My Sex Pistols Story

My Sex Pistols Story


The biggest surprise came about an hour after I'd been standing there. I looked up to the top of the stairwell and saw a couple walking down. When they reached the bottom step something quite extraordinary happened. I don't know if this was because I was glowing out of determination and frustration to get up those very stairs or if it was just simply a case of being in the right place at the right time. The male, who I'd say was in his early twenties suddenly stopped and looked straight at me. As if he could read my mind he said, "hey buddy, go and enjoy yourself up there. There's not too much going on though." I couldn't believe it. He simply lifted his right hand up, peeled off his own back stage pass and handed it to me as if it had all been premeditated. Then he just walked away.

Considering I was basically the first one there and now with a pass, I felt like I had a much better chance of getting in. But no sooner had I turned around when my next problem began. Two of the authoritative security began hounding me, wanting that pass. I couldn't believe it, this wasn't happening! There was no way in a million years that I'd give that thing up. Even if I never got back stage, the pass was priceless for me as a collector. But when three of these thugs began charging down the stairwell at me, I was gone before you could say 'boo'. I ran across that ballroom like a bat out of hell.

Reaching the couple again I briefly explained what was going on and asked if there was a way for them to get me upstairs. Unfortunately they didn't know anything about the Pistols and they'd only had the passes because of a friend. Thanking them I turned to face the music, or should I say, turned to face a bunch of fucking wankers who dominated a stairwell.

By the time I got back to the idiots again I'd lost all hope of ever getting back stage. I was getting more and more frustrated with their power trips and at the same time an hour and a half had already passed. With this lost faith I finally gave myself an ultimatum concluding that if nothing happened within the next ten minutes, I was out of there. I'd given it my best shot and was against all odds as it was, so fuck it, at least I'd tried my best.

I don't know if I should call this an opening, an opportunity or my lucky shot in the dark, but a couple of minutes after my negative thought patterns had passed, three people approached the stairs. The male, looking more like an younger Iggy Pop had two attractive lady counterparts on either side. The first thing I noticed about this character was his back stage pass which hung from his long leather jacket. It was very different from the rest. He strode with slight authority, like he knew he couldn't be fucked with and carried a typical musicians bigot attitude, like he was above all else. With his female companions he proceeded to climb the stairs of mystery. I don't know what came over me but it was more like my last desperate subconscious attempt to fulfill my mission before I turned and quit. But the next thing I knew I was behind this threesome bowing my head in an attempt to go unnoticed as I proceeded to climb upward.

I still don't know what shocked me the most. The simple fact that I'd finally made it past enemy lines and had been overlooked or that I'd reached the place where I'd so wanted to be. But now having accomplished my goal I didn't have a clue where to go next. Behind me on this upper floor were a bunch of bouncers just standing around doing nothing and in front of me was just a door. I knew I looked confused and if I kept this stance up for a few much longer, I'd get questioned and more than likely tossed down the stairs with a note attached saying, "Rejected, Please Leave."


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