WorldxChange and it's wiretapping policy!

(Posted Monday 3-6-2000) I think this story is simply explained in the email below that I sent to three separate email addresses at the Federal Communications Commission on Monday March 6th, 2000. It still amazes me to what lengths some of these "anti customer friendly" corporations will go to.


Hello Mr X (deleted out of respect). I have a question for you and would appreciate it if you could direct me in the right direction. I had tried your toll free number earlier but couldn't get a live person to ask.

There's a phone card company in San Diego, CA that after a week of phone calls have finally credited my pre paid phone card back due to an error (that disconnected me) in their network. I originally had 11 or 15 minutes call time to the UK on this card. Now, after their credit I don't even have enough time on the card to even get connected to the UK. Another error on their behalf.

After calling them to resolve this issue and finding out that they monitor their calls, a thing that I and scores of others that I know take complete offense in, I politely asked when an operator came on the line if they could assure me that "I wasn't being wire-tapped, taped or monitored?" I was told that there was NOTHING that they could do and that EVERY call is monitored. I'm sorry but I think it's the customers right to have an 'option' as to whether one would like to be monitored or not. I asked to speak to a supervisor and a rather rude 'Frank Patterson or Peterson' came on the line. I asked if I could be called back on an untapped line and again this request was denied.

I asked for their address (which is below) and said that maybe the FCC could help in this situation. Where do I stand? Obviously they have set up their system so that whatever the circumstance one is being wire-tapped or monitored. I find this offensive and wont tolerate it. In your expertise in this field is it the FCC that can help, the Better Business Bureau or is there another agency that can help resolve this in justified mess.

Awaiting your response and thanking you for your time, Johnny Anderson.

WorldxChange Communications/CTS Telcom, Inc
9999 Willow Creek Road
San Diego,
CA 92131


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