Some really pathetic people!

There's a bar in Portland, Oregon by the name of Lila's. In June of 1992, I was a designated driver for a party of folks who intended to drink a lot of alcohol that night. Only wanting to sip on your every day tap water, I sat at the bar. When I tried to make this simple order, the owner informed me that unless I paid $2.00 for a glass of water and for every refill there after, he would have to throw me out. To me, this bar was promoting people to drink and drive and had no respect for those, like I, who were looking out for the drunken drivers that would leave the bar later that evening. Two dollars for a glass of tap water! YEAH RIGHT AND MY NAME IS STUPID....LILA'S, YOU CAN CLOSE DOWN FOR ALL I CARE. Talk about profit first, accidents can follow!

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