Some really pathetic people!

(Posted Sunday 4-12-98) Here's one for ya. Your infamous lovely computer makers by the name of TOSHIBA have gone a little too far in their customer support in my opinion. Oh yeah, they sound like a lovely pleasant company and maybe that's the case? But try calling their 24-hour tech support for help. Before you are connected to speak with a live technician, you're reminded by a computerized recording that the conversation that you are about to embark on WILL BE MONITORED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE. Well, I'm sure that's fine by some people but I personally take great offense in the fact that I'm about to be wiretapped as I talk. You could say that an option not to be recorded or listened to would be nice but if you ask this you're told, you DON'T have a choice. You WILL be recorded or listened to whether you like it or not. As this is the case, don't you think this should be labeled on any Toshiba product before you buy it. An example could go something like, "For those of you who are about to spend a few thousand dollars on our product/s, please be aware that if you have any technical problems, you have no option whatsoever and WILL BE WIRETAPPED when you call our technicians for advice."

I'm sorry, I never asked to be wiretapped or monitored and if the company is forewarning me of that fact, then fine. But if I/you are offended by that, at least give us the option of having this procedure turned off or taken away. In my opinion, Toshiba, just like Sprints 1-800-PIN-DROP and many other rackets out there have overstepped their boundaries in public relations. Shit, we've survived for decades using the phone for communication haven't we. What is this sudden wiretapping crap that so many companies seem so INSISTENT on using today. I'm told so often that it's to improve "customer service!" Was your company that BAD before? No comment, is all I have to say on that one.

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