(Posted Saturday 5-22-2004) There's some really shallow cold hearted people out there and this story is about a corporation whose just that in my eyes.

In mid May of 2004 my son who is nearly 2 and a half years old was given a tent for a gift by a close friend of mine. The tent looks like a car when erect and is made by the "Lillian Vernon corporation." I've recently gone to the www.bbb.org website and have found that there's a lot of other dissatisfied customers out there who've also had issues with this outfit. After dealing with them in a single afternoon, I'm surprised that this heartless company is still in business at all.

My story is this and its very simple. When I went to erect this tent, one of the plastic poles which holds the tent up, was broken; due to what I see as a machining error. I called the 1-800 number for this company only to find that they wiretap all of their phone calls, invade our rights to privacy and don't give a shit what anyone has to say about it. Basically there's no way a person can talk to a rep from this company without being wiretapped. So I asked how I could contact them without having my rights to privacy invaded, a invasion which they obviously love to do!

After being given their website address I went on line. Finding the site I filled out a form simply asking how much it would be to replace the part (which essentially I look at as their fault.) Never once did I ask for anything for free nor did I complain, I just wanted to know how much this part would be to replace.

Programmed like the bloody Gestapo my question went right over their heads. In their email responses all this company was interested in was where it came from, who got it, how long I'd had it for and how many tiles my grandmother had above her kitchen sink etc, etc. I said that it had been a gift and that the person who gave it to me felt as strongly as I did and didn't want her rights to privacy invaded either. This took me right back to my original question, "how much would this part be to replace?"

Their response was almost a blueprint of another company that I've dealt with recently who also exists on back assed logic; The RC2 corporation. All Lillian Vernon had to say was, "You'll have to buy another tent; we don't separate the parts." I wonder how far this company would get if it made cars. Can you imagine their logo, "Buy our car but if any part needs to be replaced you'll have to buy another automobile because we don't sell separate parts."

Need I say anymore about this kind of mentality. To re-quote a friend of mine, "you're looking for logic where logic doesn't exist!" What a sad company! You might want to think twice before dealing with this company who wiretap their phone calls, don't give a damn if you want to talk to them on an untapped line and have absolutely no compassion for a little boy of 2 years who simply wants a tent that stands upright and doesn't droop to the floor on one side when erected.

If you've had any dealings with these cold hearted individuals I'd love to hear from you. Regards, Johnny Anderson.


CONCLUSION: (Sunday 9-12-04) After filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau near their headquarters way back in mid May, they basically wrote back saying f*&k you. So I left it for a week and then on Saturday 5-22-2004 I filed one last complaint with another branch of the BBB in New York State. Today nearly FOUR MONTHS LATER, (Sunday 9-12-04) I got a call from a Lisa saying that they would be mailing out a replacement tent. Once again I was asked all the same questions, where did I get it from, how long had I had it, blah, blah, blah. I thanked the lady for her time and ONLY whoever it was that gave the go ahead in her company for this to be replaced. I word it that way because there are some very cold and shallow people in this organization.

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