what a joke!

For those of you who do not live in the U.S. there's a chain of stores here called Target. Since the Internet started, somewhere down the road they also went on line, hence Talk about garbage customer service, here's my story.


On Sunday 11-16-08 had an offer on their website. It was for the Britax Marathon car seat. They have a design called, Granite and these ones were $43 each. I placed my order on line and thought no more of it.

The next day I got an email stating that due to THEIR on line pricing error, the order had been canceled. Was I happy, of course not, as I had planned to give my eventual order out as a Christmas gift.

Ten days later the website that directed me to this offer to begin with, stated that all the customers whose orders had been canceled on that day would receive a $25 e-gift card. This gift card was to be used at

I never received a $25 e-gift card (in my email account) so I called their customer service. For twenty minutes I talked to a Mario, who after listening to my whole story informed me that 'ONLY CERTAIN CUSTOMERS WHO HAD PLACED THIS ORDER WOULD RECEIVE THE $25 e-gift card.'

What a pile of crap and of course I was not happy with such a ridiculous response. I said to Mario, "I will not accept that, sorry! If a vehicle is recalled by a major car manufacturer due to a fuel leak error, you don't ask that ONLY those vehicles in the rich areas of the United States correspond. You recall them ALL, period! Whether that be South Central Los Angeles, South Chicago, IL, or Inglewood, CA etc." Mario put me on hold and came back to inform me that a rep would call me back within 24 hours."

Thanksgiving was the following day and I wouldn't be home and I was sure no one would be working at on Thanksgiving day. After putting me on hold yet again, Mario came back to say that someone higher up would definitely be calling me within 'half an hour.' This was the end of our call.

"HALF AN HOUR LATER, NO REP HAD CALLED?" I don't have call waiting and I had kept my line completely clear? I phoned again and went through the whole story to yet another rep. After this I was eventually put through to a supervisor called Will. Once again I had to go through my whole story and explain everything to him from beginning to end. He checked my on line account and after a lot of talk he assured me that he had credited it with the $25 gift card; but made sure to mention over and over again that this was, "a one time offer."

BULLSHIT, a one time offer (not that I used that kind of language on the phone but give me a break). I patiently listened to what Will had to say before I spoke. "Firstly my order was canceled because YOUR COMPANY had put in the wrong price on YOUR website. Then my order is canceled due to YOUR pricing error. Then I'm told $25 gift cards would go out to those who had made such orders on that day, but when I call your company about it, I'm informed that ONLY 'a select few would receive such cards.' Then after wasting about an hour of my day off, on the phone with you and your reps, you then have the audacity to turn around and say, 'this is a one time offer,' making it sound like YOUR doing ME a favor. Sorry but your company needs to be more apologetic to its customers and not mixing words around to make it sound like your doing 'US' a favor! What happens in six months time if a situation very similar to this happens again and everyone but me gets a gift card, because I've used up my so called, 'one time offer?'

Unreal customer service, but in this day and age this kind of crap comes as no surprise to me.

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