For Non-Smokers only!

For Non-Smokers only!

Below is my own anger, frustration and disgust toward those who choose to smoke cigarettes. Please remember this viewpoint is mine and mine alone. I have not created this document to gain support nor to form hatred toward those who choose to smoke in general. It is written in a text based more toward the point of venting anger. But there again it is you who is reading this scripture, so take it as you will. It has offended some who have read this, while counteracting that it has also encouraged others to express their agreeance with me, even if they smoke themselves. A few of these can be read in the entries into my guest book. But one thing I would like to point out and this was derived from an attack directed at me in one of the first log ins into my guest book, is the following. This was my response to the person in question's attack. "...Lastly, what right have I to make such a judgement on anything in life, unless I'd already done it or tried it myself!"

Thanking you for your time, Johnny Anderson.


Wanna know what really disturbed me a lot. I went to Disneyland for my second visit in April of 1998 and was absolutely disgusted by the multitudes of parents and in general, inconsiderate fuck heads that walked around smoking cigarettes. What you fucking people are thinking of, I will never know. Yes, I'm aware that most of you who smoke think you've got every Tom, Dick and Harry against you for some reason or other and that's your trip. But come on, a theme park for kids, for God sake? This is a place that some youngsters from all over the world wait years to visit. A fantasy that thousands only ever get to imagine and in most cases that's as far as it gets. And when the chosen few (children mainly from overseas who don't have those multiple spoilt opportunities that this wealthy nation of youth does) come here, what are they greeted with? Mickey Mouse and a handful of friends surrounded at nearly every corner you look at by smokers blowing all their shit all over the place. Charming eh?

Yeah, you could argue and say that it's an adult's theme park too and you're right! To be honest with ya, for those of you that think that, I haven't even got the energy to waste on your "valid point." That could be and most likely is every smokers most convenient, justifiable and plausible excuse here. Point taken and I'm so glad that some people out there are that naive and ignorant and feel that way, because it makes me realize at least, just where some of your priorities really lie.

I believe that you've got no right to smoke there period! It's a place that caters for a lot of young people and I think we should give them some respect, don't you? Do you really think that any kid wants to breathe in all of your second hand shitty smoke while they walk around in "their heaven"? I don't think so, but if you do, then that's where you and I differ. Whatever your childhood was like, don't abuse theirs?

I think that if you're over the age of 18 and do go to Disneyland and smoke, then your idea of a roll model is certainly a lot different than mine. Keep up the good work you lovely smokers. Well done, try smelling the coffee, next time it's brewed. Let them think that it's cool, to be in an atmosphere geared toward entertainment and dreams and that smoking a cigarette is the proper thing to do. I'm sure some people are greatly offended by what I've written here. But, at that same time I bet there's a whole lot more who've got their morals set in the right place and can see exactly what my point is here?


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