For everyone 'but' Gemini women!



  • "They're celebrating! They just eliminated 15,000 Gemini women."
  • "She's no lady." "Gemini?" "Right."
  • "She could just fuck you up, you know how those Gemini women can be."
  • "I found out she was a Gemini." I thought of you so hard, I was thinking of Johnny Anderson."
  • "It's called the Arcata animal hospital..." "...Where they keep the Gemini women?"
  • "One of those." "Is she a Gemini?"
  • "You might start a binary for eliminating Gemini women."
  • "Peoples lives change every month." "Like a Gemini, every day."
  • "Yeah they did. They mowed it down like Gemini's."
  • "That's what'll be issued to everyone when we start eliminating the Gemini's. A hand held zapper."
  • "Have a couple of big burly guys there, checking for Gemini's."
  • "I think we should all be armed to protect ourselves." "Yeah, the Gemini Destroyers!"
  • "There's a lot of things that you could get tired of and not miss a bit." "Gemini women!"
  • "Gemini's are really weird. The Evil Twins."
  • "Aryans and Gemini's' there's a God given mixture."
  • "Would you like to eliminate your Gemini and make a substantial income. "
  • "Are you suicidal. Have you ever thought about killing someone." "Yeah, Gemini women."
  • "The trouble with those Gemini's is they'll keep doubling and doubling."
  • "It's national Gemini hunting day."
  • "She's down and depressed. She's a Gemini, what do you expect."
  • "I've been acting crazy Cathy said. That's interesting, the other evening you said I was acting like a Gemini."
  • "Anything he wants to do, she goes against it ya know." "What is she a Gemini."
  • "I think that's a stupid poem." "It was probably written by a Gemini."
  • "I don't think I've met a Gemini." "And try and keep it that way."
  • "The reason I came back to Arcata was because my friend was breaking up with a Gemini and he was a fucking schizophrenic basically."
  • "What happened after two years?" "Well after the Gemini had stripped me of myself or old self, I got out of the relationship."
  • "Tell us about the Gemini who fucked you over." "Which one didn't!"
  • "He's probably one of these people who'll end up on a roof shooting people." "Yeah Gemini women."

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