Best Buy and crappy customer service!

(Posted 6-26-07)

My God, I thought I’d come across some shitty customer service in my time but this story, if you wish to read it, I feel once your through, you’ll have some idea of what I’m trying to convey here.

On the morning of Sunday 6-24-07 I went on line and found an amazing deal on’s website. I knew the store wasn’t going to open until 11:00 a.m. so I called 1-888-BESTBUY and I talked to Coreno in Texas. I gave him my VISA numbers so that I could put a hold on ONE stick of RAM in our local store. I explained to him that I would more than likely be canceling the hold on my order later that day as I knew another store in town would price match the item and also give me another 10% off.

I made sure on that phone call that if I did cancel my order, later that day, there would be NO fees. I was told there would be none.

The other store did have this item and it was cheaper so I purchased it there.

Just as I had predicted, I called the same toll free number later that evening. Best Buy wiretaps their phone calls, which is something I feel very strongly about. So getting an operator on the phone called Hillary, I told her that I wanted to cancel my order. I offered her my order number, Visa numbers, expiration date of the card, the 3 numbers on the back of the card, my address, phone number and my first name. She informed me that she had to have my last name. I told her that as the call was being wiretapped and my rights to privacy were being invaded I’d gladly give her that information if she called me back on an untapped line. She wouldn’t.

”We only have ONE phone in this whole building” she said, “and the rest of us are on headsets. What will happen now is we’ll take the money out of your account, you’ll have to wait 8 days and then 3 days after that you’ll get your money back.” Need I say anymore, unreal!

I called Jeff at my banks Visa department and he told me to call them back and get the names of who was authorizing this money to be taken out and when this would start. So I called Best Buy back. Cory comes on the phone who ironically was sitting right next to Hillary. He knew the whole story and said,” If you give me the last letter of your surname and the Visa numbers I’ll cancel your order.” When he was done, I asked, “So it’s cancelled then.” “Yes” he replied.

On Tuesday 6-26-07, two days later, I checked my bank account on line. Not only was my order NOT cancelled, but this fucking company had taken TWO payments (of the same amount) out of my account for something that I had firstly cancelled, secondly had never seen and thirdly hadn’t even gone within three miles of the building where it had once been held for me.

I was pissed. I called up Best Buy and asked to talk to the highest form of authority. I got Scott, a supervisor. When I asked him how a consumer could reach the president or vice-president of Best Buy, he said, “You cannot. They have empowered us to handle any kind of customer contact with the company.” Oh great I thought, this was just like a few other companies in the United States, where those at the top of the ladder, conveniently hide behind a brick wall. Supposedly there is no phone number to reach the CEO or vice-president on. This seems to be a common story these days.

After explaining everything to Scott, which took about 10 minutes he said, “I’ll put you on hold and I will have to talk to the on line billing department.” Three minutes later I got two beeps on my phone and then a computerized female voice that said, “Please wait.” I was then connected to the Best Buy operator who you call when you first dial 1-888-BESTBUY.” I asked to be put through to Consumer Relations, yet again.

Getting Derek, I told him I was after Scott, the supervisor. Derek knew him and tried to track him down. He attempted this twice only to find that Scott ‘was on his 15 minute break.’ Oh great so not only did Scott not try to call me back or email me either, he wasn’t even on the phone with on line billing department?

I was now put in touch with Orgie (sp) another supervisor and after explaining this whole story yet again, he said, “I’ll have to put you on hold while I get the on line billing department.” Three minutes later the exact same thing happened again. Only this time after the “Please hold,” I was simply disconnected. I gave up and called Visa. After going through the whole nightmare again I was told they would sort it out.

What a way to run a business eh? The operator firstly refuses to cancel the order and then I’m told it is cancelled. Then I’m charged not once but TWICE for something that I have never even touched and never will. And to top it all off the very people who might I re-quote from Scott, “are empowered us to handle any kind of customer contact for the company,” not only hang up on me once, but twice. If you want shitty customer service, in my opinion, go to Best Buy.

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