Some really pathetic people!

R.C.P Communications Inc. (Rates, Cards and Platform). 300 W. Osborn, Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85013

(Posted 2-23-99) This story you've just got to read!! Talk about some "Really Pathetic People!" Well, here they are.

There's a phone card company out in Phoenix, Arizona by the name of RCP Communications (Rates, Cards and Platform). Their phone number is 1-800-845-2716. Of all the companies that I've come across in my life and believe me there's a lot, this has got to be the most backward, rude, uncaring and for some unknown reason, secretive yet?

I had called an 'Art Sells' on February 4th, 1999, regarding some phone card information. A week passed and not receiving the whole package I called back. He acknowledged and said that the rest would follow. Eleven more days went by and still getting nothing I got in touch again. This is where this whole story gets pretty interesting.

I'd left three messages on their voice mail over a 24-hour period asking for Art to call back. And still I got no call. Finally on Tuesday February 23, 1999, I of course tried to reach Art Sells again. When I finally got him after two transfers he just listened to everything I had to say and then just hung up on me. Thinking it may have been a technical error I called back. Answering again he said, "I can't get to it man," followed by him slamming the phone down on me again. I'm sorry but for someone who is representing a company and treating me or anyone who calls for that matter with no respect at all, is intolerable. That being the case I decided to get in touch with the CEO of RCP Communications. You think you've come across some protective people in your life well get this one?

The first attempt at getting hold of the president simply got me on hold for two minutes, so I called back. So to start things off afresh on the next connection I began by asking where they were located. The answer to this question was the usual 'to be put on hold again' as if my request wasn't even heard. While waiting this time I had the luxury of listening to a background full of mumbling male voices that sounded just like a nightclub or a bar. Still no one came after five minutes. On my third attempt I barely spoke before I was hung up on again. On attempt four, the customer service agent didn't even know what a CEO was. I was shocked and explained to her what CEO meant. Hearing this she said, "I'm sorry Sir, I can't give out that information." Call five I got a new voice and was told, "I can't give that information out. May I ask why you want it?" I simply said that I had a complaint. Call six, "I don't know the name of the president of our company and I'm going to get a supervisor," to which I was hung up on again almost immediately.

Finally on call seven I get Jenny, the supervisor or as I would put it the 'under boss' of this unknown and protected soul. Just her vibe on the phone was of total protection. I felt like I was calling the White House and asking for blueprints of the Stealth bomber. I asked if I could speak to the president to which I was told, "Well you've got to go through me first and then I'll determine if you can talk to the president or not." (God, who are these people?) When it came down to it, I told her that I had a complaint about their customer service and explained the whole story that you've read so far with of course a lot more description. I said that I was disgusted by what I'd come across in their so called customer service and that Art Sells had no right to slam the phone down on me twice. Customer service of that magnitude is unacceptable. After listening to what I had to say and I didn't yell or scream down the phone by the way, she firstly apologized and then (just like the rest of the 'protective' employee's at RCP) said that she couldn't give me the presidents name. She certainly didn't see my situation worthy enough to be discussed at any higher level. So I asked her what one must do to reach the president, 'blow up the building?'

Have you ever in your life come across ANY company where everyone that you talk to WONT GIVE OUT the president's name, period? Maybe RCP's president is really Vito Corleone? Who knows.

Here's my theory on this company! If you've got any issues with their bad, rude and ignorant customer service whatsoever and you try and report these thugs to the powers that be, you'll never get there! I think, that because all the employees at RCP are so unworthy of customer support, they've got this pact between themselves. They can be as bad and ill mannered as they want and as long as no one on the outside ever gets to the top they'll get away with it. That being the case and Jenny being the last person on the ladder before the secretive one, they're ALL covered and can do anything that they damn well please.

And please keep in mind that the reason that I called to begin with was so that we could do some business with them. How on earth does this company stay afloat?

I tell ya, try giving these impolite, protective people a call sometime (1-800-845-2716) and simply ask, "I'd like to know the name of president of your company please?" I bet you've never come across anything like it. Actually it's pretty amusing when you think about it. I'd love to hear how you get on. Regards and thanks for your reading, Johnny Anderson.

(Complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau Friday 2-26-99)


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