AT&T, need I say anymore?

(Posted Friday 12-27-2002) AT&T, do I need to say anymore? For years I've called the operators at different times maybe to ask what an area code is, the time, what a price might be on a call etc, but never have I known a company to stoop so low as AT&T. Three nights ago I called an AT&T operator at 01.30am (Mountain Standard Time.) I simply asked her what the time was in Hawaii as I was unsure if Hawaii was three or four hours behind us.

"How will you be paying for that sir?" the operator asked. "No, I want the time, I'll be placing the call from my own home where I'm calling you from now?" "Yes I know, how will you be paying for that sir." "You mean to tell me you charge to tell me what time it is in another time zone now." "Yes sir, how will you be paying for that," she went on to say.

I've heard of some companies nickeling and dimming in my time but AT&T has hit rock bottom in my eyes. So after making billions and billions of dollars out of the public already over the years, now it has to scrounge more by charging you if you want to know what the time is. Sorry, this is an all time low to me.

Again, I appreciate your reading, regards, Johnny Anderson.

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