For everyone 'but' Gemini women!



  • "How ya doin!" "I don't know something just set me off so I'm crying." "Sounds like a Gemini woman."
  • "I just wanted to let you know that my flower friend Michael is a fucking Gemini, fuck that."
  • "Oh I hate Gemini's too. I'll never date one again."
  • "He kept throwing up, he was this pathetic thing." "Sounds like a Gemini to me."
  • "You can't even find two meanings, there's eight." "Is she a Gemini." "Yes, she is actually."
  • "I guess I'm right on the cusp of Gemini, that's why I feel shitty, that's a big part of it."
  • "I close with two simple words. Fuck you, you fucking Gemini and fuck you too."
  • "You gotta mind the dog, it's nuts." "Is it a Gemini?" "Probably."
  • "The book I'm reading is about a vampire that nobody likes." "It's probably a Gemini."
  • "They're reading a Gemini woman in there her last rights."
  • "Mentally she's perfect, there's not a thing wrong with her." "Obviously, she's not a Gemini."
  • "Why does he lie to you so much?" "Coz he's a Gemini."
  • "Gemini's! You never know what they want from you or what they'll do to you."
  • "He's so obnoxious and only Gemini's are obnoxios like that."
  • "How could someone be that stupid?" "A Gemini!"
  • "What's he doing in Bosnia?" "He's going over there to hunt Gemini women and mow them down."
  • "One minute he's skipping up and down the sidewalk and the next minute he's bursting out in tears." "Gemini!"
  • "Oh I forgot to tell you. The man I'm dating is a Gemini." "Oh, you'll learn!"
  • "Oh, I've had this nightmare now, three times." "Is it about a Gemini woman?"
  • "Oh he's a Gemini, you can't help him."
  • "As soon as I found out he was a Gemini, I knew this would be trouble."
  • "I think the greatest lesson I ever learned was never date a Gemini."
  • "I can't just switch from one mood to another, I'm not a Gemini!"
  • "I mean how nice can you be to a Gemini on their birthday."
  • "He said Anneliese is ugly and single. What more can you ask for?" "Being a Gemini!"
  • "Can we have a weekly Gemini bashing meeting."
  • "Can we at least sit here and think about it. Life without Gemini women?"
  • "How was your Gemini party, was it worth mowing down?"
  • "That's a crappy one." "Is it a Gemini can opener?"
  • "And your a Gemini aren't you?" "Oh I'm a schizophrenic. You'll find that out the more you get to know me."
  • Not now Johnny. I'm cranky, I'm irritable, I'm a Gemini woman!"
  • "....and I'm an Asian Gemini smoking woman and I wanna commit suicide."
  • "I don't even know any Gemini's." "You're a lucky man."
  • "Carefull, you may hear some animals out there." "Some Gemini women you mean."
  • It's like you and those Gemini's mate. You can pick em up as soon as you enter a room."

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