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Below are just some of the many thousands of quotes that I've taken down (and not changed) over the years. These quotes are from all walks for life from bus drivers, phone operators, the homeless, people with whom I've hitchhiked, the internet and right up to your everyday working class folks.

I hope to find a publisher at some point in the near future who would be interested in publishing these and many other quotes in a coffee table type book.

I hope you enjoy the few that I've enclosed, as always Johnny Anderson.

  • "Can I be assured that I'm not being wiretapped, taped or monitored." "The way our system works, a customer is automatically taped." (Anthony Keith, Cable & Wireless)
  • I bet Heaven has no smoking.
  • Once one is confused, expression is false.
  • Nice guys finish last, I think I wanna be an asshole.
  • Your voice is in the range that I find totally hard to hear.
  • I couldn't of thought of a better entry. Hitching and being dropped off by a man dressed in pajamas and drinking a 40.
  • God, the fuckin' credit card companies know more about us than the FBI does.
  • "When was the last time you had a deja vu." "Just then as you spoke."
  • To me love is very deep. Sex only requires a few inches.
  • I love you, this comes from a guy who loves Scarface, the most violent movie ever made.
  • He spent his 7 years in Los Angeles, that would of put me off America for life.
  • Using an 870 to do a bank robbery would be like hunting butterflies with an elephant gun.
  • High school is just a day care for older kids.
  • You can't have friends unless you act like a friend.
  • I was so happy to get a new license coz I looked so much a biker hooker in my other.
  • And he proceeds to write a ticket for walking my bike.
  • "Stop being logical." "I can't help it, I'm writing a philosopy paper."
  • That's where a lot of parents make their mistake, they're not yours to keep.
  • You can love someone forever but that doesn't mean you're in love.
  • How do you stare somebody down with welding glasses on.
  • Los Angeles and its cars have a love affair.
  • I just know that when I get older I'll have nose hair.
  • Clint Eastwood, why do we love him. He's a metaphor for strength.
  • This is the beginning of my gaining weight stage and drinking Coronas on the couch.
  • Everything you experience makes you the person you are.
  • I became a public health threat after 44 hours of sleep deprivation.
  • The more you try to reach your own superiority, the more you alienate yourself to others.
  • Brokers are just like waitresses, they go where there's the best tip.
  • The more you find out about your computer, the more you realize you don't know.
  • Doorside Pie. You cleaned the inside of my oven with it.
  • The thing is, Ive got all the stuff to file for bankruptcy, but I can't afford it.
  • I'm exhausted already, trying to maintain my temper.
  • "Is your boyfriend bigger than me?" "I don't know I haven't seen it yet."
  • You know, I can't help it, I'm my mothers daughter.
  • Kelly, she doesn't need your zip code to pick you up.
  • You can't judge a day by the day before.
  • Divorce Barbie-comes with all of Ken's stuff.
  • There's no such thing as a dream that doesn't have meaning.
  • I don't know what the US would do without their Johnny Anderson! Hell if England wasn't such a Shit Hole they would still have you and that would mean there still might be a cold war going on. Think of the possibilities.
  • Almost 38 years and I find her knuckles are different sizes.
  • What the fuck is a Field Support Specialist?
  • He's still scared of birds which is not a cat thing to do.
  • I was in D.C. and was near the Armed Forces Medical Museum and wanted to see John Dillenger's penis.
  • There's not a big market for whale balls.
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