Only in Johnny's Dreams

Only in Johnny's Dreams

Just like my "Quotes" page on this web site, the sentence structures below are put forward in the same manner, yet presented in a different form. What I've done here is listed all my dream quotes so that you can all see what goes on in my mind while it attempts to sleep.

When the moon awakens and brightens the night sky, it's then that most of us are in or, are about to enter the dream state. In my case I often awake from dreams and write down the few words that I've managed to pull out of my subconscious.

Listed below are some oddities that are certainly removed from your every day language yet when each one was jotted down it was very real at that moment.

I hope you enjoy my inner minds creation. Although I can't take full credit for any of this odd baloney, I guess my subconscious will. Enjoy;


    © Johnny Anderson 1997.

  • My point of view paper clip. (Sat 3-22-97)
  • It was a test subject for squirrels. (Sun 3-23-97)
  • He was and still is an Omeon Separation Kit. (Sun 3-23-97)
  • Time makes you puke in orbit. (Tues 3-25-97)
  • Real audio and radio. (Tues 3-25-97)
  • I've got a double hinged mouth piece. (Sun 3-30-97)
  • Sexy wildlife pictures. (Fri 4-4-97)
  • Discover your nearest drip dealer at Discovery Park. (Mon 4-7-97)
  • Full frontal bodily disease. (Sun 4-20-97)
  • It said that I was going to spoon you when a new contract came up. (Tues 4-22-97)
  • If you need me then f*#k off. (Fri 4-25-97)
  • I just want to die horizontally! (Sun 4-27-97)
  • Exactly, I wasn't enough there to buy a bed and not a pillow. (Thurs 5-1-97)
  • This disaster is running. (Tues 5-6-97)
  • And I'm hoping to pack kids and I've got two legs and one arm. (Mon 5-12-97)
  • Please excuse yourself from my vision. (Fri 5-16-97)
  • A three way louella bean. (Tues 5-20-97)
  • How often do you take your fish to the bars. (Sun 6-1-97)
  • A double paned glass room jaw. (Wed 6-4-97)
  • North of Costa Rica is a Worg. (Thurs 6-5-97)
  • I want to be a Christian in my next life. (Wed 6-11-97)
  • He was booked on firearms racketeering. (Sat 6-14-97)
  • Would partitioning walls really make a difference for your love for me. (Sat 6-14-97)
  • Am I in your range for leaving. (Sat 6-14-97)
  • And other stains that have gone selfish. (Mon 6-16-97)
  • The Out Riggers Pet Club. (Thurs 6-19-97)
  • Sex is in the oven. (Sat 6-21-97)
  • An autobat stick. (Fri 6-27-97)
  • Dube desperate residential. (Sat 6-28-97)
  • Farrah Farrah versus a stain. (Mon 6-30-97)
  • The Parrots Coffee Bean Club. (Thurs 7-3-97)
  • Formergraphically. (Tues 7-8-97)
  • An environment disco. (Thurs 7-10-97)
  • I'm holding a voice career. (Thurs 7-10-97)
  • Test subjects in this matter are completely forbidden. (Tues 7-15-97)
  • Is it a bottom of your conducted testicle arrangement. (Tues 7-15-97)
  • Were you given the equation of a set square. (Tues 7-15-97)
  • A fetch bug. (Tues 7-15-97)
  • Are we gonna get on with things the way it used to be is. (Fri 7-18-97)
  • A noise bucket. (Sun 7-20-97)
  • Character development schools. (Thurs 7-24-97)
  • Only to make your blood rent and your titties boil. (Fri 7-25-97)
  • Money slander. (Sun 7-27-97)
  • City lock 13. (Mon 7-28-97)
  • That men try to transport logic through time. (Tues 7-29-97)
  • A parrot walking backwards with a wounded knee. (Thurs 7-31-97)
  • Until every single last one of them who was doing, died. (Thurs 7-31-97)


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