Some really pathetic people!

This is a crazy story. On Saturday November 6, 1993, I, along with three others left Chico CA, for Sacramento, CA. We were going there because there were a couple of bands playing at 'The Cattle Club.' After the long line reached the door, I entered with the three teenagers. None of them were carded and walked straight through into the main hall. I, for some reason was asked for my ID. Astonished at this request, I got out my ID. wallet and put it down in front of the sarcastic bitch that'd asked for it. I told her to look through it herself, coz if she could let three teenagers in before me and not ask for their ID., then she must be a lot more pathetic than she looked. I ended up opening the wallet and my hand was stamped.

When I entered the hall the first band, 'Flood,' was still playing. They'd started when we were lining up outside earlier. Later, I went to the bar in an attempt to get some water, but on the way I was stopped. Sitting in a chair, a female took my hand and snidely informed me that I couldn't enter as I was under 21. Flattered by the compliment, I informed her that the door lady had seen my ID and stamped my hand. "Well according to this honey, you're under the legal age to drink," she reminded me once again. I left and returned to the front desk where the same bitch was still seated. I got her attention. "What school did you go to," I asked. She looked up and immediately barked to the gorilla sized doorman a few feet away, "Dave, problem is back again." "Hey, I don't represent trouble," I said, "I was just asking where you attained your education." "Why do you want to know that," she viciously responded in a venomous tone. "Well, I think you should sue them," I said, "as they didn't teach you how to read. I've just tried to get into the bar in there and was told that your stamp indicates that I'm under 21." "You should have told me that you wanted to drink," she said. "Well if I'd of known that, I'd of taken up the art of being a fortune teller, wouldn't I," I told her.

A voice from behind her, interrupts our conversation. "Yeah, I was here when you came in and watched as you threw your ID's at this lady." Although full of shit, to my surprise, it's the bassist of the band, Flood. I'm in a daze for a few moments as I try and put this whole scenario together in my head. I looked back at him and said, "Well isn't that amazing. When I entered this club earlier, your band had been on stage for quarter of an hour. Yet when this incident happened, which you supposedly "witnessed", you were on that stage playing bass. Now what intrigues me, is how you could be performing in front of 300 people in there and yet witness me entering the building on the other side of the wall here in here, at the same time. Or is that why they call your band Flood, because you can flood your way out of one situation and enter another at the same time." He looked at me in disgust and stormed back off down the hallway. As for Dave, he withdrew into his shaded corner and the sarcastic bitch said nothing and just gave me the right stamp; albeit in a rather aggressive manner. Later that evening I signed the Flood mailing list, in the same way that I'd referred to their "Floodish" appearance earlier.

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