the website. Boy is getting bigger by the day. He also looks very healthy. I am happy that you and him are doing great. Would you introduce a section in your website about Do's and Dont's in California based on your experience? Just a suggestion. take care, Marlon"
Marlon Cadenas<>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 19:50:26 (EST)

Great site, I really enjoyed your stories. I left School in 83 too, to a life of hardcore Punk rock and the Pistols and now I'm married with children (boys 9&2)with spikey hair and bondage trousers (thats me not them!) "Dont let them grind you down"
Scotland - Monday, January 6, 2003 at 16:12:07 (EST)

Fucking smokers, I totally agree with everything you have said! My daughter has to breath smoke when at her fathers house. Usually 5 people is smoking at a time. She is only 10. She has had 2 ear tube surgeries. Kids are the ones who really fucking have it bad. They are the ones that can't walk away when in a smoke filled car or house. I think I will start to carry hairspray and use it while smokers are eating. I bet they bitch.!!!!!!! But what is the difference? Just different types of harmful nasty smelling chemicals. I'll tell them I'll quit if they do!!!!!!! FUCK SMOKERS
Redkey, Indiana, USA - Tuesday, January 7, 2003 at 21:12:05 (EST)

Hi Jon, was my hair really that big? or was my head a lot smaller in those days... looking at those photo's just brought it all back. Good one mate, all the best Gareth
Southend, UK - Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 19:10:41 (EST)

G'day from Australia...Probably don't remember me...but I was in your year at high school...Cathy Creasey put me on to your site...interesting ...I will have a better look once I am off this public access me if you remember who I am!
Justin Wilkinson:)<>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Monday, December 16, 2002 at 02:10:59 (EST)

This is the best web site I have ever read. Screw Washington Mutual.
David Young<>
Sunday, Decemeber 15, 2002 at 08:49:24 (EST)

I think thats Rico,well sweet mate!or someting.Could tou email me a contact address|(email||)for Rick and Cath,or any of me mates,Max maybe,cheers
marion <>
usa- Tuesday, USA - Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 11:19:07 (EST)

Hi jonny, glad youre ok, found your site by a lucky chance. hope all your writings going ok. Shame theres not more of the old photos up. Speak to you soon:)
chris knott from westcliff <>
southend, na great britain - Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 19:58:38 (EST)

hi, i just read your page about your dr martins shoes...we recently had a problem with the sole on a more recent pair of boots cracking 2 places on the ball of the foot on one boot. they are about a year and a half old and probably about 6 months after purchase that they were actually worn. these were my boyfriends boots but i have 3 old pairs of boots, 2 pairs about 3 yrs old and one about 10 yrs old(purple steeltoes that i love, kept my toes from getting smashed at many concerts and shows!)...along with 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of boots for my 2 yr old son and i've never had a problem like this before. so i got the same email as you did and sent them in to be inspected and they mailed them back saying it was normal wear and tear (is it normal wear and tear for your sole to crack from normal use so your foot gets wet when its damp out, and so much for the air cusion sole!) we got them back today and called them up to see what was up and i think we talked to the same woman as you did and got the same response, that there was nothing they could do for us. so this is where we are at right now, deciding what to do. you arent the only one thats having problems with them, mandy :)
mandy <>
philadelphia, pa USA - Monday, November 25, 2002 at 16:09:52 (EST)

I love the picture of you and your boy... cool...arizona isnt too bad of a place... i went through there in may once and it snowed... that wasnt what i expected from arizona... i liked the punk days- i just reread the adrian mole diaries... i dont know if you know them but they are very british and damn funny... your writings reminded me of that... well from one soon to be divorced dad to another- stay close and dont let the bullshit with her affect your relationship with him! he'll figure out how things are some day... until then just give him unconditional love!!!
dave sitko <>
la quinta, ca USA - Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 00:01:59 (EST)

Hay Jonny, I don't know how i got to yer sight...But then i looked at the pics and was like WOW! Their beautiful and yeah. Well yer sight was great. Haila
Hiala <>
San Clemente, CA USA - Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 17:30:03 (EST)

yeah, this is a horrible thing, but ive been there for a long time. my local pd have been bad mouthing me excessively. im a single mom and dont party nothing im very small.i have NO idea why theyve done this but im going to court tomorrow to try to stop it. i have some proof finally. but its very scarey. i was arrested and sat for hours no calls allowed no bathroom just intimidation and rudeness. i got the charges dropped in court but still..they continue. what i got as proof was them telling someone i had said that i offered them sex! that is so totally not even true . everyone who knows me knows better but geeze spreading THAT around! but a neighbor taped some stuff....i hope now it stops..
Brenda <>
USA - Monday, September 30, 2002 at 07:46:08 (EDT)

Let us know when this is published! Definately will be a great book and we will buy! Wonderful tales to tell especially in today's world, we do indeed live in a wonderful world! Thanks for the window to a great place to be!
USA - Friday, October 18, 2002 at 10:21:44 (EDT)

Kut mo krachtig: Did you ever hear of soap and a comb?!?!?! Noodles...soap king
<get a haircut>
achterbos, ZZ ustited nates - Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 08:42:46 (EDT)

Hey Johnny, i dont know you, but ur really hot and your sight kicks ass. And i dont know who Pigeon, but wow he really looks like sid in that one pic, i give him my respects. alright well see ya guys, keep up the good work. love, jenna
jEnNa <>
Los Alamitos, CA USA - Friday, October 11, 2002 at 01:18:28 (EDT)

look, just because you had some bad relationships with gemini women does not mean we're foul people...haven't you learned your lesson that your sign is just not compatible with us? aries, geminis and libras are all air signs and are the most compatible for each other...good luck with your search.
Jerzee Gem(ini) <>
USA - Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 13:22:48 (EDT)

you know what you shouldnt base your whole judgement of all gemini women on some bad experience with a few. Let me tell you i as a gemini woman am nothing like your quotes, and did you ever stop to think that maybe its not the gemini its the other person that doesnt know how to please us?
a gemini woman
USA - Friday, September 13, 2002 at 14:02:29 (EDT)

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice website
John Simon Ritchie <>
Anaheim, CA USA - Friday, September 13, 2002 at 00:56:02 (EDT)

Hi my names annette live in suusex england had to write loved your site.x
Annette < >
Sussex, England - Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 23:31:53 (EDT)

Hello everybody - Just wanted to wish you a great day ... :-)
private Krankenversicherung <Thomas@sorry.avoid.spam>
Frankfurt, Germany - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 17:33:54 (EDT)

You're such a sweetie! This is so familiar to me. Really bitchin website, Johnny~ elizabytheSea
Elizabeth See <>
Monrovia, CA USA - Friday, August 16, 2002 at 20:29:52 (EDT)

Hi Johnny, All I an say is I love had a bit of a nose round don't forget where I am now not after 24 years. Catch up soon. Fingers crossed I'll see you soon as soon as I can get things arranged at hoe. Keep mailing, soon. Big Hugs art
Martine <>
Soutend On Sea, Essex UK - Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 22:21:51 (EDT)

Nice Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boris <>
Monday, July 29, 2002 at 07:46:13 (EDT)

Wicked website - found you on a link to a story about Camel cigarettes. Liked the bumper stickers and quotes. Best part was your sex pistols part....respect for the time and trouble you took to compile it....I shall certainly be visiting your site again.
Matt <>
Horley, Surrey England, UK - Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 14:55:33 (EDT)

Good vs Evil is a Punk Rock band from Corona CA.
This site contains Mp3s-Shows-Lyrics-Pics & more!

Punk Er <>
Corona, CA USA - Friday, July 19, 2002 at 12:16:04 (EDT)

al cooper made me piss my pants johnny re:the smell in your room was unique if you could bottle it and sell it you would be rich im feeling really home sick now johnny its ok visiting your sight in the u.k. as it kinda seems fitting not wise whilst travelling a week on wednesday till cairns can't friggin' wait had enough of perth someone let me outta here!!!!!!!i'll catchya big man going back to read more so i feel real grim just remember anyone can be a sex pistol oh and there is a sex pistol comp cd available here if you are interested johnny regards to all disciples of guru johnny
andy lardarse brennan <>
perth, w.a. australia - Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 01:22:28 (EDT)

Happy Birthday Johnny, I hope your ambitions lead you to the place you want to be...and may your dreams be realized. There are oceans between us but we are all the same. Be well.
USA - Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 01:08:26 (EDT)

Helena <>
varese, italy - Sunday, July 07, 2002 at 18:58:57 (EDT)

I couldn't agree with you more about Gemini women. Im a Gemini man and I can't stand their stupid lies and mind games!
USA - Saturday, June 29, 2002 at 02:58:40 (EDT)

Hi Johnny! Facinating website! Someday maybe I will travel to a least a 1/4 of places you've been to!:) Good writing and I couldn't agree with you more about smokers & smoking-I love Disneyland've heard all my "someday my Prince will come" lamentations-well all of that is the doing of Disney being impressionable on a little girl :) and of course I never really grew up. Enough about me, I am so self absorbed damn it! Beautiful pictures-great smile. Hope to see you soon!
Sandi <>
Temple City, CA USA - Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 08:59:27 (EDT)

don't have any...haven't seen the web site yet ha ha ha
sylvia graves <>
templecity, ca USA - Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 23:54:20 (EDT)

Johnny! I think I only have about 4 more hours worth of reading on your website. Helps the boredom!
Cheers! :)

kelly <>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, June 07, 2002 at 00:50:31 (EDT)

Johnny thanks so much for putting all the time and effort into such a wonderful web page!I totally agree with your smoking issues.Inconsiderate bastards need to get beyond their own needs and realize that they influence and affect others around them (especially children).Your police harrassment story is a reflection on what so many people must suffer at the hands of "our protectors".Most cops are rotters who get into the profession because they have power-trip control issues...fuck them! On a more positive note,I really enjoyed the bits of your personal punk story.It was insightful, descriptive, and interesting. Now the best of all of course is your Pistols story and pictures. I am so sorry that Johnny feel he needs to maintain this bad attitude/image.You are correct that he has so easily forgotten, or tries to ignore what his fans have done for him. He should reflect upon where that horrible attitude has gotten him today (nowhere). If you are ever planning on getting rid of any Pistols stuff, please let me know because I have been a huge fan and collector for years. THANKS!
Tracie <>
S.F. Valley, CA USA - Wednesday, June 05, 2002 at 13:29:06 (EDT)

Dearest Jonathon, As always, your boundless brain ricochets randomly off the sinewy sides of your cavernous cranium. Huggles, Paul
Paulie <>
culver city, ca USA - Monday, May 13, 2002 at 14:47:26 (EDT)

Hey johnny i really like your site filled with interesting information and pictures. If anyone is interested in fast load insane punk music visit my bands website up there.
Graham <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Friday, May 03, 2002 at 18:07:31 (EDT)

I have been in the same position a couple of times with well known dick-weeds! But then again I have also had great times with well known people who are down to earth and very level headed and cool indiviuals! So it just goes to show...Yep the world is definitely filled with cool people and a whole hell of alot of fuck-pigs!Enjoyed reading and will continue to cruise back and check for more!
Gary Flintom <>
Clovis, NM USA - Tuesday, April 30, 2002 at 17:02:22 (EDT)

Johnny, Your stories are amazing. Erika and I love hearing them and find it fun to read through them as well. We'll talk to you soon. Tim
Tim Vallecorsa <>
Monrovia, Ca USA - Friday, April 19, 2002 at 10:43:49 (EDT)

i live on a reservation in montana where alot of police harrassment occures.
terri walker <>
harlem, mt USA - Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 13:06:27 (EDT)

You look more like Cher everyday you old git :) Scatz
UK - Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 05:18:22 (EDT)

sue <>
timaru, newzealand - Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 01:28:53 (EDT)

Hi, I'm looking at you right now. I see you everyday. when are you going to have new pictures of me up? I'm tired of looking at the same ones. do something with your life instead of harrasing me!
jantina <decline to state>
monrovia, CA USA - Friday, April 12, 2002 at 14:34:44 (EDT)

There ya go Mate!
Craig Cowen <>
Santa Clara, ca USA - Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 19:57:03 (EDT)

I came across your site and just wanted to tell you I think that you writing letters to all the companies who fucked with you and messed up, and writing letters to all the higher ups is realy cool. Most people would not bother and just let it go, but its good to see someone not put up with being mistreated. Your site is realy cool and thanks for sharing. seAn
SeAn <>
Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 10:42:17 (EDT)

if it dont work nut it
southend, england - Sunday, September 16, 2001 at 07:25:20 (PDT)

never mind the bollocks where are all the teddie boys?
sue <>
southend, england - Sunday, September 16, 2001 at 07:17:45 (PDT)

Hi Johnny, Enjoyed reading some of you additions to yur pages. Yes, I am a Gemini - but I don't think I qualify or all of those comments. Anyway, I do enjoy reading excerpts from your travels. I have an American phone card sitting on my desk. Very Generic. i will send it on down anyway.
susanne walker <>
Blaine, WA USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 00:52:54 (PDT)

malk davis <>
blackpool, uk - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 10:20:55 (PDT)

Hi Johnny, I just spent an hour or so looking through all your pictures and I wanted to let you know that I thought they were really great. The punk ones especially, I have alot of the same pictures, different people same faces, you know? Except mine are 10 years after yours so they're not quite as cool as yours are. I really liked your red plaid bondage pants and all that, they reminded me of being young and doing stupid things in parks at 6 am after punk shows. thanks. I plan to read through your things and your autobiography and all that in time. I have a page at with some of my photography on it, but it's mostly for journalling. I really think it's great that you tossed off the wedding photographer, that made me laugh, good to see you kept your punk rock roots. Take care Adie
Adie <>
USA - Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 13:24:50 (PDT)

My suggestion for a bumper sticker: GOD is understaffed and overbudget. Have your prayers been answered yet?
Kim Hall <>
Mukilteo, WA USA - Friday, August 10, 2001 at 17:18:11 (PDT)

I've just spent 3 hours going through everything on your site!!! You've had plenty of adventures/experiences, have to admit, I am quite jealous!!! I have a site of my own, but I never really ever get round to updating it or putting anything useful on it!!! Speak to you soon, Paul.
Paul Maddern <>
Clacton-on-sea, Essex England - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 23:50:26 (PDT)

well, I've enjoyed your site tonite, I read a few stories i could relate to even. you've put some real time into this web site of yours, hope it's backed up... I have adopted a new approach to the phone callers which, though I haven't received a response yet, at least I make a statement... literally... When I receive a call I tell them before they continue I'll need a name and billing address so that I might send them a bill for advertising on my phone... this usually causes a bit of confusion and I explain that it will cost them $50.00 to advertise on my private phone line. I will either get a supervisor or the caller will see the humor in the situation and will give me the information I've requested. I've even begun mailing out bills, so far.. no payments. but I'll keep trying. another point I've begun to recognize, that your stories and outrage have hellped as follows... I beleive we, as a society, believe we are very advanced. we expect to get what we request, or what we feel is right. we expect things to be easy and immediate. I've come to think that we aren't as advanced as we think we are, and that by the end of our lives (assuming we live to ripe old ages) we'll look back at the fact that we had to push buttons to run our computers and actually comunicated with text... (how archaic), and that we'll realize we weren't as smart as we thought we were at the time... I admit we're better off than we've ever been as a race (human), but we've taken 5 million years to get here... imagine what we can do in another million or so... The best way to begin a trip is to recognize where you stand at the beginning. backyard philosophy by mike.
Mike Frey <>
Bigfork, , MT USA - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 23:46:49 (PDT)

Cool webpage, some interesting pathetic people stories. Thanks again for good service and your patience. Nickolas
Nickolas Goodwin <>
Cologne,, MN USA - Friday, July 20, 2001 at 09:46:57 (PDT)

Hi there, found your website while i was surfing. had to send you an email. gemini women have good qualities too you know. i am a gemini woman. i know i can be a bit changeable, fickle nerevous, and childlike like all geminis BUT we have some good qualities too you know. we must have something about us if you've been out with two geminis. i mean if we were that bad you would have learnt your lesson the first time. it's gemini men you need to watch out for. and possibly scorpios. otherwise a really cool website. Gemma
Gemma Cobb <>
England - Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 22:25:36 (PDT)

just read that bit on warner bros, what the hell???? can they really confiscate your personal property in the states geez thats rather scary
andy brennan < >
grey ol' cambs,, uk dk , - Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 22:49:38 (PDT)

hi johnny had any pot noodles latley web site is great miss your madness but at least we don't have to look at ya ugly mug loved the 50 headlines what a laugh take care from crom shell and pete byeeeeee
crom shell pete tabs <>
southend on sea, uk - Saturday, July 14, 2001 at 07:58:01 (PDT)

Hey, great website, mi mahn, I've surfed da boat of dem. Intend to spend more time on the world of photos when time permits.
John Jensen <>
Sharon, ND USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 18:30:24 (PDT)

I know, kids, don't fall over. It's Stacey. Yes, I'm still alive and somehow trapped in a glass box in Arcata. I miss you both SO MUCH! Johnny, I love your sight. Of course, I think you need some more current pictures of you and Jantina so I can at least see what you look like now. I'd love to catch up with you both. I will hopefully be down your way next month to see my dad. We'll have to get together. Give that beautiful wife of yours a great big hug for me and send her my love. Kisses to you both! Write soon, I'm stuck under a redwood up here.
Your long lost Arcata pal, Stacey <>
Arcata, CA USA - Monday, June 11, 2001 at 08:36:16 (PDT)

nice one johnny
George Jansen <>
Hillegom, Nederland - Sunday, June 10, 2001 at 02:37:54 (PDT)

Nice site. Hey! Stop touching yourself!!!
Kenopolis <>
Kansas City, MO USA - Saturday, April 28, 2001 at 18:20:57 (PDT)

Hi johnny been meaning to sign this for months.Nice to catch up after 15 years or more.Do you remember this from school. HAIRY BUMS! (sounds like here he comes shouted loud enough when the teacher was on his way to class).Take care Geezer.
Alan Gibbs
Essex, England - Monday, April 23, 2001 at 10:03:52 (PDT)

supplemental to my previous garbage i found some of the refs; to the past re:your pops his rather amazing cooking that guy was a genius with tinned peas and protoveg where would you have been without that during your vegan experience and the smells of your room at seaforth and in shoebury unique in essence in a positive way, i can vividly remember the both, i do believe patchouli had a part to play in the latter,it bought a smile and a tear to remember your pops open house soup kitchen policy such a loving bloke and so straight up too...peace to the guy ....i will ask did you give knoor their pot noodle tub supply back???? keep it coming a ledgend of my life time ANDY.
andy brennan <>
grey ol' cambs,, uk dk - Friday, March 09, 2001 at 15:37:08 (PST)

PETERBOROUGH, U.K. - Friday, March 09, 2001 at 14:46:12 (PST)

Hey Johnny... your website rocks! You need to have a section dedicated to the deadbeads on ebay.. ha-ha!!
Sean <>
CA USA - Monday, February 26, 2001 at 23:47:25 (PST)

Hi Johnny, how are things? I just thought that i would drop you a note because haven't talked to you for a bit. I know my mom has (Linda) but i'm too lazy most of the time and never want to get off my ass and write e-mails.. but here I am wasting away on your website! =]Anyhoo, chat with you later. bye bye
Kelly <>
WA USA - Sunday, February 25, 2001 at 20:14:15 (PST)

I was just looking through you photo album and suddenly realised that it is me that is in the picture with you buried at Inverloch. Only one question, who is the young boy in the picture. Hope you both are doing well, we are sweltering in the heat over here at the moment. Cant wait for winter. It is supposed to be 39 degrees on Thursday, what fun. Take care, Melanie and Peter
melanie durkin <>
Victoria Australia - Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 00:41:59 (PST)

just been flicking through your book again.memories make me giggle,i dont think i was there but i remember perryman saying about that time the window fell on you whilst taking a photo.its strange how reading that brings back the smell of your room,i dont mean that in a nasty sense.funny as well to be reading those things 15 or so years later on a little island 5000 miles from it look healthy in the photo with paul cook,i'll flick through your photos soon as well,speak soon ,al.
Al Cooper <>
London, England - Friday, February 02, 2001 at 12:27:44 (PST)

I shit you not my friend I have been looking for this site for donks.Thankyou kindly, and NEVER MIND THE BOLLOX. e-mail me if yas like.
Sarah <>
Hervey Bay, QLD Australia - Monday, January 29, 2001 at 20:33:13 (PST)

howdy i gotta say, fucking brilliant site! i love all the stories, and it really gives insight into that era (i wasnt in it being only 15) love the pics, love the site, love the sex pistols, blah blah blah. m xxx
plastik barbie <>
surrey, uk - Monday, January 22, 2001 at 16:00:26 (PST)

SOUTHEND, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 11:45:40 (PST)

just seen your website - muchly impressed.bought back loads of good much younger and nice to be reminded i had more hair.good photos.
Southend, UK - Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at 16:05:38 (PST)

I like your homepage, great humor and an nice retro of the Punk-era.
Petra <>
Holland - Wednesday, January 03, 2001 at 17:15:47 (PST)

your site is pretty interesting to say in the least, at least I am learning something new about other peoples interests and that helps me to be a better person, helps me to realise that I am not the only person on earth, and keeps my mind exercising so it doesn't rot and leak out my ears. Thank you for your site
elaine <>
allegan, mi USA - Sunday, December 17, 2000 at 17:02:35 (PST)

Your story about ya Dodge truck was very interesting. I will never ever buy a Dodge truck. Thanks for letting others know of your experience. Cheers Doug.
Doug Johnson <>
Birmingham, England - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 08:22:53 (PST)

hey,umm, if any one who knows where i can get some info about johnny rottens early life, e-mail me and tell me the site. ummm sex pistols rock...........quickly
spoida86 <>
australia - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 05:50:48 (PST)

Dude, your page rocked! Buy cheese. Izzy Mandlebaum.
Izzy Mandlebaum <>
Vermont falls, NM USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 20:09:36 (PST)

Well well, i finally managed to get that Pistols gold disc off you :-) your the double of your mom except she has shorter hair!!! Keep on keeping on.....
HRH Sex Pistols Scatz <>
nr kettering, uk - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 10:29:11 (PST)

Boy do we ever miss you !!! Love your site. I would like to see the stool log though !!! Love Ya, Uncle Brian and Tracy
Tracy <>
Lake Villa, IL USA - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 06:58:50 (PST)

I looked briefly at your home page, nice one! I saw the story about UPS, it's funny cause I'm waiting for UPS (yes, we have them in Sweden too!) to deliver a package to me. I called them on Monday because they left a message that they were unable to deliver my package unless they had the code for the door in my building. Fine, I gave them the code and I was instructed to write them a note which gave them permission to leave the package at my door because I would be at work. Ok, I did leave the note taped to my door and was expecting to find my package when I got back home from work on Tuesday. Of course there was no package there. Same thing on Wednesday. Today is Friday and still no sign of a delivery. Then I'm reading your story and now I'm really starting to get scared! Let's hope the swedish UPS aren't as bad as in the US! Have a nice weekend! Anders.
Anders Lext <>
Sweden - Monday, November 20, 2000 at 16:07:31 (PST)

I haven't made an entry into this for quite a while. I would like to thank everyone who has viewed my site and has either emailed me or made a comment here about it. Good luck to all of you, whatever paths you may all be on:)
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Hello Johnny, greetings and saluations!
Chester Paul Sgroi <>
San Diego, CA USA -

Hello Johnny- I wonder if you remember me, Graham from Southend- for some reason I think we fell out in about 1986- fuck knows why! anyway, I stumbled on your web site via the Kronstadt Uprising Guest Book and hope that these days we have more in common than whatever our differences were back then- looking at the 80's southend punk photo album kind of freaked me a bit- So many friends fallen by the wayside- I've got very similar shots from slightly different angles- obviously we were both there- praps I could do some scans and send them to you! Unfortunately Anarchy Hill (or the Green as you've called it) is now an odeon multiplex- so it goes. I saw slug the other day- he's well into tai chi now- I'm giving it a go, trying to get a bit fitter as I near 40. I saw polly about a year ago in brixton- he was also well & happy. I quite often see liz (who used to go out with gary lewis & is now married (i think) to slug) cycling to work. Gary (lewis) has recently had a child- sorr!!y, don't know any more details. Rick (closedown/threshold) is living in scotland and is in a band called Kuru (well he was last time I heard from him, about a year ago). I have a tape of Threshold/closedown's gig at focus in 86- do you want a copy? Sorry to hear about your dad- I only met him a couple of times but he was a good man- I remember he cooked me a lovely meal at your place near cecil jones high school many years ago! Take care, Graham Burnett
Graham burnett <>
Southend On Sea, UK -

I read your story about your encounter with Mr. Lydon. What a hoot! Here he tries to come off as Mr. Sensitive in "Rotton-No Blacks/Irish/Dogs" and he's still the same asshole. I haven't seen him on MTV because I don't have cable--is he any good? I love the Pistols and think that he was the brains in the group, but he didn't really have much competition in the brains dept. The friction between the Cook/Jones/Matlock power trio, and Rotten made great Rock and Roll--similar to how the the tension between McCarney & Lennon made the Beatles great. Dane
Dane Henas < >
Sacramento, CA USA -

Martin Victory <>
Lichfield, ENGLAND -

My name is Mohammad, i think your site is funny. when i was in University, i usually ate hot dogs and had drinks.I live in iran. my bottom hurts!I'd like live in Australia.
mohammad <>
tehran, Iran -

Patasheo <>
Shreveport, La USA -

Hey it is the very one and only Johnny Anderson ! How's it going love, it's been a long time...I love you still. Hope you are lovin' life too. If you make your way back to the redwoods, look me up next time... bring jantina or come as you are...welcome. My number is the same, call me and/or drop me a line or I'd love to hear from you. Take Care love, your friend jewel
jewel <>
Arcata, CA USA -

Entertaining website, passionate and honest.. I like it! Loved the story of you how you sorta managed to meet Mr. Rotten. Keep up the good work! Cheers, LESMANIA - sensibly censored to avoid arousal
LESMANIA. where else? <>

It's me again, nice update!!!! You are amazing!!!! Love and hugs
MOMMIE Darle <>
Temple City, CA USA -

There is definitely only one "Johnny Anderson". Only one. One. Get it? Good. I love you bro. I'll never forget seeing you after work that one day. I was struck by your mangled "black book" and the way you lived life ever since then. Modern day Hermes Trismegistus....Only man I know who has actually seen the world the way it really is. And oh, what a world it is, eh?
Noah Foster <>
Campbell, CA USA -

hey cool Site. ecspisally the Sex Pitols part. PLEASSSE vist mine.
Victoria <>
Frisco, CA USA -

Dear Johnny ! I have found your very interesting site on the web. I collect phone cards with the topic of VOLLEYBALL. Should you be able to offer me any I would love to hear from you. I can give Austrian cards in exchange. Regards hongito.
Hongito <>
Austria -

live skinnn in my self for ever and my famaly....good u give to we all since to guest book....byee i hope u all don't we call poser.....remember me.. up yours
shaiful <>
kuala lumpur, K.L Malaysian -

Johnnie my friend, I finally got to sign the guest book. I love your site, I like to come here and read all the wonderful things you've learned thoughout your life, it actually is a great idea to document the things you know and learn so that others can learn, and it confirms that there are other sane people out there. You have to make a trip out east, the WILD TURKEY isn't the same without you.
Christian Huffines <>
St. Louis, MO USA -

Johnnie my friend, I finally got to sign the guest book. I love your site, I like to come here and read all the wonderful things you've learned thoughout your life, it actually is a great idea to document the things you know and learn so that others can learn, and it confirms that there are other sane people out there. You have to make a trip out east, the WILD TURKEY isn't the same without you.
Christian Huffines <>
St. Louis, MO USA -

Hey man I know where you're coming from. My cousin and myself have been the victim of police profiling for a few years now. Not racial mind you we just "LOOK" like we are up to no good as some people would suspect. Upwards or 20 to 25 stops from these so called "officers of the law" we have been victims of. It angers me to think that there are so many clean cut looking people out there who drive newer cars or whatever are out there selling drugs and doing all these things the cops who harass us think we are doing. I don't smoke cigarettes, do or sell drugs and I get harassed? Well just thought you could understand. And never feel intimidated by a cop if you are not doing anything wrong. That's one thing I've learned after all those stops.

Great fucking site Johnny why not check out mine its a bit shite at the moment but im working on it
paul mcilwaine <>
belfast, Northern Ireland -

Johnny!!! So I fired up Xemacs, fucked around for a while and came up with a website. Put a link to your web page, and figured you'd like to know about it. By the way, I have a pile of calling cards (okay, about three). Do you collect american calling cards as well? Jethro
Jethro <>
boston, ma USA -

if id never heard of the sex pistols id never joined a band id never taken so many drugs and id never ....sorry what was i talking about ive got a mental block. great site!
mark easton <>
sydney, nsw australia -

Johnny!!! Hey, I finally found your web site. I'm a gonna check it out. Wholefoods! Greg
Greg Jolly <>
Pasadena, ca USA -

Johnny: Where's the photo of Barbara, Carolyn, and myself that you took in the supermarket on the way from San Fran to flipping Santa Barbara??????? Get back to me, Fausto
Fausto <yea>
London, England -

Hello Johnny: How the hell are you and Jantina? I am presently a porn actor, and doing quite well, just kidding. There's only three weeks left on my tour and I am quite pleased, because I have started to have enough of it all. I off to Vienna on 2nd of June, for a wedding, not my own of course, nobody wants a porn actor these days, I am all used up. I'm still waiting on the Paris thing, job, ya know. Good talking with you, the sex pistols rock. Fausto
Who knows?, ASS Great Great Shithole -

Hi johnny ; i just went through some of your pictures and got a chance to read some of your experiences in austrelia I have always thought about travling around the world and I got a chance to get a small glimce of what i would be like. I think it's great that you have gotten a chance to travel and see so much at your age. Steve A.
steve'o Azhang <>
Brea, Ca USA -

Un saluto da Leosupersex, il nuovo super-macho della rete.
Albenga, SV ITALY -

Great to hear from you today Johnny ! WebTV disconnected early , and I lost your address ! Get an Intel pc pro camera , and we can have a blast with our mutual hobby..... Talk with you soon my friend ! Bish
Bish Craig <>
Houston, Tx USA -

hi man long time no speak! website is much better now. got to go and by a boat now so i will speak with you soon love to you both russ
russell guest <>
Southend, Essex, England -

Enjoyed the pictures. Especially the one of the three of us at Mt. Rushmore. Were we all that young once upon a time?
Don and Tom <you have it>
Las Vegas, NV USA -

Great site...I could add a few gripes to your 'Pathetic People' page...well done!
Kip Roe <>
Cincinnati, OH USA -

Great site Johnny. Lots of incredible stories and pictures. I enjoy looking thru it all.
Chris Riley <>
Glendale, Ca USA -

God Save The Queen my son! great pistols story. Sunderland FC forever....seeya
Iain <>
Kettering, uk -

Hi Johnny, I haven't signed your guest book for a long time, so here it is! Great additions! You are so clever! Your web page is a trip around the world at the click of the mouse.
Mommy <>
Temple City, CA USA -

Johnny, sweet sight. Now ask all of these folks that hit it for a small donation and buy buy buy my Sex Pistols collection! Come on folks, make Johnny's dream come true! If you buy now, I'll throw in one free rock paper weight! Anyway, take out a loan........and watch out because I'm a Gemini.....Later. MRSISCO
Pete Sisco <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

Hey Johnny...Checked out your pages, very interesting. The police situation disturbed me, and I'm sorry it happened to you. Anyway, keep up the good work and I'll see you at work tomorrow.
Sheila <>
El Monte, CA USA -

Hey Guys ! Switched from webtv to pc......Just a note to say hello, and was thinking about you ! Bish & Carolyn PS: more cards forthcoming :-))
Bish & Carolyn <>
Houston, Tx USA -

Heya great page. i hope we can swap again sometime in the future. talk to u soon jacob
Jacob icq: 47013514 <>
NSW, Australia -

So I keep looking for pictures of MY wedding on your gallery but since you don't understand Californians I guess we don't make the grade...does it help that Uncle Stevie is from Oklahoma? Love you, JPR/SMR
JuJu <>
Oceanside, CA, USA

hey johnny and jantina....thought since we've kept up the communique since i've been exiled to shanghai that i'd FINALLY sign your guest book. thanks for the laughs, sorry ian still hasn't sent my phone cards. have 3 chinese ones for you but the post office won't let me send them...i tell ya, these communists make everything harder. i read about compusa....i have got to agree...i have been bitching about those bastards for years. customer service is the worst. did you know (oh, you will be so proud) that my superior amount of impatience rallied 17 customers in line at the santa rosa, ca compusa to shout obscentities for 10 minutes until they started throwing things? it was a sight to behold. i think i actually got the so-called manager to quit. other companies i'd love to hear your opinion on.... my personal demons are the sizzler corporation (or whoever owns them), cap1 mastercard, and the most evil empire on of america. best of luck in 2000....will keep send! ing phone cards. hope to see you upon my return to the states sometime next always, lizzie
Liz Barnes <>
shanghai, china -

Hi Johnny, this is the Webster brothers, wishing you a very merry Christmas. Paul say's he's sorry it's been so long! How about some more photos from Southend? My Dad wants to know when you're going to move your push bike from his she? Andy needs a 16" front wheel! Any offers? Andy is now 12 stone-what a fat bastard!!!!! Paul is still 9 stone-must be his lifestyle! Lots of love, Steve, Paul, Andy, Dave, Frances, Josh, Robert, Ann, Johnny A, Derek (Pops), Joel and Ellie. Take it easy!
Lewes Road Boys <>
Southend, Essex, UK -

AWESOME page. I love the Sex Pistols, but I just happen to be a halfway Gemini.....
Lee Harlowe <>
Chesapeake, VA USA -

Hi Johnny, A few quiet moments and a machine that works, allowed me time to read your accounts of travels to Australia. Agreed with you about the treasures from the dolphins. Wonderful animals. You are very smart to take the time to write journals of your travels. Something I have never done and should have. This is all for now - best wishes to you for the holidays, from Tante Susie.
Susanne Walker <>
Mannheim,, Germany -

Top beauty photos,a mis-smelt youth.
Al <>
London, uk -


Hi there! Hugs and kisses, to you both.
Andrea <>
Arcadia, CA USA -

I am sure you have a great web site, but I do not appreciate the way you downgrade Gemini women! I am a Gemini and sure we have split personalties but some of us can control them. I am sure there are a-lot of evil geminis out there but not all of us are. I have worked real hard on my personality and can control all of that jumping fron one person to the next kinda thing. I just think your home page is distasteful. I bet your a Capricorn! Barbie
Barbie <>
Park Hill, OK USA -

Only had the computer a 'coupla days'and stumbled onto your site and enjoyed it. I have just returned from a 14 week visit to North America and had a great time. Dissapointed I couldn't use my New York Telephone Change Cards I puchased a long time ago. I am interested to here from anyone wanting 'old Australian' mint & used cards.
Ashley <>
Adelaide, SA Australia -

Hello! I am a 21 year old student from Norway, searching for other Johnny's around the world...You are one of my first hits.
Johnny H. <>
Molde, Norway -

My name is danny, i think your site is funny. when i was in school, i usually ate hot dogs and had drinks. my bottom hurts!
Danny Fred Chambers
brooklyn, ny USA -

Hi Johnny. I realized that all this time I have been using you (what would Jantina say!) for your humor and never paying you back by one measly little comment in your guestbook (however it doesn't look like you've been lacking the attention you crave) :-) I hope you get some really good cards for the fire patches. I hope your reunion with your stuffed animals was worth leaving so soon. Have a good day! :-) -Ange
Angela Martin <>
Eureka, Ca USA -

Hi Johnny, I must say that It was a pleasure swapping phonecards with you just as it was fun looking through your site. First time I have been through a site with such combination of topics. Great work!! I look forward to another swap.
Terrance Charles <>
San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago -

OI! Japan-frustrated friend you. Been awhile and thought it best to piss in your corner once again. I'll keep my eye's peeled for SExy P. knick knacks. Peace, Love and photographable stool - Yang and double Yang!! - Ian M.
Ian Meyskens <>
Ashiya, Japan -

Okay, you were right, you could spend a century or so on your site. Very, Very impressive. :) Have you ever thought of publishing your memoirs ? Maybe something well worth looking into. Okay, time to get back to the "Real World" but will be back again soon to check out more of your adventures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:("Kimberly Gremo <>
Elgin , IL USA -

Hi Johnny, I am glad that you are keeping a site like this. It helps give back some of the power that large companies so often take away from us. I just recently have had a terrible relationship with Citibank Visa out of Nevada. To make a very long story very short, I got screwed, and now my credit might be damaged as a result. Do they care? NO!! What choices do we have? We have to pay. If it means we wait for weeks on end for a stupid computer part, or if it means that we pay money that we don't really owe....we don't have too many choices. However, one of our choices is to make sites like this, where small voices can hopefully make a big noise. As customers, we should not be held responsible for the incomentency of large companies, or small ones for that matter (even though the big guys think they can get away with a lot more). Thanks, Johnny, for putting this together. I think it at least makes people feel a little bit better about their crappy run-ins with big time corporations. Thanks, Rich Williams
Rich Williams <>
Champaign, IL USA -

Fireman French ! I will trade { 10 } French Phonecards against { 1 } Fire Department patch your Country ! Let me know.

well suppose I have to write something any idea..
Costas Voliotis <>
Athens, Greece -

what a trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anand thakral <>
vancouver, BC canada -

i myself have been treated in a disrespectful manner by the police. in my area there are 5 police to evey person and absolutley no cimes!!!!that is all they can do to feel BIG AND POWERFUL i presume...they went as far as telling me i had no rights!!!!They took the responsibility of REVOKING MY PRIVILEGES TO MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.BULLSHIT...I THINK SO!!!!i appreciate hearing other people have problems such as i do.if it is also LEGAL for them to put me up against a car with a gun to my back than i guess i haven't been e-mail is under this.If i could get a response i would love to hear from someone who knows a little more about these situations!!!! thanks for the time, theresa dilley
theresa dilley <>
hayden lake, id USA -

Hi Johnny! Great web site, love your newspaper titles and your dream page. Also, your photography is GORGEOUS! Thanks!
whole foods Rita <>
Pasadena, CA USA -

Hi thanks for the mail. We are all still well. Still waiting for you to have another go at that chinese restaurant. Hear from you soon. Regards the 3 SLOTHS.
The 3 Sloths <>
Malvern, Victoria Australia -

RIAA "Never Mind The Bollocks...." Gold Record. I know you'll really dig this piece, Johnny! I'm positive it's going to a good home- CHEERS!!!!
Jim Santa <>
San Jose, CA USA -

Hey Johnny, i just had a look through your site, i really dug it, i started out my life as a drummer playing in a punk band in sydney in 1981 called the kelpies and am still playing in bands.
Ashley Thomson <>
Sydney, NSW Australia -

Hey Johnny, COMPUSA sucks. I read the letter as well as the first one. The service in some places really stinks. I've been getting the run around from Sears lately. I'm about to right to their CEO to give them a piece of my mind. It takes alot to get me stirred up but they did. I'll tell you the story later. Your friend, Andrew Boshears
Andrew Boshears <>
pasadena, ca USA -

I don't think the CompUSA story is a story for San Diego -- You are a little far north for us. I liked reading your Sex Pistols story, however. Kevin Cox, News 8
Kevin Cox <>
San Diego, CA USA -


Hey Johnny, keep up the good work.Tell Jantina hello for me and I hope she kicks comp usa ass.
Tera <>
Eureka, ca USA -

Hi. . . it's me again. just read the CompUSA letter. . . well they certainly lost a lot of business didn't they???? I can't believe they don't even have the decency to offer you anything besides a stupid 4 line letter. Oh well, their loss. Hope you two are doing good. . . the web page still looks awesome. Miss you lots. . .
Liz <>
Eureka, Ca USA -

Don't lose your passion for persuing what is right. It is a characteristic that is quickly becoming an endangered species. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Todd Adamson <>
Glendora, CA USA -

Thanks Johnny for first swap. I hope not last.My symphaty to you and Sex Pistols fans, they where really cool and crazy.
Audrius Dosinas <>
Lithuania -

Hi Johnny, glad we met on the web to exchange some phonecards :-)
Andrea Reischl
Vienna, Austria -

Thank you so much for helping me get my story about CompUSA out and about this wonderful world of informed consumers. I urge everyone who reads this site to PLEASE BOYCOTT COMPUSA! There are plenty of great Computer stores out there that offer great products as well as something the "superstores" have forgotten about; Customer Service! I'll get off my soapbox...Now, about all the wives who love your sight so much....
jantina <>
Monrovia, CA USA -

Your web page is pretty mad but im a smoker and I dislike what you say about them because im one of the nicest people you could meet so there
Natalie Moran <I havent got one>
coventry, england -

Hi Jantina and Johnnyboy. Hope all is well by you. Have a nice summer. Regards your friend Jorn
Jorn Colding <>
Kolding, Denmark -

My wife loves your homepage well done !

Dear Johnny My wife loves your homepage - well done! Especially enjoyed your excerpts on Australia. Hope you enjoy collecting phone cards as much as I do, especially Caribbean cards are they are very colourful. Lots of luck and success with your card collecting. Bill & Marlene Rankin, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
ST. MAARTEN, D.W.I. Netherlands Antilles -

Thanks for swapping your phone cards with me.. They are lovely ... and ... you are really a very cool guy !!
Ronnie Wan <>
Kajang, Sel Malaysia -

What a trip ! You remind me , of "the old me". Let's get some swaps going man ! Bish
Bish & Carolyn Clark Craig <>
Houston, TX USA -

I hope you continue to find a place to give your passion for life. Doug
The Rev. Douglas Guthery Edwards <>
Temple City, CA USA -

This is a great selection of pictures. Johnny, you have a great artistic style to your photos. Ansel Adams ain't got nothin' on you! Great job!
Dina Parker
Seattle, WA USA -

Very interesting site indeed! Keep up the good work! Will definitely be back to read the rest of your site when time permits. Man, I like your lifestyle.
Yew Yee Chuah <>
Singapore -

Hey man this is the first time I ran across this site and all I can say is i loved you letters on SMOKING, I agree with you! People that smoke really piss me off also. Keep em comming
Charles <>
Alexandria, LA USA -

Hi Johnny, nice website you have and thanks for swapping with me.
Martin Honingh <toekomst@xs4all>
Amsterdam, The Netherlands -

It was a very nice expirience to swap with you. Perhaps untill un other time ?
Dearest greetings.

Johan Fransen <>
Helmond, Netherlands -

Hi Johnny. COOL homepage hope to hear from you verry soon. Danny
De Cock Danny <>
Bekkerzeel, Belgium -

I'd like to take this opportunity to say "Happy phonecards swapping with you." I'm waiting for the next swap. Every day, every time always PHONE CARDS. See ya.................. Regards, Ida.
Ida Sundari <>
Jakarta, Indonesia -

Your page is ........coolllllllllllllllllllll Johnnyyyyy. Hey Jhonny man, Greetings from CYPRUS. From where??........You tell them Jhohnny... Take care of your self and be cool. STEFANOS
Stefanos Christodoulides <>
Larnaca, Cyprus -

Hi again, I'm baching as Ann and Fonda are on holls in UK. Best wishes, John.
John Wellard <>
Australia -

Hi Johnny! I figured I'd sign the guest book since I"ve been here so many times and never had. Well, E-Mail me K? Love, Riot Girl (Kelly) "OI to the punks OI to the skins OI to the world and everybody in it, OI OI!"
Riot Girl (Kelly) <>
Blaine, WA USA -

Hard site ("krutaya stranitsa" - russian slang) with the diverse information. Well, what Johnny-boy, the reliable partner in phonecards swap.
Sergej <>
Klaipeda, Lithuania -

It is a good experience to swap with you.Please let me know when you would like to swap again.
Hsiao Yu-kang <>
Pingtung, Taiwan -

The newspaper headlines and the sayings you made are quite down to Earth. I stopped collecting a long time ago, just wanted to keep in touch with a great person on the web. Hope you have a great one. P.S. Your page rules!! Keep in touch -MiKe
Mike.D.Man <>
Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

What can I say? I am speechless!!!!
Maroula <>
Patra, Greece -

Heeeeelllllloooooo Jooohhhnnnnyyy, Nice pictures have I see. It was great. I hope you get the photokopie soon. Greetings Terry
Terry van der Roest <>
Almere, Netherlands -

Wow! Definitely a huge site. Never thought it possible to meet another EXPLOITED-fan when swapping telecards. Great pics, hope you'll get your cards soon... Bye bye from Holland, Harumi
Harumi Nihei <>
Voorschoten, Netherlands -

What is it all about? Finally, touched your web! Only contact this machine about once every two weeks. Happy Easter from Germany.
Susanne Phipps <>
Mannheim, Germany -

Johnny and Jantina, We managed to get to the library and see your 17 pages of photos yesterday, at last. It is much faster there. The photos are very nice, must have taken you ages. You asked if we saw any errors, it is Boab tree not Koab tree, but that was all we spotted, well done. Best wishes, John & Ann.
John & Ann Wellard <>
Casuarina, Northern Territory Australia -

Nice to see some photos of you at last! Rather a long time since we last saw you- some 18 years ago. Keep up the good work. Regards, Florence and Brian
brian and Florence King <>
boynyon Beach, FL USA -

Hey Johhny, Great site. Interesting combo of info! thanks, Pete
Peter Novak <>

Keep up the good work on "analysing" companies. Someone needs to keep everyone a little accountable for their customer service. I am sorry we are unable to help you with your pre-paid cards but maybe one day you'll consider us for your long distance company? .11 ?/min to the UK........ I'll be checking your pages now and then - maybe learn a little about how NOT to treat potential customers. Daniel Forslund. Co-owner of Affinity Telecom Int'l 1-888-988-9024 1-909-795-3195
Daniel Forslund <>
Calimesa, CA USA -

Hi Johnny, One of the better sites I've visited in a long time. Keep it up. Wish you all success. Warm regards, Cowas.
Cowas D. Bajan. <>
Dubai, U.A.E. -

Hi Johnny, I have visited your homepage. Great, I liked sex pistols also. About phonecards, I read some list of yours, but must check more. I am working now at the late night and will go to sleep. Will you accept Lithuanian cards in return ? Audrius
Audrius Dosinas <>
Lithuania -

I am looked your homepage. I think it is big work doing that great homepage. All your photos are interesting. As I know english very bad ,I read only little your text. Bye-bye, Avo
Avo Randma <>
Tallinn, Estonia -

Hey, I figured I haven't visited in a while. No problem.


Oi! Oi! Oi!


Linda <>
Blaine, WA USA -

Hi Johnny, thank for oure first card swap. With your pictures of Amsterdam, you have show the world, that we don't walk on wooden shoes, and, don't live in windmills. But, not everyone live's, in streets and after doors as on the pictures.(some) After oure mails,I feel friendship. Take care Louis
Louis Metselaar <>
Schiedam, Nederland -

It's always a pleasure to roam around your adventures as well as starting some of our own. Here's 2years of loving you and several lifetimes more!
jantina <>
Monrovia, CA USA -

Your web site always puts a little button on my day! Well, I'm off to call that RCP or whatever company it was....
Kimberly <>
Arcata, CA USA -

Just wanted to say "HI" I haven't seen you in a long time, so I decided to check out your website. I hope everything is going well. I am going to Spain in a few months so I will have to send you a few pics from there. -E
Emily Jablonski <>
Ypsilanti,, Mi USA -

Don't you know the way to get to the president? You need to be only two things. An intern and a big mouth. (Hence the term big mouth used in both ways - vocal and penal) You never cease to make me laugh, think and recollect. Love ya, toots. By the way, liked your hair spiked rather than randy as it is now.
Stacey <>
sacramento, ca USA -

Nice homepage.......Bravo. Greetings from Switzerland.
Azmi Noormohamed <noormohamed@geocities>
Vevey, VD Switzerland -

Wow Johnny, regarding your latest on pathetic people, I think these people are attracted to you. Hahaha. You could always try looking up this company in Dunn & Bradstreet. They should have some information on who is controlling the beans. If that doesn't work, they've got to have a registered business license in the city the do business in and that information is public domaine. Happy fishing. L,M&K
Surfer <>

Hi guys:) Just wanted to check in, say hi, and give my love to you both. Webpage still looks great, Johnny! I hope you two are doing well, I miss you both very much! I'll be home on March 12, can't wait to see ya! Take care of yourselves and see you soon. . .Liz
Liz <>
Arcata, Ca USA -

Hey Johnny- I especially like the quotes page. Is there any way you could reveal some of the people behind the messages? I guess that could be dangerous....Dana
Dana Papke <>
Arcata, CA USA -

Heeeeey Johnny. I am glad to finally be able to post an entry. Nice site. A wide variety for sure. Did your guitar playing do that to your hair? Very cool. I am not going to be a smart a*s here, promise. I will come back and make another entry soon. I want to go through your site some more. Was that you laying on the groung by the car or did you take the picture? Oh, and you really should not be so shy when stating your opinion. Don't beat around the bush just come out and say how you feel okay!!!
Lee Grove <>
Orlando, FL USA -

Hello Johnny, Here is the Dutchman from the GSM-cards. Give me your date of birth and I tell you, what you was in your past life and tell you which sign you have to learn in this life. Greetings from Holland, Jacques
Jacques Paternotte <>
Akersloot, nh Holland -

Well Johnnyboy, I too am a prisoner of GTE and the shitty service, attitude and generally charging you through the nose for anything and everything. I can't wait to have some options. Hell, I've been waiting for voicemail for 7 months now, they get it, and don't even mail me anything. The latest thing is they want to charge us per call because they extended the free calling area. Big whup! What's free about that? I can't wait until digital, satellite, one # service is affordable. Bye-bye three phone bills. Take care buddy.
Surfer <>
Blaine, WA USA -

Hey Johnny! Cool webpage. Maybe we can swap some other time. If you are interested in other cards, just email me. Regards, Jacob!!
Jacob Ezrakhovich <>
Sydney, Australia -

John: Get a life--pu-leeeze. Good luck and all the best.
thomas hobbes <>
Washington, DC USA -

Hello Johnny, I hope you get the phonecards I sent you from New Zealand soon. When you have time, pleae visit my web site and view all the great cards that Telecom New Zealand have produced featuring such collectables as Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Looney Tunes, Elvis, McDonalds, Coa Cola, penguins and whales, Peanuts and many other fantastic themes. All at
David Levin <>
Auckland, AK New Zealand -

WOW!! Finally visited you Johnny, pictures are great! Bought back some lovely memories! It's great to see your wedding pictures you both look very happy. Keep up the good work and i'll visit again for sure! lots of love and luck to you.XXXXX Fran XXXXX
Frances Kilpatrick <>
Southend-on-Sea, Essex. England -

Hi Johnny, that's great! I am very glad to become your web friend and I hope to swap many cards with you...and not only!! Your photos are wonderful and I am really jelous that you ahve travelled around the World. Bye, Andrea
Andrea La Corte <>
Roma, Italy -

Hi Johnny. It`s been a great pleasure looking at your site. We hope to swap a lot of cards with you .
Inger Jensen & Preben Bech <>

Johnny it was great to swap phone cards with you. Hope that we can do it again. Steve.
Lau Shing Wai < >
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong -

Hi this is Claire and Sue Buckingham has hijacked me to send you this message. She just wants to say "she'll stick to airmail in future, its far easier." See Ya. Claire & Sue xxxx
London, England -

Dear friend Johnny, I have already received the phonecards you sent me. Thanks for them. You have a great site. Yours, Faisal.
Faisal Saeed Al- Habsi <>
Oman -

eggs are damned good, man,the i.r.a were raised on eggs and oats tis' the reason the brits were kicked outta the 26 counties and the reason they want to stay in the last six.....what??????? bollocks. radio jugoslavia and radio b92 are the dope see ya john-o.richard and the rugrats
richard'anarchyhead'wilson <>
Eureka, CA USA -

I like very much your photos together on marriage day, and you with your mum. You chose a beautifull place to pass that great day.
Cloud <>
Rimini, Italy -

I have to say the spiked hair was far better than what you have now considered...?? I loved the photo's there were a few places I would still like to go and a few I have been to that brought back so good memories. I think I may have to go out and buy a Pentax camera for my next trip...maybe two just incase you need to borrow one. Have you checked thier stock lately? Just kidding Love Uncle Brian
Brian Kinley <>
Carlsbad, CA USA -

Johnny&Jantina. Hope to see you both on the 13th. If you need my help for the programs don't page (just kidding) Congrates on the new place. Love Uncle Brian
Brian Kinley <>
Carlsbad, CA USA -

Hi Johnny. I hope you like the cards which I sent from Cyprus, I look forward to receiving your cards soon. I hope that we swap again in the near future. Thanks

well well Johnny, what can i say? U'VE GOT ONE HELLUVA COOL homepage!!! u're a very generous man to share your experiences, hopes and expectations with the net community.....and your pictures are great too!! come to Malaysia and i'll be happy to play host to u and your family!!!! KUDOS TO ONE GREAT GUY!!
Puiyee Liew <>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -

Hi Johnny!I hope you enjoy my hungarian cards and we can swap many many times in the future. All the best from Hungary. Laszlo
Laszlo <>
Szentgotthard, Hungary -

Hi Johnny. Had a quick look at part of your site. Impressed with what I did see. Regards Laurie.
Laurie <>
Ashmore, Queensland Australia -

Stopped by your site about Gemini Wow, what a site! I hate to say it but even though I'm a gemini I found your page about gemini's rather funny. Well except for a few things that is. I don't come from incest but I do get upset to put it mildly when I don't get my nicotine lol. Oh well everyone's entitled to their own opinions even if you want to down us gemini's lol. Talk to you later Paula
Paula <>
Springdale, AR USA -

Finally made the time to check the site out. EXCELLENT. Enjoyed Pathetic People. Come over to Cyprus,live here for a year and publish a book entitled: Pathetic Nation, a step by step guide to insanity. I realy enjoyed the site, I'll be back. All the best, Andreas
andreas izamis <>
Nicosia, Cyprus -

Cool site. It was nice to finally see what the other Jantina looks like. Anyway, at my age, who can remember all that?
Jantina Haspels <>
Parker, AZ USA -

I was looking through your pages (again), (I love your site- I laugh a lot.) I just want to let people know that im alive and want to swap? That would be really cool knowing my name is hanging around in there... Talk to you later gator!
????? Adena Levine <>
Zion, Israel -

"heeeeey johnny!!!" Hey man, i'm digging your site! Not quite sure of what to make of the phone card thing, but I used to keep all my empty diet coke cans (which numbered around 50 before I recycled them!) so I can relate...See you at work.
Garrett <>
San Gabriel, CA USA -

At last I've found your web site. Great stuff Johnny. I'm off to Italy until Jan 4 and will contact you when I return to London. All the best, Fausto.
Fausto Sciarappa
London, England -

Just checking...Here I am, at last, signing your guestbook. I told you I would...Later.
Armando Beltran <>
Mexico -

Hi Johnny, signing in as asked - most of this stuff goes right over my head. Thanks for swapping. See ya. Pete.
Pete <>
Bradford, England -

Awesome pictures Johnny! I especially like the ones of the sunsets. It was good seeing you down here. Take care and keep up the good job on the webpage. Liz
Liz McNevin <>
Temple City, Ca USA -

hi uncle Johnny! this is the revenge of the gemini women! yes, i was born june 8th and im proud of it! its fun being crazy, strange, happy, sad, lovable and hateful! anyway, you wont get bord with a gemini broad, thats for sure... i loved your site, especialy the pathetic people- you should have been writing for seinfeld! (yes, we get seinfeld- we dont only have camels.) your not so young after all. did you see jumping jack flash or whats your lame excuse? love your hair! adena.
????? Adena Levine <>
Zion, Israel -

Hi Johnny. I'm realy glad to know you. You are a very nice guy and have a lot of pretty phonecards to. Hope to swap with you again many times. Kind regards from a friend in Denmark.
jorn colding <>
Kolding, Denmark -

johnny, your new crop of photos are amazing. i reconize many of them from the hours i spent poring over your punk pic collection. kudos to your new and improved site; i'll be sure to comeback when i can spend more time. love you, love jantina...see you on turkey day!
tabitha orlando <>
los angeles, ca USA -

Hi Johnny! Beer is nice, aswell as phonecards. Nice swaping with you. Anders
Anders Forsell <>
Fellingsbro, Sweden -

Hi Johnny. I collect cards world wide, and I love cards from USA and Canada.
Joern Colding <>
Kolding, Denmark -

So far, your website is extremely interesting. In fact, interesting enough for me to come back and check the rest out. Thanks for telling me about it!!!!!
Kelly Risa <>
Covina, CA USA -

Hey there Johnny! Nice pics I liked them a lot. You have a very interesting site here with plenty of things to look at and read. I read the police story. Thats a scary thing to happen to anyone. Its wierd that it happend in our own hood. It makes me feel lucky that nothing happened when we got cought about to smoke out in front of the local school by the sheriff and she let us go with only an ID check. Good shit you made it through OK. Take it easy. See ya soon.
Rich Kneeling <>
San Gabriel, CA USA -

Wow, what a difference. You truly have something very special to share with the rest of the world. However, I am very glad that you decided to share your life with me. I'm blessed.
jantina <>
Temple City, CA USA -

Peace, remember police live their lives with guns, they make a living with a gun, and will ultimately face death with a gun.
Tully <>
Arcata, CA USA -

Thanks for swapping cards. Anybody out there interested in exchanging phonecards? E-mail me. And Johnny, nice of u to share this website with your wife in the Wedding photos...
Tan Chia Chee <>
Kuala Lumpur, WP Malaysia -

Your photos at the wedding are lovely. You both are very nice. Amazing how you guy did manage to copy the face of your mom. At least in the photo you look like the male and female versions of the same face. Jantina, the same lovely angel as she uses to be in all the photos I've seen. You -- who's this shy young boy ?! Were you deeply in emotion ? Don't worry, the first year is a short one! Love to you and your family, Always yours, Emil.
Emil Voiculescu <>
Cluj, RO-3400 , Romania, Europe -

dear johnny, i just had alook round your site and at the wedding pics.let me know when the rest are ready congratulations and speak to you soon. russell guest
russell guest <>
southend, essex, england

fiat yod!
tim and wendy propst <>
arcata, ca USA -

Hey, I looked at the pics that I had snt you last night, they look good. If there is any more problems like that thumb nail problem email me the pics or the typ and I will fix that OK. Love Brian
Brian Kinley <>
Carlsbad, CA USA -

Hehe, read the story about the cattle club morons. I had a bullshit similar experience at the bear (or something like that) in Chico. that time, it was because of my long hair. Bastards! Let them eat metal.
Nick Avlonitis <Nick.Avlonitis@GSC.GTE.Com>
San Jose, CA USA -

hey hey johnny. good looking page and guestbook. keep up the great work, lots of interesting stuff that i can spend hours looking at. just increasing the guestbook and enjoying every minute of it. enjoy everyone everywhere.
Sean Pauly <>
Manhattan Beach , Ca USA -

Johnny, and everyone asking for the pics of the wedding, I am working on them now and hope to have them finished next week. That is if time allows. Sorry for the delay but you must not rush an artist!! Just kidding.
Brian Kinley <>

Hi, Johnny, Your site is very nice. I like swapping phonecards with you. Especially your chip cards. Well i want to swap with you again. Thanks
Mieke, Indonesia <>
Surabaya, Indonesia -

Congratulation to your good Homepage. Also swap with you is verry fair. Goodby and happy collecting.
Rolf Wichtermann Rolf Wichtermann <>
Basel, Switzerland -

Thanks! Hello my friend! Looking forward to trading with your more! Great web site!!
Debbie Delahanty <>
Hilton Head Island, SC USA -

I am not offended by your anti-smoking bullshit, however I find it very sad that you have so much free time on your hands that you have to rant and rave about other people's habits. I think people like you are pathetic assholes, although I will not waste my time incorporating a dissertation about it into my own webpage. Breathe deep, baby. There will always be smokers. Suck it up and move on--and do something more productive with your sorry little life. You also have no business using such filthy language in something that can be easily accessed by children, especially because you claim to be so interested in their welfare. p.s. I was in Disney World last month and I do not feelguilty for smoking. There is no non-smoking section in the great outdoors, and I take full advantage of it whenever I can. Bite my smoking ass.
pretty little smoker,
Itty Bitty Jenny <>
Poughkeepsie, NY USA -

Wow, what a bash to gemini women! I'm a gemini woman and don't remember being all that, hmm maybe all of us aren't that bad. Well you've got the right to have your own opinion, so I won't hold it against you to much. Surprised that you took the time to stop in and sign the guestbook of a gemini woman though, might be bad for you. lol Anyway, thanks for stopping into my site and signing the guestbook.
Paula <>

I would like to wish you all the best in the years to come, and hope that the scores of smokers in the world dwindles to the point where we all can breathe a bit better and not have to wash our clothes whever we come within too close proximity. Your mother is a real kick in the pants.
Ken Vudmaska <>
Burbank, CA USA -

Hi Johnny, my brother John, just sent me this url, for 2 reasons:
A. I hate smokers with a passion
B. I have an apartment filled with parrots
C. My husband hates smokers more than I do
D. Canada is about to pass some serious no-smoking laws

You just seemed like the logical next url on my list.

Susan-Jillian Smith <>
Toronto, ON Canada -

You use profanity like a sailor even though you said, "Yes, I'm aware that most of you who smoke think you've got every Tom, Dick and Harry against you for some reason or other and that's your trip. But come on, a theme park for kids, for God sake? This is a place that some youngsters from all over the world wait years to visit." when referring do smokers' behavior in Disneyland. I am an ex-smoker and I do not feel as strongly as you do. Also, I understand that the internet is a place that may be visited by children and profanity is avoidable. Do you add profanity to your site for shock factor? If we can overlook your face, vulgar personality and outlandish hair style, then certainly you can overlook smokers.
Ted <>

Hi Johnny! I found it, I found it (now hopefully I remember were you put it!)... hehehhe... :) I'm so glad you're anti-smoking; yeah!!! You know what I do? When someone smokes in my vicinity in a public place, I just say a bit louder than normal: "someone's on fire!"... heeeh... :) :) :) I too don't understand how people can subject their kids and pets to the horrors of lung-pollution, making them suffer. How damned selfish of them... But, ummm... didn't you used to umm... ...? Regarding the police thing. I think that a lot of police officers either have a quota, are just damned prejudice or are getting even with the public for something... sorry what happened... A bunch of my friends go pulled over once cause they think that the cops were suspicious cause they have longish hair and beards... I found the photo gallery at last; thank goodness for cable modem!!! I love looking at pictures! J I looked at all your pictures... and then I ran out of them; you only have 6 pages! :) I love looking at pictures... :) I wonder about what the people are thinking and if they look like the person next to them, etc... :) Lata, Tammy
Tammy <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

My good friend Johnny, I continue waiting for your cards!! I visited your homepage. Very nice, your photo collection. You is an artist
Dr.Rogerio Alvarenga <>
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -

Interesting page! Hi there, Greeting from Korea, Aisa. I like your photo at first page. It made me comfortable. =) I'm interesting in your call cards... Unfortunately, I don't have any call cards for swapping... When I get some duplicate, I'll tell you... Happy Collection!
Hyeju <>
Korea -

Hiya Johnny, Great trading phone cards with you! Hope we can trade again soon.
Ginger <>
Tx USA -

Hans Lovgren Nielsen <>
4760 Vordingborg, Denmark -

Thank you for letting me do the work, if I can help you out again, please do not hesitate to call me. Have a nice wedding, I wish you the best!
Vern Hauser <>
Brandon, SD USA -

Loved your site....sorry about the cop thing.

Steve Keiger <>

Hi, Johnny, just send cards to you. Looking forward to have some nice swaps with you. You really got many friends," keep going..."
Hans Lovgren Nielsen <>
4760 Vordingborg, DENMARK -

Hi, I'm still laughing on your headlines! Nice stuff! Would you like me to help you out with jokes? I was the editor of the school's joke forum.
Peter Novak <>

I too was a Sex Pistols fan. Good luck with the site building.
Michelle Huntley <>

Johneeeeeee!!!! Finally going domestic...who'da thought. Next, I imagine, you'll be cutting your hair and getting a desk job. HAAAAA!!! Best wishes, love and kisses to you and the missus. See ya at the wedding. By the way, would you like the rice wet or dry. I'm thinking perhaps Spanish. ;-)

Chuck <>
Hoopa, CA USA -

Fun site!

I am glad to have swapped phonecards with you. It would be a pleasure to continue swapping phonecards between us, if you want to.
Miguel_Angel_Mart?nez_Cerme?o <>
Victoria, Spain -

Good luck!
Weird Web World

Congadulation on you'r wedding. We love you Johnny sorry it took so long to sign the guessed.We both have looked through you'r Web Site and Larry & I thought that it was really kool.
Larry & Linda Till <>
Vancouver, WA USA -

Hi! I can not resist your site!!!!!
And I will do my best for your collecting.


Luv Dem Bumpa Stickas! I like your website, I don't do punk, but I loved those bumper stickers; my boyfriend and I had great fun with those!. :) Come see my website too, when you can: Thanks! Tammy (the Bostonian in California)
Tammy <>

So I read your web page...I love the angst your father had over the whole Pentax fiasco...complete hilarity and I could really feel his pain! You really have come a long way baby and now what is this I're getting married!??! CONGRATULATIONS! I understand Ian is going to try and get down there...I may tag along with the fella unless you say sure would be great to see you!!
Liz Barnes <c/o>
Sebastopol, CA USA -

Wow I finally made it. I don't know how, but i made it. Well my friend i am proud of you. love brent
Brent Emmons <>
santa cruz, Catch USA -

I love your website. It is filled with so many wonderful and interesting things. Its been rad getting to know you better. You are a very fun loving and exciting guy. Time with you is most definitely not a bore. There seems to be and endless supply of new and interesting going on in that great mind of yours. Keep up this good site and email with some adventurous stories.
Rich Weasel <>
San Gabriel, CA USA -

Around the world in 2-1/2 yrs., through three computers and about ten different addresses, i've made it to your site. It's been a few years now since I met you with a broken neck on a Southbound Amtrak train in February of '93 I believe we still have a date for Africa you know....Love you man, your mate, Ian
Prismkid a.k.a Ian Meyskens <>
Cesspool, CA USA -

It was just by sheer accident that I stumbled upon your website. I was searching for "newspaper headlines" and your site came up. That was my reward. I am still laughing. About the Pentax, I am a Leica owner and I have a firm respect for the old Spotmatic SLR from the early '60s. That, unfortunately, was the last Pentax that was in any way dependable. Otherwise, they are shoddy and far too light to take seriously. The ME was so light that it nearly leapt out of your hands when the mirror went up. Your page on smoking was great, too. Unfortunately, in Canada the youth are suckered into this crappy habit. I can understand older people smoking...they started before the dangers were revealed. But twenty-five year olds have no excuse. I am bewildered. Once more thank you for your great website. I have e-mailed some friends to tell them about your site. Thanks! Yours, John Smith
John Smith <>
Toronto, ON Canada -

Hi Johnny, well I eventually made it to you Guest Book. I Read you account of your trip around Australia and it brought back many memories. I only live in a small city of 350 000 come 750 000 at peak holiday periods and I can honestly say that I would only se a cop/Patrol car once or twice a week. We still read about similar experiences as yours in the newspaper. Must be the lucky country.
Laurie <>
City of Gold Coast, Qld Australia -

Ok, you win. I guess I didn't spend enough time on your site the first time around. I went back this morning and to the HOME PAGE, and guess what? you have pictures! I saw Loki; Paulies Doggie, and Jantina. I know where to go if I need info on the Sex Pistols. Have a goods day and I'm sure we'll talk again. see ya, Rob.
Rob Lincoln <>
Forestville, CA USA -

Hiyas you two. well i read ur police story again and i know u are angered by waht happened. we all have our moments with men of badges i just cant relay any of mine.hehe i would like to say not all cops ar pricks out to scare the average pwerson. some just use the badge as thier personal way of being the boig tuff guy that they usually arent. I hope that u feel better since writing about it and that this doesnt happen again. Remind me to tell ya of my story in venzuela sometime now that was a cop story. :) hope this finds you both well and happy take care hugs Cathey
Cathey <>
houston, tx USA -

You sweetie. I came in from a cowboy bar and read your quotes page. There was a definite poetic symmetry to the whole experience. Especially when I saw the quote about how "I knew Brian was into S&M because I saw Julie afterward and she looked like she lost a bar fight." Love you both, Julie.
Julie Pinney <>
Oceanside, CA USA -

I`m not a writer, and I made a lot of mistakes. I hope you understand what I`m writing about. I was visited your Home Page. I was PUNK some years ago. That all information about something what was ( is ) part of my life are always welcome. I can`t say about me that I`m still PUNK but I`m still listening hard music , I`m not voting , I`m anarchist and anti-Fascist . I`m waiting for cards from you . Best regards ! Wojtek
Wojtek Dominczak <>
Piastow, Poland -

I tried "Yader," "Yoder," I tried it without "wattie," with "wattie" but no "com," with "castles" and without "castles,"...and many more! But it was our star wars fiend and I finally broke into your page!! Glad to be here finally. Guest number 1458 it is! Some great pages I have noticed already... will take more time to look at my leisure. Cheers to you and Jantina. Speak to you soon(!)
Mike Spence <>

Hello there Johnny! I'm your worst nightmare. A GEMINI WOMAN! That's about all I have to say, I don't go out of my way to insult anyone from any reason. But hey, that's just me.
Michelle <>
Canada -

Headlines! Caused me to giggle - keep up the good work!
Pornohound Staff <>

Hello Johnny! Congratulations are in order to you and your bride. Your web sight looks great! Hope you have a fun week! Sincerely, Christopher Jones.
Christopher Jones <Hogget7@Yahoo.Com >
Arcata, CA USA -

Another gemini quote to add! A Gemini without her meds is like the tasmanian devil trapped inside a vegetarian commune. Insane! I should know, I dated one and *was* married to another! Thanks for putting Gemini quotes on your page! I was laughing my ass off! You may like my page. The quickjump page is:
Arie Vandenberg <>

What do you mean Barqs has bite, Johnny
Jax <>
city of champions, C A N A D A -

Hey Johnny, this is Willie Wheeler (Chester P. S'groi's friend). I met you at Humboldt State University. I was just checking out your page and I think that it's great. I would like to see a piece dedicated to people who tailgate on the freeway.
Willie Wheeler <>
La Jolla, CA USA -

Hello from Colorado. See you in September!!! or possibly sooner. New mailing address is: 1807 Lydia Dr. Lafayette, Co. 80026.
Kathie, Cory & Karen <FastNFun@N-Gate.Com>
Col. Spgs., CO USA -

It's about damn time, aye? Heya Johnny! It's about time we made a stop on your page! We're gonna spend some time checkin' it out now . . . . .
Larry and Linda Till <>
Vancouver, WA USA -

This is a good page. I think I'll add a bookmark.
Straightbudda <>
Pana, IL USA -

Johnny, Looks good to me. It is amusing you call me Sir. Never to old to Rock 'n Roll. Personal favorite - Megadeth Vince
Vince <>
Seattle, WA USA -

Mr.Johnny, Wat up??? Remember me? I'm the freak that hangs out with Pauly Brown. You know, the crazy guy that used to show up with all the beer. I recall you & I spending a bit of time in my home in Forestville. Remember? I'm sure you do... Anyway, send me a note sometime to let me know what your up to along with a bit about your new bride. Take it easy,
Rob Lincoln <>
(707) 887-1409
rob lincoln <> forestville, ca usa -

Great site! I spent a good deal of time reading some of your interesting articles. It was also neat to see all of the people from around the world who have visited. For all those phonecard collectors out there who have problems with other languages, try You can translate may different languages.
Joe Moschella <>
Brookfield, WI USA -

To John Markus Anderson,
You are an example of the Human Race. You are an example of what our "Society" should believe in your way of understanding, morals, and your basic structure of "PRINCIPALS", are something to be admired. As well as being an example of what "we" the Human Race should look up to as well as try and duplicate. If "we" could accomplish this our world would be such a better place to exist in. From the bottom of my heart what ever our paths confront us with, and what ever direction we decide to explore, I will never let your inspiration die within me.... I Love Johnny.
your sole brother Pauli Diaz. Ciao

Pauli Brown <>
Santa Rosa, Ca USA -

Hey Johnny, well here I am - FINALLY. Glad the cards arrived after 3 months, the wonderful USPS--what would we do without it? Live long and prosper, Monique
Sangerville, ME USA -

Johnny, I'm extremely tired but I sincerely wanted to see your outrageous website. Karen

Sorry for dealy. Thanks for your phonecards. Your site is very nice. Bye.
Paola & Marco <>

Hello Johnny, I am glad I have seen your picture on your site. Now I know something more about you and the person I am swapping phonecards with. It's nice to have a reliable phonecard swapper overthere.
Jan Hugo Wierenga <>
Heerhugowaard, Holland -

Hy, I Love your WWW Page. Please, don?t Stop Collecting phonecards. Best Regards Pedro
Pedro Taborda <>
Lisboa, Portugal -

Fine business you've done with your home page.
I'm really impressed to read so many messages coming from all around the world.
All the best from France

Michel <>
Nancy, France -

I very sorry because my english is very poor and can't to enjoy all your page. Thank to swap phonecards with me. I give to you new project. Why you not traslate your pages to spanish? ;-)
Moshe Ben-Dar <>
Eilat, ISRAEL -

Never Mind the Bollocks, collect phone cards!!
Susan Buckingham <Care of:>
Southend on Sea, England -

If you have to swap some used telephone cards write me, we will be friends!!!!
Valeria <>
Livorno, Italia -

Although I'm testing this out, I'd just like to thank each and every one of you from the twenty countries that are listed in this guest book, for your time. I have always enjoyed coming back here to read what you all have to say. Regards and thanks, Johnny Anderson.
Johnnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Smoothslut <no way, dude>
V?xj?, Schweden -

Original site Johnny!! Hello! I hope you'll like my Italian cards, they will arrive soon!!! I'm looking forward to see yours! I hope one day, maybe, I'll be able to come to fantastic California!! BYE!!!
Cloud <>
Rimini, Italy -

Greetings from Greece Hi Johnny. I have visit your site. I am a greek phonecard collector . I enjoy your photos . i wish you to be always happy. vasilis
Vasileios Spanos <>
Vyron, Greece -

You get very nice phone cards!
Lei <>
New York, USA -


I came across your page while searching around for Sex Pistols material and ended up spending more than a hour checking out the other areas of your site. The stuff you have written is very interesting and amusing to read. Your anti-smoking rant...a bunch of shit...but apparently you have had some sort of tramatic experience with smokers, so I forgive you. The rest of the site was great.
Riverside, CA Eastern Turkistan -

Hi there. Had a good look at your pages. Agree with the smoking bit!!! Catch up with you again sometime
Guy Harris <>
Invercargill, New Zealand -

Johnny...Hiiiii! Remember me? ? I just wanna write you some words to tell you that you a have a good page, but I think that it is important that you could think a little more in Jesus Christ as your only Saviour... He loves you, He is at the door looking forward to enter in to your hearth. He is just waiting for your invitation to in... Think a bit in this, you will see that Jesus is the answer to many questions of your life and the "solution" to many of your problems and fears...because, He loves you! And He is GOD!!! ? Take care and God bless you everyday of your life... Sincerely, with love in Christ...Carmen Elisa...
Carmen Elisa Mendoza J. <>
Maracaibo, Zulia Venezuela -

hubba hubba hubba oh momma good page johnny!
Michael. D < this is my other address>
Dubai, United Arab Emirates -

I am alive and well back from Germany had to show Dad your WEB page. Love you both BRI
Brian Kinley <>
Oceanside, CA USA -

Johnny- You're always a woman to me!
Michael Young <>
Iowa City, IA USA -

Nice looking site johnny ! and thank you for the cards .
Itamar Arad <>
zicron yaacov, Israel -

Hi Johnny. what a wonderfull eclectic mix of interesting topics you have on your site. You either lead a very interesting life ansd make the most of it (Well done!) or else you are a great novellist. I'm sure its probably a bit of both. Greetings and best wishes from a Kiwi "down under" to an English American on top of it all!
Steven McLachlan <>
Christchurch, New Zealand -

Johnny, you crazy englishman, I've finally found your sight
Todd Gillen <>
humboldt, CA USA -

I'm testing out my guestbook again, but while here and if reading, one should take a walk to the following and do not collect $200 after passing go.
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Vitun siisti oli tuo sun Sex pistol stoori! It was really great! well you maybe don"t understand what i mean! wuuhuu se on komiaa!! ja silleen... How you can wrote that kind of story about sex pistols joo mit? h? sulle kuuluu? I"m going fine! onko sulla yht??n sex pistolssin levya? I don"t have any!
Jussi Suni <>
Finland -

Hey, Johnnie!
Dennis <>
Fairfield, CA USA -

Hwllo Johnny I finally visited your Sex Pistols Page and it was a fun trip anyways I dont know you but me and my boyfriend like the Sex Pistols and not very many people from where we are from know who they are but your pages are cool keep it up make more!!!
Channena Sloan <oca9>
Miami, OK USA - Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 09:50:30 (PST)

hi johnny i missed your call at xmas.i hope you are well.ralph put me on you.take it easy and i will catch you soon.
mark holland <>
England - Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 06:52:48 (PST)

Hi from South Africa. It is great to find a trading partner at the other end of the world. I will someday have my own homepage and you can return the gesture.Happy swopping. Philip
Philip <>
Germiston, rsa - Wednesday, February 11, 1998 at 16:48:59 (PST)

Johnny, Your website is great. What an exciting life. When things slow down I will find you a few more cards.
Tim Greenwood <>
Layton, Ut USA - Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 12:17:57 (PST)

This is a test, Dennis has just reset my permissions. Whoever is reading this, remember you've gotta get into it, in order to get out of it. Au Voir, Johnny and the Animals.
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Thursday, February 05, 1998 at 16:01:19 (PST)

Hello Johnny! I'd glad to contact you for my strong interest in collecting used calling cards,esp. scenic cards. Could you advise that how many kinds of cards you have and how many country's senic cards you have? Do you have interest in collecting Chinese new and used calling cards? May we exchange our informations in fixed time? Your earlier kind response would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot! Xiao Bi PS: Appreciate that you could mail me some piece of used calling cards as you like. Thanks again.
Xiao Bin <>
Zhengzhou, Henan China - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 22:10:05 (PST)

Enjoyed your site, I think you have that same sick sense of humour that I do. If you want some cards send me your address.
norm fox <>
penticton , bc canada - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 15:27:13 (PST)

Hi, Thanks for the photo, have a good time in October, we will be in touch again soon. Best wishes, John, Ann & Fonda.
John Wellard <>
Darwin, NT Australia - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 04:36:01 (PST)

Johnny: Sorry it took me so-o-o long to check out your site. It was good talking to you. Almost 2 months have passed, but I finally made it. From the other messages, it sounds like congrats are in store. May you have a wonderful married life. We'll have to do some phonecard trading. So long for now. You have a great site. Shirley Carlson
Shirley Carlson <>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 19:42:07 (PST)

Hey Johnny - glad to see your web site! I'm very happy that all is going so well for you I will speak with you soon! Calling cards from Sweden are on the way, Eric.
L.A., CA USA - Monday, January 26, 1998 at 16:09:53 (PST)

Hello Johnny, missing you, forgive the expression "you being over there is like loosing your right hand", (something to do with 'best friends' !). congrat's on your engagment, (what did you used to say about marriage and kid's !!). Glad at long last i've tracked you down, about to look your site over, best wishes to you and Jantina, love + stuff Ralph xx
Ralph Holland <>
southend_on_sea, essex uk - Tuesday, January 20, 1998 at 10:17:34 (PST)

Just testing this guestbook after Dennis kindly reset it for me at Vader.
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Monday, January 19, 1998 at 16:17:28 (PST)

Dear Johnny, stop moaning you big girls blouse. I got here in the end. I thought of you today when I was in the phone box as I found an old phone card. What is it with phone cards you freak? Do you remember when we were in Wales camping and I pulled your tent pegs out and pissed all over you and Ralph, well I just want to say sorry. Speak to you soon and I hope you two have a good wedding, love Russ
Ronnie <>
Southend, Essex, England - Friday, January 16, 1998 at 11:17:06 (PST)

We would love to be with you on your Wedding Day. We feel like we have been visiting with you as we checked out your photo gallery this morning. I love it. I can imagine all kinds of wonderful creations to come from your union. Love us.
Julie Savage <>
Arcata, CA USA - Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 23:04:21 (PST)

Johnny, I finally found my way. Happy New Year, to you and yours. In my heart you'll always stay
honest savage <>
Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 01:24:44 (PST)

Just saying hello, very good. The people here at work think that you are well on your way. Keep up the good work and make sure Ralph stays out of the living room.
Lew Moulton <>
Temple City, CA USA - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 17:09:28 (PST)

Hey, Do you have this working?
Dennis <>
Fairfield, CA USA - Monday, January 05, 1998 at 16:04:56 (PST)

You are a large-scale collectioneer, even of people, I am able to guess how many bank accounts you have (don't be sorry, I am just kidding), and then I launched the figure of 10. If not, did you go over 20 since you have bank accounts? Just laughing. Great new site Johnny, happy new year to you both Emil.
Emil Voiculescu <>
Cluj, RO Romania - Monday, January 05, 1998 at 03:08:52 (PST)

did you fart?
jantina temple city, ca USA - Thursday, January 01, 1998 at 22:21:42 (PST)

Nice meeting you Johnny. Intriguing web site. Well done. Here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Vince, Janel and Louise and tribe.
Vincent Fitzgerald <>
orange, USA - Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 18:23:51 (PST)

I would like to wish everyone out there a happy and prosperous new year. For those of you who know me in person, I'd like to thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart for everything that you've done for me. Love you all, love Johnny.
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, December 31, 1997 at 00:42:58 (PST)

Finally! I read your site, now get off my back! Yes, it is as great as you said it is!!! Welcome into our family, you will definitely be our most colorful character in the Moulton drama.
Darle <>
Temple City, CA USA - Tuesday, December 30, 1997 at 17:57:13 (PST)

Hey Johnny!!! My dad told me to come and look at this, I am quite proud of you!! : ) Well I hope everything is going well with you, and i'll talk to you soon. Have a Happy New Year filled with new experiances and joy! Love, Emily
Emily Jablonski <>
Ypsilanti, Mi USA - Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 17:20:49 (PST)

Well, what can I say? Congrats on all that you've learned and taught yourself concerning these bloody web sites; a real accomplishment. Welcome to the family! -a lazy sod
Moulton, Jeff <>
Monterey, Ca USA - Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 14:44:21 (PST)

The best to two of the greatest people around! I want to wish both of you the very Merriest of Christmas ever! Looking forward to 9/5/98:) With Love, Kaitlyn Hill
Kaitlyn Lee Hill <SstarAngel@AOL.Com>
Portland, OR U.S.A. - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 01:11:37 (PST)

The peach tree that blossoms before the final frost often bears no fruit. Sex Pistols, "Bollocks!"
Chris Radu <>
Redwood City, CA USA - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 22:00:25 (PST)

This is a test!
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 15:09:51 (PST)

Hi! I'm here, enjoying your web site. It's great! Love you both. I'll see you again soon.
Andrea <>
USA - Saturday, December 20, 1997 at 14:00:24 (PST)

It's been a good three to four months since I made an entry into my own guestbook. I'm still overwhelmed by the kindness and the time that was given to me by certain friends, to make this whole thing a reality. Paulie Sitko built the foundation for this site, Craig Cowen totally gave it a face lift and Randy Schmieder has been there when I've needed adjustments done at times. Nicky Avlontis was kind enough to begin with and still up to this point to give me space on this site. As I said before, I'd just to thank these four men for their time and devoted kindness to me, as their friend. Having watched Craig do major adjustments to this site during the fall of 97 and reading parts of 'HTML for Dummies,' I gained enough knowledge to build my other site; address listed below. Lastly, I would like to show my appreciation to all of you out there who have drifted in and out of this site at times to check it out, Thank you so much! As always, Johnny Anderson:)
Johnny Anderson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, December 17, 1997 at 21:13:31 (PST)

I really am enjoying your new site, johnny. It's taking me some time to get through it all, of course, but I loved the quotes so much that I printed them and keep them on my wall. Really inspirational :) Must get back to work, but wanted to thank you and send my love. hoping to see you soon!!!! Love you both oodles of poodles, Tabitha
Tabitha Orlando <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 16:29:06 (PST)

I like this script!
New Guy <anyone@anydomain.copm>
AnyTown, PA USA - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 09:40:04 (PST)

Nice page!
Dennis <>
Fairfield, CA USA - Tuesday, December 16, 1997 at 09:18:19 (PST)

Well, one of the most interesting personal homepages I've ever seen. You really do look like a great guy, although I must admit that I DO smoke. ;) Anyway, well done!
Thanasis <>
Nicosia, Island of CYPRUS (medit.) - Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 14:35:57 (PST)

hello and greetings from the 'big sag' otherwise known as highwood, mt. a town of 150 set in the ancient and currently not-flowing low spot that was once the path of the missouri river. life here is grand and peter the rabbit just moved to live with a friends daughter, destined to be the spoiled 4-h project and no doubt a future blue ribbon recipient. congrats johnny and jantina, lots of love to you both you scalliwag. love truly, conquers all. xx oo mike and carrie
Mike and Carrie <>
Highwood, MT USA - Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 11:40:12 (PST)

This is test!!!!!!
Lay flat on your back and do everything the webmaster tells you.

Max Paradise <>
kihei, hi USA - Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 10:49:04 (PST)

Testing guestbook.
Dennis <>
USA - Thursday, December 04, 1997 at 09:40:22 (PST)

It was great seeing the both of you last weekend. I missed you while you where gone. Hope too see you soon and if possible quit smoking by then so you don't hang me or something. Love the web site.
Brian Kinley <>
Oceanside, ca USA -

Hey Johnny. As I said, extremely pleased to meet you in San Diego last weekend. As promised, am here to check out the site...I guess I could have waited until doing to so comment, but there you go. Take care.
Rus <>
Encino, CA USA -

Hi, Johnny. I finally got your web!! I am sorry I don't have a tme to look around now. I just envy that you are gonna be a legal resident in America. I got to leave now. Chao!
Shoichi Kaku <>
Tokyo, Japan -

Greetings Mr. Johnny Anderson: Finally got around to signing your guestbook and wish to offer my apologies for taking so long to do it! :) I like your many photos; especially Chester's! :) Been thinking of you often and wish you well on your journeys through life. Should you be in San Diego do look me up and we will get together and chat. Please keep in touch old boy! :)
Yours in Christ, Chester Paul S'groi Dominus Vobiscum or

Chester Paul S'groi <>
San Diego, CA USA -

Hi Johnny, Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your Home Page. I was shocked by the Language you used on the Non Smoking but I agree with you 100%. I am married to a man who smokes. I knew he smoked when I married him so I can't complain much. He said when we met that he was going to quit. But he hasn't. Now I have allergies and My Daugher has asthma. I just don't understand People who want to continue harming their bodies in such a way. I printed out all your articles. I really didnt have time to read all them but will get around to doing so. I live in Alabama..USA. I am 43 have one child she is 20 and training to be a Nurse. She is a doll and the love of my life. I love the outdoors and am a very active lady.Hope you are doing fine. If you get the time write me back. Thanks again for the reading. Brenda
Brenda <>

denise cat and I have been looking at your STUFF - quite interesting... Denise now has an e mail account also. Contact me for more info on the cool cats like Wayne, Tom, Johnny Einem, or Denise...Robert
robert vaughn <>

Great site Johnny. Glad you persevered for the Paul Cook Photo. I saw the Pistols in the UK on that tour a couple of times, and as you said, it was awesome but almost too familiar. Hearing their songs was the aural equivalent of the flashbacks you'd get just before dying! (That's meant to be positive!) Anyway, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw "The secret of life is an empty bowel and comfortable shoes." Take it easy. Stay Free. Steve
Steve Pegrum <>
London, UK -

Well, I'm signing your guestbook at last. Nice pics & thrilling stories sunshine. When are you going to put the autobiography section in about our punky days ? I want to know what you've written about us all. Keep in touch. Stevo 76.
Steve Bulley <>
UK -

Johnny sweet Johnny. I loved the pictures. Nice to see two beautiful young faces that I miss. Give my dear friend, JT, a hug for me and take care of her or I'll kill you. I miss you both. -S.
Stacey <>
Crazy Bay Area, CA USA -

Hey Johnny, great page and thanks for putting a picture of Bird up...we return the favor by putting one of you in the bottom of his cage every day. He loves it. Best to you both!!
Lori Thiemann <>
Screwitall, CA USA -

Johnny, you never cease to hold me in awe... your life is so beautiful strewn out on these pages. So who is the sexy condom man in your photo gallery? A diosa y a dias!!! Much love, Rose.
Justice Rose <>
Arcata, Ca USA -

Johnny my sweet...thanks for all your love and support in my travels... finally got to view your web site from Camp Lejeune & discovered the Staff Sgt. beat me to it! Welcome back to California...the birds miss you and I'm tired of having so much oatmeal in my cabinets!! Kisses, JP
Julie Pinney <>
Oceanside, CA USA -

What's up Juhnny! Long time no hear. Hurry back to Arcata so we can sneek you into the computer labs! P.S. I need to see your shit pictures-put them on the web! Jeff G
Jeff Glandt <>
Arcata, CA USA -

I'm here with Steve at the moment, looking at your site. Very good and very impressive. Hope all is well in LA. Love to you and Jantina from Mum & Fred.
Mum Southend, Essex, England -

Please call us while you're in town, and let us know when you can come by so we'll be sure to be home. Love to see you! Love, Peggy
Bob , Casey, & Peggy Hermosa Beach, CA USA -

You have an impressive personality, artistic feeling, I was happy to surf through your photos and through the Australian adventures. You don't have height-sickness, I remember how difficult it was to work at 80 m high on various antennas, I never felt safe. Good for you. I like your web page VERY much. I am sorry for not being able to meet you in California in 1996. Love, Emil
Emil Voiculescu <Emil-Voice@RocketMail.Com>
Cluj, RO Romania -

death to smokers!!!!!yea!!!!sex forever!!!
barbara nickels <>
kihei, hi USA -

you have nice website bye take care

I have gone thru a variety of emotions throughout the last 3 years with you, Johnny. I was going to list them but the list is too long in range. But the most important and is the one I feel today with you, is that I want to share. That I feel knowing you has help teach me how to love life again. You are messenger, an ~Angel of sorts, perhaps a WildAngel. But I love you, and will never lose your spirit you left with me...
Ciao Bello, Pauli RON MYERS <>
Santa Rosa, Ca USA -

A great web site! To a true friend from humble beginnings to these days of transition and beyond. Johnny, you have always been supportive of everything I have done. You are a one of a kind. A true Angel spirit:) With Love, Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn J <>
Portland, OR USA -

Visited your site yesterday evening and had a good look at your love. Trust me, I prefer to see her instead of you. (just natural, I think..) I envy you for not working since '87. I guess I don't have enough friends so I have to suffer and suffer.....Terry
Terry Van Orsouw <>
Holland -

greetings johnny! sending you a big smile..
mmm michiko <>
sf, ca USA -

Hi Johnny, Well I have finally tracked down your website that you wrote to me and told me to check out. I think it is great will drop in again shortly...Write to us.
Mel and Pete
Jumbunna, Victoria Australia -

life is like a penis;
when its soft, you can't beat it
when its hard, you get screwed.
swiss cheese
geneva, switzerland -

Here's to two lovely and kind people. Thanks for having this site so I can see your smiling faces even when we're miles apart. Nick needs to stop using that cream on his buttocks. I like bricks.
Tabitha Mack Tabby <>
Freek Grrl, CA USA -

Go John-A! Humboldt approves of your website. Great surf and sunset shots! Take care! See you next time through...Late-Mckinleyville Clan
Clark, John and Todd <>
Arcata, Ca USA -

Regarding the comment written to me from Cher, two enteries below this one, I'd just like to point out that I have never once asked anyone in Cher's house "not to smoke." I don't like it and that is the sole reason why I spend most of my time in my room, hiding from the cancerous stench of cigarettes that fills this house. Lastly, what right have I to make such a judgement on anything in life "unless I'd already done it or tried it myself!"
Johnny Anderson <>
Kihei, HI USA -

you know that cream that they sell in the back of nudie mags that you can buy to make your dick really big? wouldn't it make your hand get really big too?
Nick Avlonitis Death Metal, CA USA -

I just read your 'smokers' dialogue...I presume that you are referring to me, Craig and Jantina in your's OK, Johnny, you CAN step outside onto the deck if we bother you that much..YES, it's a bad habit, one that YOU used to have, so perhaps you should be a little less hypocritical of all those around you...or maybe, consider it...
Cher Mungovan <>
Kihei, HI USA -

Stick a banana up your nose!
Doug Johnson <>
Gladstone, MO, USA -

Johnny, what can I say? I said it all in the personal e-mail to you. You truly are a free spirit travelling this world
Steve Robb <>
Camp Lejeune, NC USA -

I now look over my own web site after nearly a week of its completion. I am full of appreciation to the main three people who got this whole thing together for me. Paul Sitko, Craig Cowen and Randy Schmieder. Thank you so much Gentleman. There's an honor amongst men and you are those men. Thanking you for your kindness and consideration in helping me 100% with this whole thing. Your dedication is not forgotten, as always, Johnny Anderson.
Johnny Anderson <>
Kihei, HI USA -

One of the best pages on the web today. I love you my buttercup.
-jantina the loved one <>
Kihei, HI USA -

Hello Johnny & Jantina, Your emails are a source of great joy, and your images of friendship, love and landscapes are a major attraction... Do you still need pee-wee size condoms? Yours in Guinness,
Jason <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

Hey Johnny, you and your friends have done a bang up job on this page. I enjoy coming here to see the new pics, but seriously, you could have picked a better quote than the zip code one couldn't ya? I thought I was so much more profound. Hahahaha. Luvya.
Linda Sterling <>
Seattle, WA USA -

There you go ole Buddy of mine. Now leave me alone!!!! Ha Ha, just kidding. :}
Max Paradise <>
Kihei, HI USA -

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