Some really pathetic people!

Sunday May 31, 1992. Las Vegas, NV. Within the Caesar's Palace complex a new store had opened called Warner Brothers. I went inside and impressed with all the posters and teddy bears, I started to take a few pictures. It didn't take five seconds of my camera being out when an attitude in a suit leaped out from nowhere and demanded that I not take a picture, otherwise my camera would be confiscated. What on earth was going on here. This WAS the same 'multi billion dollar company' whose cartoon characters are known all over the world, whether it be on television, video, the theater, T-Shirts, at Disneyland, displayed on posters or in books, WASN'T IT? How could I possibly harm anything so widely known in any way; by taking photos of cartoon characters. I have yet to see the logic in this pathetic situation. WARNER BROTHERS-YOUR ONE MASSIVE CONTRADICTION, PERIOD.

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