Some really pathetic people!

(Updated 9-11-2000)

Below are the responses that I've had from people regarding my story about GTE and its 'hidden charges.' As time goes on I hope to hear from more of you on this subject. If you would like to add to this page, just email me or make an entry into my guest book. Both of these options are listed below.

Good day to you! I agree that that these" hidden charges & or agendas are un exceptable". I do believe that Pac Bell goes thru a long account setup process, as well as a explanation of each option, and the charges that apply. I also believe they will explain to you what will be the situation on a particular chosen option, the charge now or later. don't quote me on the last part. But maybe GTE could use some of the customer service tips that Pac Bell uses. My opinion on the story.

Well Johnnyboy, I too am a prisoner of GTE and the shitty service, attitude and generally charging you through the nose for anything and everything. I can't wait to have some options. Hell, I've been waiting for voicemail for 7 months now, they get it, and don't even mail me anything. The latest thing is they want to charge us per call because they extended the free calling area. Big whup! What's free about that? I can't wait until digital, satellite, one # service is affordable. Bye-bye three phone bills. Take care buddy.

Hi Johnny, Yes, I would agree with you on this one. My roommate had the phone company tell her to go pay her late bill at a payment center. Her and I walked up there only to be told that they had stop taken payment six months ago. They were nice about it Well, when we called on Monday they had slapped on a deposit and all and said nothing about the center being wrong.

After 5 years, decided to move down the street. I just needed to transfer my entire service to the new location. Well let me tell you GTE saw me coming. 1st charged re-intallation (that's a given). They tried to charge me double for all my calling features because I was grandfather under the old rate system. After 3 days of negotiations someone in customer services came to my rescue and let the whole thing the way it was. Now, I called today to ask them how to change the number of rings in my voicemail features. Well, not so fast. They want to charge me .70 per month to have this feature added to my regular $6.95 fee. In Prince William County, VA there is no other choice for local service. GTE controls everything. This needs to stop soon. They are out of control. Specially with the VERIZON monster conglomerate.

Any comments please email me or make an entry into the guestbook thanks.

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