Police Harassment Responses

Police Harassment Responses


Dear Johnny, Your story was more than a little distressing. America is a Police State to be sure. (At least England gave us "Teletubbies".) Just know that you have, like, a gazillion friends who love you. Perhaps Ted Kaczinkski (sp?) and his ilk had the right idea in regards to exercising their right to bear arms...I do not believe in violence, but we may need to protect ourselves one day in the near future.

I am pleased to read that you have pursued this matter of the abusive police instead of sitting there and 'taking it'. It is good to know that Johnny is still fiery and willing to stand up for what is right.

Glad you are okay, Take Care Buddy. LA is a jungle, don't let it bring you down. You are a beautiful man, with a heart of gold. You know who you are. I love you.

Damn how could they just do that...there was also an incident here where I saw these cops in Dubai searching some house where there was some suicide or something and when i went up to them, one of them picked up his bloody machine gun and walked up to me faster than i had even reached there as though I was gonna run away or something. In an extremely rude voice and in broken English he was asking me the same questions over again relating to the murder in the house. He looked at me in the eyes for about a minute and told me to get lost and not come near the place anymore. Oh well that's all that happened to me but i think you should go into some info about these two dumbass cops that go around like "the boss". Go to the police station and file a complaint or something...YOU JUST MIGHT SAVE THE WORLD!!!

Hey there Johnny, Interesting story. I was appalled, however not totally surprised. Could this actually happen in sweet little Temple City? Apparently yes. The same thing happened to me in Arcadia a couple years back although the circumstances where a bit different. It was about 9:30 PM when I was cruising home on my bike from a girlfriend's house. They asked me what I was doing, where I've been, where I was going, searched my backpack for stolen property and or drugs, radioed my bike's numbers to dispatch for a possible stolen cycle, and generally put me on the defensive. As they were letting me go, they made sure that I knew that they could give me a citation for not having my bike registered and not riding with a light. It wasn't as intimidating as your escapade sounded, but I can definitely sympathize with your feeling of being picked on. In conclusion, when I hear about incidents like these I try to reason that the cops are only doing their job. Yet when they abuse the powers that their position carries I can only think that they are here to serve and protect their egos.

Sorry to hear about your recent agro. Well you've heard of racism, and as you'll soon understand, I've got a new term "policism", this surmises "policist" attitudes ( notice how policy (politics) and police are two so similar words ).

Johnny, I haven't had any experience as you have described outside of my teen years when teens were fair game for this kind of stuff. If you were to ask me if you should file a complaint, I'd have to say you probably should, if you don't mind more harassment like you describe. You're in LA, right? You have no witnesses to support your side of the story, you got two guys there who will probably back each other up, if push comes to shove. It's darn shameful that law enforcement has come to what you have described. I'd like to say that it does not reflect the overall law enforcement officer. I'd really like to say that...really.

Johnny Two Things- First- I'm not surprised but I am still pissed. Your rights were violated. If I was a lawyer I'd sue and I hate the concept of suing. Second- This kicks ass over your Pentax fiasco. I could see forwarding this around or reading it again to remind how not to treat people. What would the Sex Pistols done?

Thanks for your email. I hope you are getting over your recent "run in" with the "Protectors of the American Way of Life". Just remember that there are both good and bad cops. I've met both.

After living in Las Vegas for 14 years, I can tell you that what you experienced is mild compared to what occurs there. If you want further info., e-mail me at....

I'm really glad you filed a report!! They need to know what's going on!! I don't share Lori's all-encompassing dislike for law enforcement officers as I have met a few really kind ones who do their job well. But, there is, as with any profession and especially one in which the employees hold an unusual amount of power over the ordinary citizens, the tendency for people to abuse that power. Which you, unfortunately were subjected to. The only way they can even attempt to change is to recognize that people who abuse power are doing no one any good, in fact are doing the innocent people they antagonize a lot of harm.

...also, I got the story that you sent about your police harassment. I'm so sorry to hear that you were subjected to that kind of bullshit. It's absolutely ridiculous what some 'law enforcement' officers believe they can get away with. Keep on posting your story, and post it everywhere you can.

Dear Johnny: I hope all is well. I hate to hear when friends get hassled. But it's happened to the best of us. I wouldn't take it personally. Cops are cops for a reason, you know!

OH Johnny, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you... it reminds me of this science fiction novel by Starhawk called THE FIFTH SACRED THING. People are so out of touch with their true emotions and problems that they are taking their therapy out on you...


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