Was that CrapUSA or CompUSA


On June 15th my husband called me a work to inform me that someone had called to say I could come in an pick up my drive. I was very busy that week and could not make it into the store until the 18th. Frankly I was not looking forward to going in given my last two encounters with the staff. I entered the store and waited in line for 30 minutes. Finally I was helped, and my drive was handed to me in a very unprofessional plastic sheet protector that was designed to hold paper. I signed the receipt and the book and went on my way. I looked at the drive and thought that it looked different than the one that I left there but then I trusted that the trained professionals in your store could handle a simple ordering issue. When I got home my suspicions were confirmed and the drive did in fact not fit in the case that holds the drive into my computer. Angry and frustrated I took my computer to my office, photocopied the bottom of it for the serial number and took the drive and all the paperwork with me back to the store the next day. Again I waited in line and I was helped by a young man who listened to my story and disappeared into the mysterious back room. He returned to ask me if this was what I had brought in the first time and I answered yes. As far as I knew I brought in a CD-ROM drive and got a CD-ROM drive back, just not the right one. After a couple of minutes an employee by the name of Gustavo came out to help me. He asked me how I received this part when I picked it up and I explained that I got it in a plastic sheet protector. He went and got a similar drive and he realized that the metal base unit was missing from the drive. I had received the correct drive; it was just missing several crucial parts to it. I can only assume that whom ever ordered the drive had intended on using the base unit off the original faulty drive to encase the new one. However, when the drive came in, the faulty drive and the base unit were sent back. Gustavo took the time to bring out the order book to me and show me pictures of what my drive should have looked like and what the missing parts were. He assured me that they were going to order a new base unit and that everything would be taken care of. He was very apologetic and promised that things would go right this time. At that time it became very apparent that he truly cared about helping me and remedying the situation. He went ahead and processed the paperwork, explaining that it would be ordered on Monday and should take about one week. I gave him my photocopy of the serial number from my computer to which he remarked, "you brought that for us?" I said yes and explained, "that I've had some trouble the first time." He only laughed and joked with his manager, Chris, saying, "I can't imagine that happening here." I can only assume that mistakes like this happen a lot in your stores. What appalled me is that the staff thought it was funny. Is inconsistency and incompetence acceptable among your staff? And even more so, is taken with such a lack of seriousness that they laugh about it? I left the store that day feeling wary and under confident that this matter would be resolved. I could only be assured that my case was in more capable hands and the next time I had to go into the store to pick up the drive would be the last.

Monday afternoon I was called at work by an employee named Jeff. I can only assume that this was the same young man who helped me on 06/07. We spoke of the problem and that the base unit was missing. He asked me a couple of questions and I gave him the answers. At this point I really couldn't understand where the conversation was headed and with a pile of work facing me I asked him what he was after. He asked me if I had left the drive at the store. "Yes" I said and went on to explain to him about the mistake and the missing base unit. He then went on to tell me that this is exactly why "I should have left my computer at the store." To say I was angry at this remark is an understatement. I honestly cannot describe to you in words how insulted I was. How dare he blame his mistake on me. How can he think that I am going to feel responsible for his lack of ability to follow though on a job? My computer being there may have helped him realize his mistake before I did but it would not have prevented it. I told him that Gustavo had explained the situation to me and I cannot understand that something that was very obvious to the both of us seemed like a complete enigma to him. He commented "that the picture in the book was very confusing and that those books are for specific models of computers." As a computer technician shouldn't he be able to read a manual on a computer and figure out how to order something? Or is that not a requirement for the job. I looked at the book for two minutes and realized that there was missing parts. I am not trying to put Jeff down, but what kind of people are you hiring? I ended the conversation by asking him what else he needed from me. At his asking, I again told him that I left the drive at the store. There was silence on his end of the line as if he did not comprehend my answer. I asked him if there was anything else he needed from me as I had work to do. He mumbled something and I hung up the phone wondering what this Jeff character was going to do. Again I felt belittled, angry and completely helpless. The ordering of this part was being left up to the most irresponsible and rude employee I have ever met. To make matters worse he was calling me at work, tying up my time and taking several minutes to ask one simple question and take cheap jabs at my decision to not leave my computer at the store. I have no respect for anyone who feels that he can call me at my workplace, dance around an issue then underhandedly insult me. I have my own work to do; I do not have to time to help an unqualified employee do his.


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