Some really pathetic people!

Below are the responses that I've had from people regarding my story about Earthlink and its 'wiretapping customer service and bad connection.' If you would like to add to this page with any of your own experiences that you've had with Earthlink, just email me or make an entry into my guest book. Both of these options are listed below.

I read the story and can tell you that these things are very frequent in Italy and think that every evening at 8 pm there's a program on TV called "Striscia la Notizia" (in american "The Grazing News") followed by milions of italians in which everyone can indicate some problems and shit things like that... I think the bond between "Earthlink" and "Sprint" is evident and think you made the best thing writing it in your site, they are "vacuum head" as we tell in Italy.... ;)

Hi Johnny, That was an interesting story. It seems as though anything related to customer service these days is sort of strange. When you think about it, its almost like living in some sort of dark movie about the future, only its real. You talk to machines, first, and then rude people as a last resort, and they loathe to speak to you, or don't know what the hell they are doing. Welcome to the world of Mega Service, where the motto is " You will suffer, because you have no choice. We are the Corporation, and we are all the same. I guess Karl Marx was pretty visionary when he said that in the end there will only be one company, and it will be taken over by the government. How's that for the dark message for the day.

Read your "pathetic people" earth link thing. amazing that in a place like the states you would feel like living in the ussr, kgb and all. i thought that that kind of crap would only happen here, but, alas, i found out it isnt so. how do you ALWAYS bump into these people?!?!??! its mind boggling that they always find a way to you!

Hey Johnny, I read your web page about the Internet service cutting you off the line all the time. I run into that problem only because I have a double line and I didn't know about the star 70 you could push before getting online. Anyways, I got sidetracked by your quotes page.

Hi Johnny, Read your story. How about getting a job with Earthlink and run around and destroy all their listening devices. Ha!

I read your story about earthlink with interest and know how much you long for systems and institutions to be responsive and flexible. Someday you will be a great politician (who could resist your passion and ponytail). My experience with earthlink is vastly different. I have had a good experience, being able to stay on line for hours (when my Mac cooperates). The staff have been very responsive and updates are accessible and user friendly. They have Mac in mind and are there to service me when needed. I checked out the free service and found that they don't even have anything for us who live in the real world of computers - the Macophiles and won't have for 6 months. Talk about being unresponsive to people!!! Glad you are passionate - just be open to the stories of others who are different than you.

Greetings Mr. Johnny Anderson: Thank you for the note about your views on Earthlink. I was not aware that they were associated with Sprint. Guess I learn something new every day. :) Three points: 1. Online is one word. 2. If you want a free service try - I do not use it because my Internet access is included as part of my rent but I know they put ads on your screen and provide their users with one POP e-mail account and no web space. Plus, their tech support is all autmoated via e-mail - no humans. 3. If you want a web server that does not put pop-up ads on your screen check out All they ask is that you put a small graphic to their main page. I think one gets 11 megs of space - nice for backups at least should tripod kill your site at some future date for some silly reason. Take care of yourself and thanks again for the note! :)

Johnny, good to hear from you, I guess the information age and superhighway of overabundance has finally gotten to you. Wiretapping is not only the best way for intruding bosses to find out if their customers are buying enough, it's also a way for them to keep their ears on the work of their poor under paid wage slaves. Remember, if your being listened to, trying talking directly to the third party, Skip the conversation with the poor sot, who has his/her, thumb/finger, up their ass(es), (_o_). It is not a full proof plan but at least the third party can't talk back. Secondly, here's an idea that I have used in the past. If you say, to the poor sot, "I know you can't help me! I would like to speak to your manager!", right away, don't wait for the guy/girl to get annoyed, go straight for the boss. This works well, not only does it throw them off, but the manager, has to stop listening to everyones calls, and listen to you!! Imagine that! If you don't get satisfaction there... Try calling the business offices or personell offices, and tell them you have a matter pertaining to the manager of the customer service, ideas, "your daughter is pregnant", "is wanted for something and you are the police", "He is your lover". I think you get the idea, go for the biggest fish you can fry... Else, you can always put your faith in Y2K. Lights OUT!

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