For everyone 'but' Gemini women!



  • "I've been acting weird to my husband all week. I don't know what's wrong with me." "You must be a Gemini?" "How did you know that."
  • "What did I come here to do. I hate that, you know how Geminis are?"
  • "I was gonna hook my gas mask up to the exhaust pipe and punch it." "He's talking about how he's gonna destroy Gemini women?"
  • "What's the astrological star sign for Capricorn." "Gemini is poop!"
  • "What organization did Mr. Waverly assign agents for?" "The complete annilation of Gemini women."
  • "Sorry, my computer is playing head games with me." "If I didn't know better, I would think it is a Gemini."
  • "I sent Jorn the same thing I sent you and for some odd reason he did not get it. How is that possible?" "And of course my Gemini computer already deleted the damn thing!"
  • "That was like a toothpaste poop." "I thought you said a two faced poop, like a Gemini for a second."
  • "What class of animal makes up two thirds of the species?" "A Gemini woman!"
  • "I've never really understood Gemini women." "You don't want to?"
  • "I feel this other side of me taking over that I don't like." "She's a Gemini."
  • I forgot to tell you, the most messed up thing about her is, she's a Gemini!"
  • "I don't think Geminis identify their flaws very well."
  • "Maybe it's a Gemini thing, but he's very confrontational."
  • "The Gemini method is just hip hop, bouncing around from here to there."
  • "Geminis can be contradictive, just wishy washy."
  • "I think Geminis secretly fear Virgo's."
  • "Later I found out that she said, 'Oh if you want to bring her, bring her then." "She's a Gemini by the way, end of conversation."
  • "Oh, she's been married three times bro." "Sounds like a Gemini to me."

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