Some really pathetic people!

Here's another bunch of money making scumbags. The CO-OP, family store in Arcata, CA, is meant to be one of unison and togetherness. What a load of crap! I've found their products vastly expensive and the profit these capitalists must make out of the backbone community must be beyond recognition. Being into modern day alternatives and diverse ideas, I must apologize for being so abrupt, but I'll favor good old-cheap Safeway's any day of the week. At least if there's a mistake on their cash register its yours for free.

But let's not wander too far into another issue here, so I'll get back to my story. Back at the co-op, I go in with Lucky, a friend who wants to buy some muselix to munch on. With an option of six different flavors to choose from, he wonders which combination he should buy. An obnoxious sign pasted at the top of the plastic buckets reads, "Pay before you munch." Oh yeah!, that's a great fucking idea isn't it. So we've got no idea at all what we're about to buy and with everyone's taste buds being so different, our preferences probably vary from person to person. Here comes the logical part! We've got to pack a bag full of muselix and then go and wait in line. It might take five minutes before the customers in front of you are through, but remember, once your past the cashier, 'your free,' and you can dig deep into that fresh bag of muselix and try out your new cereal.

"Urghh, you don't like this one." So you go back to the end of another line of people and wait once again. When you reach the cashier the SECOND TIME, you explain that you'd like to try another flavor. So, with a credit, one walks back to the Perspex containers once again and hoping for better luck this time, you fill BAG NUMBER TWO from muselix box 'NUMBER TWO.' Remember; "YOU MUST PAY BEFORE YOU MUNCH," so one can't nibble on, or try any of their "community based," muselix until its been fully paid for!

Once again you patiently wait behind another line until the same cashiers' attention is on you. "Ahh," you're free again, to munch, as you've got past the cashier now, (that's the guy in the machine gun turret, keeping a watchful eye on all those non-communal muselix nibblers in the store.) "Oh no!," you don't like this flavor either.

So, my statement is, one could wait in a total of eleven fucking lines and stand behind God knows how many customers, just because YOU MUST PAY BEFORE YOU MUNCH! CO-OP of Arcata, you are all a bunch of hypocritical, money-based scumbags who are out to try and make as much money from the community of muselix eaters as you can. Oh, oh, oh....what was that? The executive of the store is in the Caribbean trying to promote your new flavor of muselix! Yeah right! Fuck off!

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