RadioShack and its rebates


(Posted 07-30-2006) I will make my story very brief as it's the attitude of this company that I would like to make the public aware of here. I purchased a 512 MB memory card on line at zipzoomfly on Monday 4-10-06. A few days later my envelope left in the mail for the rebate in question. I've dealt with some attitudes in my life but this one beats the lot. Just read what the representative of the company says below. I've not changed a word (only deleted the check number) and have simply cut and pasted this off of the BBB website:


The consumer is incorrect, His postmark on the offer was 5/3/06 and not 4/15/06 as he states. Per the terms of the offer he was handled well within the 8 to 10 weeks from the time he mailed in which is quite different than what he states - Consumer does not have his facts straight. It is beyond comprehension that certain consumers have no common sense or ability to get their facts straight before blaming others for their error. This consumer was sent his check number XXXXX for $10.00 on 6/23/06.

thank you


What an attitude eh, need I say anymore about this company!

Thanks for your reading, Johnny Anderson.

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