The Pentax Story

The Pentax Story


To try and resolve this issue with your company I personally wrote to the (same) English headquarters five years later. Once again they were in total denial and suggested that I send the same camera in for re-inspection. Why would they want to re-evaluate a camera that they were so sure had "sand in to begin with"?

I'm sorry, I'm only one customer out of millions, but for both of my (same modeled Pentax) cameras to go wrong in exactly the same way-over a ten month period, is far, far too coincidental in my eyes. I personally believe that the Zoom 70 camera (at the time when I bought it at least) definitely had some kind of flaw in its internal design.

Two years later I thought I'd try Pentax in America. I conducted another long explanatory letter and sent it off to your headquarters in Colorado. I did this because in general I've found the Americans to be a lot more receptive and understanding toward situations like the one I'm trying to explain. I'd personally felt that the Pentax division in the United Kingdom had been very unresponsive and didn't have a care in the world about its customers. Because of this, I had no intentions of dealing with them anymore.

A month later, the American representative of Pentax replied. I appreciated Skipton L. Eberharts offer of a free estimate, but it was obvious that everything that I'd tried to say had totally gone over their heads. "My camera was out of warranty," they had told me; need I try to explain anymore?

Having had no resolution with two countries that represent Pentax, I've now come to the conclusion that if I'm to get anywhere with this matter, I should deal with the man at the top. I apologize for the length of this document and assure you that I've tried my hardest to make this letter as short and as self explanatory as possible.

What I'd like to see is either a full refund or a replacement camera. Back in England I have all the original documentation, letters that I've sent to your company and the dysfunctional camera. The address of the person (acting solicitor) who helped me compose the letter which resulted in my camera's return is as follows:

[I have deleted this information in respect for my acting solicitor's name on my web site. Of course originally such information was contained in this letter.]

I'd like to know where I stand with this issue as it's been going on now for seven years. To be honest I would like to see a simple and logical solution to this. I was once a dedicated customer of Pentax. I had a lot of faith in your products and still do. But I've been bitten and now I'm twice shy as the old saying goes. I believe there's someone out there in your company who can relate to my story, who is willing to look into this a little further and put faith back into a customer. Unfortunately for me, I guess I just dealt with the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about this matter.

Yours sincerely,


Johnny Anderson.

Traveler, Author, Photographer & Telecommunications reseller.

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