Some really pathetic people!

Here's another fucking stupid low life piece of shit idiot story. I walked into a Salvation Army thrift store in Chico, CA last November (93). Inside, I saw many amusing pairs of roller skating boots, made around the mid seventies. Strange in color and design and totally hysterical to look at, I decided to take some pictures (as photographed below). Each pair was so crap looking that they weren't even two dollars to buy. I went up to the thin shit headed ass hole of a salesman at the counter and asked if I could take the boots out onto the sidewalk and take a picture or two. His response said in an authoritative, blank faced-Nazi fashion was, "No pictures are to be taken in the store." "Well I want to go out of the store." "No pictures can be taken." "Well if it bothers you that much I'll give you my drivers license and a $20.00 deposit if you want." "No pictures can be taken." I couldn't remember the last time that I'd met such an arrogant idiot in such a worthless position. 'Fuck you', I thought and deliberately took the boots back to their shelf and began photographing, all the same. So many times in life I've tried to be as honest and thoughtful as possible and tell the person in question what I intend to do, and in the long run I would of saved so much time and effort if I'd of just been a jerk and gone ahead with my original plan anyway. I've always found fascination in humans, who try to show such superiority above all others whether their job is a toilet attendant or a low life prick who works as a Salvation Army counter assistant, selling crap!

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