Some really pathetic people!

(Posted Friday 1-29-99). There's a company in the US that's pretty well known by the name of Earthlink. A corporation that offers a service to connect you to the Internet and of course the WWW via their on line service. The second that I heard that this enterprise was associated with Sprint, it became blatantly obvious that they must be into wiretapping their calls.

Recently moving home we decided to give this 'so called' reputable company a shot as they were offering a 2 month free trial. We signed up with them shortly after the New Year (of 1999) and hoped for the best. Well how can I put this, let's just say that I'm not lying to ya when I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME that we've gone on line, 'guaranteed', within quarter of an hour we'd get bumped off. On average we're disconnected about seven times every hour. This comes after trying not one but two of their local numbers. (And we're fully aware of the *70 before dialing the number to get connected with their server, to save being bumped off line due to an incoming call.) For those of you that go on line a lot, I'm sure you can relate to how annoying this is when you're continually disconnected.

On Thursday 1-28-99 my wife called Earthlink to explain this annoying ongoing problem (1-800-395-8410). A computerized voice informed us that " For quality control purposes your call may be monitored at any time," which basically means that your call is being wiretapped, taped or listened to by an intrusive third party. Nothing new and like I've said already if they're associated with Sprint, what more do you expect. After an eleven-minute wait, she finally got a technical support agent. When my wife requested that she not be wiretapped, taped or monitored as she personally found it rude, the response was, "There's nothing I can do about it!" I also called the following afternoon and spoke to a technical support agent by the name of Tom at 13.27 PST and got exactly the same response.

What a pile of shit. Firstly here's a company that not only has a system that constantly bumps you off line (and where we live, that's guaranteed EVERY TIME,) they've also got the audacity to wiretap or have others listening in, while your trying to explain your dilemma. And there's nothing THEY can do about it? Excuse me, but how fucking rude and ignorant can you get? This goes back to my issues with Sprint's 1-800-PIN-DROP. You're giving the public a number to reach you at, yet when we call you give us no option but to tape or have a third party listen to our call. To some of you this might not be such a big deal, but I, along with hundreds of others that I've spoken to about this find it an invasion of privacy. And not only that, but if company's want to be so empty-headed, at least give us the option of having these monitors turned off or taken away if we don't want them. Not having the backwoods viewpoint of 'tough shit, your stuck with it and there's nothing you can do!

That's my input on Earthlink, a company that I personally will NOT be recommending to anyone, anytime soon.


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The same day that I posted this story a good friend of mine read it and responded. His conclusion which has worked out so good for us, is FREE INTERNET SERVICE. Wow, what a difference compared to Earthlink's crap. For those of you interested, here's the address. Regards, Johnny Anderson.

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