For everyone 'but' Gemini women!



  • "I don't like Gemini's they suffocate me, take away my freedom, are possessive and give me no individuality basically!"
  • "How do you know I'm not a crazy person with multiple personalities?" "Coz your not a Gemini!"
  • "The ants are just like Gemini women. Spray em and they'll go someplace else."
  • "I'll introduce you to them and see how long it takes you to tell if they're a Gemini." "I'll probably start foaming at the mouth."
  • "I've just decided to give up on the Gemini altogether. She's pathetic!"
  • "Being a Gemini should be enough for her."
  • "She's a Gemini, what do you expect?"
  • "So is it a good idea to avoid all Gemini women?" "Eliminate the lot of em!"
  • "Peoples lives are too involved." "Plus she's a Gemini."
  • "It's probably a funky computer." "It's probably a Gemini."
  • "Gemini women. Get yourself a machine gun and spray em."
  • "Eliminate all Gemini felines."
  • "I dated another Gemini coz I was a glutton for punishment."
  • "She was half us and half something else." "Gemini!"
  • "Mathew was a half boy, half girl for Halloween." "Is that a schizophrenic or a Gemini."
  • "Make up your minds will ya, your like a Gemini woman!"
  • "Johnny hates Gemini women and wallpaper."
  • "What's that?" "It's a generator." "A Gemini exterminator!"
  • "So how do you answer schizophrenia when two children are bought up in the same way with the same food in the same house?" "One's a Gemini."
  • "Two brains are better than one." "Unless your with a Gemini woman, then there's three."
  • "So maybe that's why I have relationships with Gemini's, coz they're schizophrenics."
  • "Gemini's are tweak heads."
  • "I'm a Gemini, so I'm basically outrageous and crazy."
  • "It's funny, I've nothing against Gemini women, yet every time I hear it, a flag goes up."
  • "She's vicious when she doesn't get her own way." "No comment!"
  • "What do you think is in the box Johnny?" "A gun to eliminate Gemini women."
  • "My sister is screwed up in the head OK." "Gemini!"
  • "Oh Johnny, your in for a treat, here's Heather and she's not a nice person at all." "What is she a Gemini." "As a matter of fact, she is."
  • "What I think is, they were chemically imbalanced." "What were they Gemini's."

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