Some really pathetic people!

(Posted Thursday 3-26-98) There's a company in Daytona Beach, Florida by the name of SmartCard. I'm led to believe that the owner is a man by the name of Bob Tulley. What you are about to read, is mainly about this rude individual who has no manners whatsoever ('in my opinion') and treated me like some subordinate blob that he could just verbally abuse and dispose of at his own will.

Sometime in early February of 1998, I made a call to SmartCard and was put through to an Australian by the name of Doug. We conversed and he said he would send out a few phone cards to me for my collection. I never got to see these cards as the package never arrived. This being the case I called and left a few messages until Doug called me back and said he'd try and find some more. A couple of weeks later near the end of February, I received a call from a guy called Bob. Back then I just thought they were partners and maybe they are, I still don't know to this day. He explained that HE himself had posted this package and didn't know why it hadn't arrived. I said I'd give it another week or so and call back.

I waited until March 12th and with no results returned the call. Bob answered and said he'd look into the matter and get back in touch. Not hearing a thing for another week, I phoned SmartCard again. Once a day I left message for he or Doug to return my call. Sometimes if I was up at 7a.m I'd call in the morning and if I remembered to later that day, I'd call again. On the afternoon of Wednesday March 25th, I finally received a call from Bob. Talk about someone in a rage. From the moment I answered the phone he was like a frantic madman, a manic depressant without their lithium dose, like a mental patient without the pills to calm things down, or like a heroin addict without their fix. What an abusive individual to have on the other end of your phone line! Every time he threw a question at me, I'd calmly try and answer and within seconds he'd already interrupted and was off on his own trip again. It was like listening to someone who'd just drank a gallon of coffee and just wanted you to listen to them jabber.

Yet on top of that you've got this venomous tone with an attitude of I'm gonna start a war and kill every f*@ker in site. He ranted and raved on about how I'd called some 42 times, how he'd sent out the cards himself, how these cards were free, how I'd nothing better to do than to call his company, how he was going to tell Doug about this whole thing over dinner and how his company didn't deal in phone cards at all. Partly amused by his arrogance I just listened, I mean, what else could I do? If I tried to talk I was instantly interrupted by his continuing verbal attacks on my soul.

What bothered me the most was that not once, did he ever give me a chance to talk. All I managed to get out of my mouth at one point before being cut short, was to ask if he treated all of his customers this way, to which he replied, "some, yes." I still wonder why Bob Tulley decided to call the house that I live in and completely and utterly insult me. No one deserves to go through that kind of abuse in their own home, especially from someone who they've never met!

I, for the life of me cannot see how 42 calls were made to his office? And if they were, that can only be a total amount from when I first started to correspond with Doug and was told to call him at certain times over a two-month period. Why was he barking at me? If he's got an issue, call post office, I didn't lose the cards? And shouting and telling me that he was going to tell Doug about all of this over dinner? I don't care if he tells his wife and the whole State of Florida.

At the end of the day, he sent out the cards and they didn't get here, that's all there is to it. This is a story about a man who in my opinion, is rude, arrogant, obnoxious and who needs some good discipline and manners shoved down his throat. How this man ever got to own a business is beyond me. Verbal abuse towards the weak is the only way I can see it. My God, can you imagine receiving a call every other day from some angry individual out there, who is trying to rip your throat out because the letter you sent to him didn't arrive. I'm a pretty placid person until someone really winds me up. In this situation I was very calm (yet insulted) through the whole thing because I found no justification for his uncalled outburst whatsoever. But let's just say for arguments sake, that some poor old lady, a teenager or someone's wife who'd been happily washing her dishes before she received Bob Tulley's call, had picked up the phone, what then? I was lucky enough to listen to him and in my head laugh at his ignorance, but not everyone is like me! I'm almost certain that most people would have taken full offense by his attack. If you want some advice, SMARTCARD out of Daytona Beach, Florida should be avoided, period! Mr. Rude Bob Tulley owns it and will more than likely bite your head off if the postal service loses his mail.

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