Police Harassment Responses

Police Harassment Responses

Below are the responses that I got back from people who read my story called Police Harassment. I have not changed anything that was written to me. The only thing I have done is correct spelling errors and deleted the senders names. If you feel like reading some of the responses below I thank you for your time. If you would also like to add to the following entries or tell a story of similar circumstances, you can email me or make an entry into the guestbook thanks.


That cop harassment story has invigorated me. I am sorry that that happened to you. I wonder if those two have some sort of personal cyclist harassment campaign going. I appreciate you sharing something so powerful. I just watched the movie Swing Kids last night. If you have not seen it, it is about fascism in Germany during the Nazi reign. It is important to remember that the same shit goes on in this country, maybe less widespread and less focused but the same bullying and intimidation persists in this here police state which we live in and call the United States.

Hi Johnny, your experience was incredible, it sents much anger and disappointment, I and Micol felt it. In Italy we hear something like this, but after that we receive humble excuses by the police or other forces. Have you returned to Police Central to denounce the fact? or it's so normal as it seems from your words? I hope they just ask their excuses and will promise to change the behaviour with innocents... probably it's their anger for uncatching the guilty persons! All this is very bad.

Hi Johnny, Sheesh...:( That is not right. They were just out to find something on you.

Well, first I want to just say that it was a very pleasant coincidence to run into you on your last visit to Arcata--I really love that about this town: old friends always come back, and you always run into them when they do! But, all that seems of the point after reading your story. For what it is worth, I am sorry that you had to go through that. I really hate that the police institution is so filled with hate and prejudices and utterly lame beings who don't have a clue what life is really all about (living and loving, no?)...and their misery is affronted on other people. Hey, if you think of anything we can do to publicize this stuff, tell me how I can help. Karma. Anyway, I hope other things in your hometown are going well. I hope you still feel safe and good riding your bike. ....this car culture is more insidious than even I imagined!!

Hey Johnny, I tell you, brother, you really, REALLY need to either file a complaint about this with the cops, or talk to the local paper/radio/TV. news people. ESPECIALLY if there is pattern going on here with other cyclists. You owe it to them if no one else. I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

Hello Johnny. Thank you for the information you give me in this letter I read it All, my english is not so good, But i understand that you feel bad, with this bad cops. When i try to come back from my travel to Florida some years ago, A man stop me at the entrance of the airplane and ask me 1)why you come to usa? 2)Are you make something illegal? Are all the cops so stupids? are he wait that i ever give a bad answer for myself? I Thing that cops are so stupids!!

Hi Johnny!! I must say, I'm really disgusted and so sorry for that bullshit you went through, but I'm not too surprised. My brother used to get harassed while he rode his bike around, too. Pigs love judging by appearance. One of the funniest experiences I had with a cop occurred in Davis (where cops are known to be the worst....). I was walking back to my place from the dining hall and i had found a pigeon sitting on a short wall next to the building. It looked sick, and wasn't even trying to get away when people were near it. I took a look at it, and decided to get some seed out of my rat's food and some water, but it just sat there, all puffed up. while i was trying to figure out what to do a cop was patrolling the parking lot there, and pulled up in front of me, leaned out, and very harshly yelled, "HEY!! WHO'S BIRD IS THAT!???" I turned and looked at the moron and said, "It's a PIGEON!" He looked kind of sheepish, muttered something and drove away. Unbelievable....I have to wonder what he was going to charge me with if it was my pet parrot or something....probably would've made up something like "Public Defecation". Brilliance.

Well, I don't know, lad. I'm a big mouth--I'd be calling the local beat columnist of the paper or the t.v. station and finding out if they're interested in the serial harassment of cyclists in this area. I'd also lodge a complaint with the sheriff's office (if it was the cops), or the cops (if it was the sheriff). I'd also talk with a lawyer. You can usually get a free consolation. Go back and talk to any shop owners and see if anyone witnessed what happened to you. Hard to say, but I'd first talk with a lawyer. I would NOT do nothing, however.

Well very first of all is your basic right to privacy. That's why they have laws to guard against illegal search and seizure and police harassment. I'm not sure about California, but in Washington, there is a law against illegal search and seizure and there's also something called probable cause. If the police stop you, they MUST have probably cause. Either they saw you doing something or they have some cause for alarm. Sounds to me like you were rolling along minding your own business and you ran into a couple of cops with a power trip and don't like long hairs! You could research this with the nearest community advocacy group or even the ACLU. They would probably have an expert on police harassment, in such a police state! You might start by surfing the web site for the ACLU. Probably www.ACLU.com or something like that. Keep me posted. I'd like to know the outcome of any complaint you lodge.

Regarding the police thing. I think that a lot of police officers either have a quota, are just damned prejudice or are getting even with the public for something... sorry what happened... A bunch of my friends go pulled over once cause they think that the cops were suspicious cause they have longish hair and beards...

Well of course they are going to protect their own Johnny. Look at the Rodney King incident. This whole thing sounds like two bored cops with nothing better to do but to harass. One day they will get theirs. I have a saying: Every dog has their day. and what goes around comes around. Take care and my advice is to move on. I know that isn't what u wanted to hear but this just continues to eat at you and that isn't good either. It is hard to respect cops as a result of these kinds of incidents. I had one last year when my car engine blew and I pushed my car in a parking lot. The owner came out and got real nasty with me. I in turn got nasty and he called the police. Of course they had nothing better to do but harass a lady that was stranded...as if I wanted my engine to blow or something. well my mom knows the chief very well and needless to say I got an apology. but you know it still wasn't enough for the way that cop talked and treated me.. It takes all kinds and I still get angry when i think of this incident. But I have found that life isn't worth wasting on some dumb _uck that hasn't got anything else better to do.


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