Was that CrapUSA or CompUSA


Well that was the letter that my wife put together for the CEO of CompUSA. You can be rest assured that if and when we hear anything back you'll be first to know.

Jantina left for Europe on Saturday July 24th, 1999 and before leaving she wanted to get that letter off. I had instructions that if and when CompUSA called (during her absence) to say that the part had come in (and how many has it been now, I've lost count?) then I was to take her receipt to the store. But one thing that was important was to make sure that I took the computer with me to make sure that it was the right part! On Friday July 30th a message was on our voice mail informing us that the "supposed" CD Rom was in. Why get excited, it was obvious by past experiences that some f*ck up was about to happen, it was just a matter of what would it be this time? On Saturday July 31st, I went to CompUSA. Inside the store I gave the paperwork and computer to a lady from Zimbabwe. Leaving me for about five minutes she returned and to my surprise without our computer. I was concerned at that very concept and asked her where it was? "Oh the technicians have it," she replied. Instantaneously I asked her to take me directly to them. She walked me to a fairly sized room where I was greeted by the sight of an employee named Arnold who was trying to shove a bigger CDRom into a smaller hole that was in our computer. I looked at him in total disgust and bewilderment. What in the hell was this idiot doing? Was he that stupid? I said, "it's the wrong part isn't it?" To make sure he'd heard me the first time I repeated the question again. He then looked up at me with a face that said it all.

So Arnold was now doing exactly what Ken had done in front of my wife a few weeks prior, hoping that by shoving a computer part into a hole that was obviously too small to cater for it, it might by some miracle, fit in. By this point I was livid. How could an employee of such reputed computer store even conceive of such a thing? Taking a step toward him, I almost grabbed the computer out of his hands and was about to leave. I wasn't ready to listen to any kind of explanation whatsoever, I'd just observed enough of their so called "professionalism and that was enough for me.

Equino M. Thomas, who was beside us as this was going on, stepped in. Apparently he was another Tech Manager, not that that has any meaning here? He began to explain to me how the ordering was done and how mistakes can happen during that process. His explanation wasn't even worth my time. I listened for a few seconds before I interrupted him to say, "Do you know how many times my wife has heard all of this before? Do you know how many times she's been promised this part, has come here to get it and has been let down every single time? Who ordered this part Jeff?" I asked. In response he simply nodded his head. I was fuming, that's the best way I can describe how I felt. I told him that my wife had already compiled and sent a 7 page letter to the CEO. "Oh, I'd like to read that," he said. "I'll fax you a copy when I get home," I replied. And with that I turned and left. When I reached the entrance to the store the security guard who was standing there started to mumble something, which I can only assume was something to do with stop? "Don't even go there," I said as I angrily charged past him, "Don't even go there?"

What does one have to go through to get one simple part out of CompUSA? I want to get this story out there to warn others about this unreliable company. I'd like to approach Channel 7's, 20/20 or any television/radio show that exposes companies such as this one for what they really are? If you, the reader have any leads in this matter or any form of media contacts that I could get this to, please Email: me at johnnyboy1@rocketmail.com


What TWO EX EMPLOYEES had to say!


In January of 2000 the computer was returned to the same branch of CompUSA. We were told that the hard drive was being replaced with a NEW one. By June 23rd, 2000 some five months later this so called NEW HARD drive had over "9,000,000" Bad Sectors to it. We took it back that day as it was the last day of the warranty. A technician told us that they would install ANOTHER NEW HARD DRIVE.

My wife was harassed at work on Monday 6-26, by a CompUSA technician who called her stating that she should be 'lucky' that they were doing any work on the computer at all, as it was bought in on the 'last day' of the warranty. My wife said, 'I don't care if it was the last few seconds, it's still under warranty isn't it? We purchased a 3 year warranty, what's your point? I'm busy at work can you please leave me alone!'

On the morning of Tuesday 6-27, Jantina called CompUSA to see what was going on. Now they concluded that they were only going to put in a "reconditioned hard drive!" Do I need to say anymore to you, about this company!!!

We picked up the computer in early July. The technician didn't know if a new or reconditioned hard drive had been put in. If you've read all of this story about CompUSA so far and you still feel like shopping there, all we can say is 'best of luck!' For over ten years of my life people in all corners of the world knew about my disgust toward Pentax Cameras. I've now concluded that CompUSA have easily taken first place in my books for 'the worst' company that I've EVER dealt with.

Within two months of the NEW hard drive being installed it crashed. It's never worked since!

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