Some more quotes by Johnny!

On my main site I have about forty other quotes that were also taken down sporadically. Many people have commented on them and in general I've had a good review. As most of you well know I have literally thousands of such quotes. So since the last lot were put up in February, here's another bunch of funnies for ya. I hope these are to your taste.

(Parental viewing is advised.)
    Some quotes may only ever be said that once. I've really tried my hardest to catch as many as I can and only a slight few have escaped me.

  • "It's what your doing now that counts, rather than pondering on your fucked up childhood."
  • "Drinking beer creates circulation, I pee more when I drink."
  • "Tell me is this a contradiction; A Catholic-military school."
  • "I think if you have faith, any dream can come true."
  • "What do you enjoy most about the work that you do." "Getting paid."
  • "I know a lot of people who know a lot about computers, but are idiots."
  • "That's the beauty of Cancerians. The ability to change on a whim."
  • "It seems no matter how much you make, your always gonna spend."
  • "I didn't even feel like I was naked as I had on my boots and collar."
  • "How can you love someone if you can't even listen to them."
  • "I'm with crazy people now in the home for the mentally fucked."
  • "You make me feel like when I go to the dentist and my appointment is cancelled."
  • "I can't be the next Christian messiah. I like having sex with you too much."
  • "Have you seen how people age, it's like their beliefs age with them too."
  • "The fuckin weather man, partly sunny with chance of rain. That way they've got it covered."
  • "This Clint Eastwood training naturally comes out of all of us."
  • "What's the Universal Life Church?"
  • "It's not really my problem if they think I'm weird."
  • "You know, the one thing we're not promised is time."
  • "Because it's a commercial free radio doesn't mean they play better music."
  • "Holding onto something you can't have, takes a lot out of you on a daily basis."
  • "I think when people find love they should take it seriously."
  • "Marriage is like a garden. You have to work at it every day."
  • "How can a duck look upset."
  • "A one pound certificate for See's Candy-from the same lady who taught me nutrition in the 5th grade."
  • "For any of you to be in fear is to lack clear understanding of most situations."
  • "I know that Brian is into S and M coz I saw Julie afterward and it looked like she lost a bar fight."
  • "The way I look at it, if you can afford to buy it, buy it. If you can't, fuckin hack it."
  • "That was her job title and she couldn't even spell it."
  • "Prozac, I'd be doing cart wheels naked."

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