Some really pathetic people!

I've always looked at Amtrak as the worst form of possible transportation that I've ever come across in my life. Always late, very irresponsible and a staff who have always been very rude to me. In July of 1992, I called the San Jose, CA train station to ask if I could come in and change the date on my ticket from a July date to a September one. I asked the rude fuck on the phone what time the station closed. "Oh, we close at 10pm," he said. So, with that information, I gave my friend $5.00 for gas and we drove 40 miles over the hill (from Santa Cruz, CA) to get there. Arriving at 9:06pm, the same person who I'd spoken to on the phone is behind the counter. "I've come in to change the date on my ticket, I was speaking to you on the phone a second ago." "We don't do counter business after 9pm," he said in an arrogant, ignorant Amtrak manner. I tried to plead with him in as nice a way as possible, as it was in a sense his fault by not telling me this on the phone. I'd told him that I was in Santa Cruz and would be there before 10pm when I'd originally spoken to him. Do you think that shit gave a fuck what I had to say. He still works there to this day and I wonder how many other people this idle faced cunt has given such bullshit information to. AMTRAK, IN MY EYES YOUR USELESS.

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