(Posted Wednesday 6-18-2003) Iíve met some real idiots in my time and Iíve dealt with some really stupid people in a variety of companies over the years but the more I think about this, the more Iíve concluded that this has got to be the most pathetic situation Iíve ever been in with a company. When I told my boss at work about this he turned around and said, ďYouíre looking for logic where logic doesnít exist!Ē I feel that statement sums up this company completely. Please, if you have the time read on and Iíd love to hear from you if have dealt with a company that is as stupid as this:

The following complaint was submitted to the Better Business Bureau on 6/13/2003 at 3:50:46 AM:


RC2 Corporation
P.O. Box 111
Dyersville, IA United States 52040
(563)875-5674 FAX!


(This is my letter:) I've been buying one of this companies model cars for my son with every paycheck for the past three months. We love to assemble them and once this is done he then has a cabinet that he puts them into. When I bought him the 1969 Charger "General Lee" car we came across a problem while assembling it. The fan belt part missing, BUT everything else was OK. But if that wasn't odd enough there were ELEVEN DUPLICATED EXTRA PARTS in the box.

We didn't realize this until we started gluing and assembling the car together; as you go through a 1 to 5 process of pictures on how to do it as such. It wasn't until after gluing, that we found the small fan belt part, a small piece of plastic about 1/2" in size, missing. So in an email that night I simply said:

"...Firstly if you could mail to us the fan belt part to complete the car that would be great and if you enclose a SASE in with it, we'll send back all the extra parts that are in the photo to you." (We sent them a scan of the receipt and of course the eleven extra parts).

Could one ask for anything more simple? An envelope that contained a small piece of plastic, along with a SASE which we could use to mail back the parts (that were extra) to them? Well to this company logic obviously isn't one of their highlights! Here was their reply along with our reply in that email:

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 13:13:34 -0700 (PDT)

It sounds like you have a product that is defective / damaged. Unfortunately, RC2 does not replace any items purchased from retail stores. Sorry, but you must return the item to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange. Thank you. Your comments will be forwarded to Quality Control.

(And here was our reply:)

>>We can't the car has been glued and is all done, we just await the other part. Please send it to us, address is below, we await your response, thanks.


Is it really that hard to put a piece of plastic into an envelope and put a 37 cent stamp on it? I'm beyond appalled and I can't think of a word that can describe my disgust at this company. And no I wont return a glued and already assembled car that my son and I have put over an hour into all because these lazy bastards are too stupid to understand logic, period! Why should we take an assembled car back to a store, waste our time and gas, all because this company can't be bothered to send out one simple piece of plastic to complete a car which "THEY NEGLECTED" to include in the box in the first place. Obviously their parts can't be that important to them considering in our ONE box alone, we got ELEVEN EXTRA duplicated parts? Come on, where has customer service gone these days? We're not at fault here THEY ARE? Yet they treat us like shit!

Thatís my story and I appreciate your reading. Can a company be any more stupid? Cheers, Johnny Anderson.

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